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  1. No, I still have 150,000 shares of AMYZF @ .85. Nice catch and apologies for the oversight. If was going to make a change in any of those stock positions I’d share it with the board. However, the reasons for taking positions in AMYZF, UUUU, IBRX, EOSE, GERN, & RVPH are still in play with what I believe is massive upside potential. I >might< be willing to take a double with GERN, but I’m looking for a shot into the deep center field seats with the other five stocks.
  2. Red Cloud has a short term price of $11.70 for UUUU (Red Cloud Financial Services is a Canadian company and their price target of $15.60 is in Canadian currency). In the past month, the stock has moved from $6 to close today at $7.54. Continue to hold 30,000 shares of UUUU @ 5.64, 32,900 shares of EOSE @ 2.44, 6,000 shares of GERN @ 3.19, 27,800 shares of IBRX @ 9.77, and 2,000 shares of RVPH @ 4.29.
  3. When Mick Ralphs left Mott the Hoople to join Bad Company, he took the guitar riff from “One of the Boys” and used it for the song “Can’t Get Enough” which was Bad Company’s debut single in 1974.
  4. More ZZ Top, you say? Going back to the beginning for this tune.
  5. The Black Crowes is southern, but their music is 80’s & 90’s. Having said that, “Hard to Handle” & “Jealous Again” are worthy of your consideration.
  6. “Gimme Three Steps” Lynyrd Skynyrd ”Flirting with Disaster” Molly Hatchet ”Revival” Allman Brothers ”Take the Highway” Marshall Tucker Band ”Refugee” Tom Petty ”There Goes Another Love Song” Outlaws ”Ramblin’ Man” Allman Brothers “Caught Up in You” .38 Special ”Statesboro Blues” Allman Brothers
  7. Have you checked the batteries in your hearing aids?
  8. Pulling for a Travis Kelce - George Kittle SB
  9. I agree with you regarding Zeppelin’s and Sabbath’s musical classifications. Back in the early to mid 70’s, they would have been lumped together as “hard rock”. It took time for more precise designations to become established.
  10. In 1970, if you had told me and my buds we were listening to “metal” when playing Black Sabbath’s first album, we’d have wanted some of what you were smoking. That simply was not a musical genre at the time.
  11. This is the first tune on the ‘A’ side of Black Sabbath’s first album released on Friday the 13th in February 1970. From the music and lyrics to the presentation on the album cover, we’d never heard or seen anything like it. This was much more intense and powerful and music was never the same.
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