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  1. When we leave a conference, we take no fucking prisoners.
  2. If Nixon and Kissinger hadn’t established ties with the Chicomms during the Cold War, China wouldn’t be the world power it is today controlling a much larger share of global GDP than the Soviets ever did. Aiding China’s reentry into the international scene has been a long-term strategic catastrophe. Thanks a lot, Hank. And as we used to say when I was at UT, “Dick Nixon before he dicks you”.
  3. https://www.nfl.com/news/panthers-firing-frank-reich-after-1-10-start-to-first-season-in-carolina Frank Reich got fired today and that makes me happy.
  4. Mark Stoops will get a $3.2 million buyout for the 45 minutes he was thought to be aggy’s head coach.
  5. Hey, hey, hey! This game ain’t over. Take that defeatist energy elsewhere
  6. I was 10 years old and in the 5th grade in Houston. Our teacher, Harriet Hokanson, left the classroom and when she returned it was obvious she’d been crying. She left the room again and Robert Kilmer, this goofy guy who still wore a Mickey Mouse ears hat in the 5th grade, told everyone our teacher had been fired. We told him he was full of crap. No announcement about the assassination was made at school. However, when school ended that day the news spread quickly. When I made it home, my mom met me at the front door and confirmed the news. The rest of 1963 was surreal. Camelot was no more.
  7. It’s been 15+ years since the price of uranium was this high. Around that time, UUUU hit an all-time high of $235/share as the price of uranium spiked. If we should get another spike in the price of uranium resulting in a spike in the share price of your favorite uranium play, that would be the time to sell your shares or half your shares and let the other half ride. So, take a position or as we say on Surly Stonks, “Assume the position’”.
  8. Today, the price of uranium is $80.25/lb. $100+ USD/lb. by the end of this year is doable. If you don’t like UUUU, do your dd, find a uranium company you do like, and take a position.
  9. Biden warns U.S. could sanction Israeli settlers who attack Palestinians. https://www.axios.com/2023/11/19/west-bank-israel-settler-violence-travel-b
  10. T’Vondre Sweat has reached a level of maturity that most students do not reach while still in college. He’s grown up. Literally and figuratively.
  11. Caleb, we’re not in Oklahoma anymore.
  12. Blake Cashman had a terrific game with 14 tackles and a sack.
  13. Tank Dell is a poor man’s Tyreek Hill.
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