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  1. Everyone knows Jerry West was a prolific scorer, but he was just as adept as a passer. West could change the flow of a game at will. A team player who played hard on both sides of the court. He never flopped, was humble, and refused to even dunk a ball. A classy guy all the way around. Godspeed, Jerry.
  2. With GERN’s blood cancer drug, Imetelstat, being approved last Thursday night by the FDA for the indication of MDS requiring transfusion, GERN’s growth via a BP partnership and/or buyout are the paths from here.
  3. Can we haz two wins in a row and, maybe, possibly build a little momentum?
  4. GERN’s blood cancer drug, Imetelstat, was approved by the FDA. GERN +.72 to $4.61. Holding 6,000 shares of GERN at $3.19.
  5. And make it a slow and painful death.
  6. Damn it. You’re supposed to tell us before this shit happens.
  7. Whazzup with that? I thought aggy was all about turdition.
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