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  1. Heading to Chicago for the weekend for a conference. I’ve been a couple times before. Wife has never been so I asked her to come check it out, then we found 2 friends to also join so she’ll have some company while I’m doing work stuff in the mornings. Staying at Viceroy. Cubs game today. Chartered a boat for Lake Michigan on Saturday afternoon. Dinners planned for Smythe, Rose Mary, Maple & Ash. Will try to work in some deep dish pizza for a snack at some point. I’ll have them do the architecture boat tour without me. What else am I missing? Any recs for a good rooftop bar that we can get into on short notice without a reservation?
  2. Thanks for the recs. We had a fantastic time. The weather was damn near perfect. Friday we went to New Belgium, then ate dinner at Jax Fish House, then went to The Whiskey bar Saturday we had Silver City for breakfast, then did a guided fly fishing trip with St. Peter’s Fly Shop on the Poudre River, then beers and a late lunch at Odell, then beers at Funkwerks, then pizza somewhere I don’t remember, then sleep. I understand there was some college football played somewhere yesterday but I didn’t have time for that bullshit. I can’t say enough good things about St. Peter’s Fly Shop. We had 2 guides for 4 guys and they were excellent. None of us had ever been fly fishing, it was just something I wanted to try and I convinced friends to also give it ago. The fly shop provided everything, all of us caught at least one fish, and it was just an all around badass way to spend a beautiful fall day.
  3. I think you could have a nice time in a place like Telluride without skiing. Stay at a hotel with a spa, go to the hot springs in Ouray, maybe do snowmobiling or snowshoeing one day, eat good food, enjoy the beautiful views. Same could probably be said for Park City or Jackson or many other ski towns. But obviously it’s not for everyone, justt to depends what you want to do.
  4. Telluride Crested Butte Jackson Hole Vegas Riviera Maya Banff Charleston
  5. It seems like every other week they put stocks on sale. I keep buying VTI but then there’s a better sale later. When does it end?
  6. Not exactly Denver, but I’m heading up to Fort Collins for the weekend. Plan to try some fly fishing on Saturday morning, then check out some breweries and such. I’ve been to New Belgium about 10 years ago but that’s it. Appreciate any brewery or food recs.
  7. Finale was great. I enjoyed most of season 2 and went from being lukewarm on this show to really liking it. Harper finally got what she deserved. There’s only so many times you can stab your coworkers in the back and not have it come back to bite you. The ending was brutal, from Rishi’s “I had to get the poison out” to Eric’s “I found the head count.” I’m pretty sure Rishi knew what was going on during the bathroom scene and that was his final “fuck you”. Eric plays the game so well. He laid in wait for the perfect opportunity to come along, acted like a washed up old guy in front of his younger coworkers, convinced them he wasn’t a threat, and then struck when he saw his chance. Terrible miscalculation by Harper. Yas and Robert are finally learning some adult lessons about how the world works. If there’s a season 3, I would expect them to each have a role, but right now they seem to be on the outside looking in.
  8. I go in the other room for 5 seconds and I hear Bijan Johnson's name being shouted. Not sure who he is but I'll take it.
  9. Well that, and you are claiming that anyone with a visible label on their clothing is somewhere between a gigantic douchebag and insufferable cunt. What about tennis shoes? Can I wear tennis shoes or running shoes in public even if they have a visible brand name or logo? Or does that make me a cunt? Should I maybe look for a razor blade and try to remove the Nike swoosh from the side of my shoes so I can be less pretentious when I'm out for a run? What about UT apparel, most of which has the brand (Nike, etc.) displayed somewhere on the shirt? Are most sports fans cunts for wearing this stuff? What about women wearing their yoga gear around town? Are they cunts for having leggings that display a Lululemon, Alo, etc logo? There are certainly cheaper yoga clothes available. I'm honestly curious where you draw the line on this stuff. In your opinion, what are the rules a person needs to follow to be appropriately dressed in public without appearing to be a cunt?
  10. The world could use a few more vainglorious billionaires who donate $3 billion companies to fighting climate change.
  11. Perhaps you spend a little too much time judging yourself and everyone around you on the basis of tiny little labels on clothing. You see a guy in a Patagonia [or insert brand here] jacket and you think “he’s an insufferable cunt.” I see a guy in a Patagonia jacket and think, well nothing really, he’s just a guy in a jacket like everyone else in a jacket when it’s cold. If you go to the grocery store in Texas in the winter, you will likely encounter 10-20% of people wearing a Patagonia puff jacket, fleece, or vest. Why? To stay warm. Not to mention people wearing North Face or whatever other clothing of choice. Probably 50% of people have some visible brand label on their jacket. Are all of those people douchebags in your eyes? That must be an awful way to go through life, constantly worried about what everyone else is wearing.
  12. Also, will the hoodie from Walmart keep me warm on my next ski trip?
  13. I need more street cred. Should I start shopping at Ross and Walmart?
  14. I have one particular cherry tomato plant/bush that was putting off about 30 tomatoes/week in the spring and early summer. I've kept it alive through the brutal part of the summer but it looks a little rough in some areas and I've had very few tomatoes for about a month now. Should I prune it back pretty heavily and let it grow fresh for the fall, or just let it run its course without any intervention?
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