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  1. Am I the only one that finds this season fairly boring? I’m surprised to see it’s at 100% on RT. There’s not enough actual space stuff. It’s become a bit of a soap opera that exists in an alternate timeline where humans live on Mars, but the actual part about Mars or any space travel/exploration is pretty far in the background. Miles is incredibly boring to me and I don’t think the actor is very good. His scenes feel like a cheesy Netflix or Hallmark movie and drag the show down. I miss characters like Gordo, Tracy, and Molly, and I miss the tension of USA vs. Russia on the moon.
  2. Well that’s a huge relief that I can still watch Looney Tunes on HBO.
  3. I listened to the audiobook when it came out and thought it was just okay. Admittedly could be due to audiobook vs. actually reading the book. I just finished the TV series and thought it was great. A rare case in which the screen version is better than the book version for me.
  4. We went to North Carolina for a long Thanksgiving weekend and really enjoyed it. Aside from a forced layover in Charlotte a couple years ago, we had never spent time there. My wife has always wanted to go because she thinks it could be a reasonable option to move to if we ever reach our breaking point on Texas heat and/or politics. I don’t entirely disagree, but we know very little about NC and we just need to feel it out. Flew into Raleigh and drove to New Bern on the coast where we have extended family. Spent Thanksgiving there and liked the area, but time was mostly tied up with family stuff. Quaint little town though and pretty scenery. Drove down to Wilmington for a couple of extra nights, which seems like a cool place. Found a cool restaurant called Seabird that I can’t recommend enough. The downtown area looked fun but perhaps a tad touristy, although that suited us for a short visit. Drove to Wrightsville Beach which we liked. Also drove to Carolina Beach which felt more like Panama City Beach or South Padre. Went down to Kure Beach which was nicer, but if we go back in the summer, we’d probably pick Wrightsville out of those three. It wasn’t great beach weather but at least we saw it and it was our daughter’s first time seeing the ocean, so that was cool. We both want to go back and see Asheville and the western side of the state. I struggle with the idea of the eastern U.S. having “mountains” after spending so much time in Colorado over the years. Maybe as a lifelong Texan, I’m in no position to be a snob when it comes to their geography. Not sure if I could ever move to NC. The biggest drawback for me is that Charlotte is their best airport and it’s nowhere near the coast. If I ever leave Texas, I want to be close to the coast without losing my easy access to a good airport. There’s some other criteria (good weather, moderate politics) that makes that Venn diagram very complicated for us. But we enjoyed our time there and plan to return.
  5. Poster X: Let me tell you everything that’s wrong with Chris Simms and Mack Brown, and oh by the way fuck Greg Davis, Chance Mock nope, Mack needs to go, sophomore Colt McCoy is bad, John Chiles should starts, David Ash nope, Charlie Strong sucks (he really did), Tom Herman sucks (he also really did), Sam Ehlinger nope, Seven Win Steve sucks, Steve’s wife sucks and makes him dress like a bitch, PK is awful, Ewers sucks, give me Arch Manning and perhaps Kirby Smart until I decide they both suck, and if you disagree with any of this over the last 25 years you’re a pathetic sunshine pumper go fuck yourself. Also Poster X: Don’t shit on other fans, we have the same goal.
  6. Same. They feel like Christmas movies to me, probably because Don Corleone was Christmas shopping when he got shot. That one scene is enough for me to make it a holiday tradition.
  7. We should have immamac move it back here. Or don’t, whatever, but it makes more sense in Travel than in Hobbies.
  8. It’s an activity that is heavily intertwined with travel. At least half of the discussion on skiing is actually discussion about which places are nice to visit, how to get there, where to stay, where to eat, etc. The skiing thread was on the Food and Travel board up until a few years ago and still belongs here.
  9. Knowing what we know today, couldn’t one make an argument that continued corporate investment in China makes said corporation more vulnerable to IP theft, which is a significant threat to future profits and a violation of that fiduciary duty?
  10. Which is a terrible place for it.
  11. They appear to be significantly more expensive. Tru Earth 64 laundry strips for $39.95 Tide 64 load (92 fl oz) laundry detergent for $12.99 I like things that are environmentally friendly, but I struggle when the cost is 3x higher.
  12. I think maybe troph was referring to the posters that originally criticized her for having a lake house and an F350. The intent of this thread is not to criticize each other for things we do that are short of perfect. It’s just a place for discussion of various topics and to share ideas for how we can possibly improve or make more educated decisions. I appreciate some of the different viewpoints that are offered, even if I don’t agree with all of them. I also don’t think sustainability is synonymous with carbon emissions or climate. It can apply to a lot of other areas in life, like what is the best type and source of fish to buy to avoid overfishing our oceans?
  13. This is our setup: The teal bin stays under the kitchen sink and we fill it with compostable food scraps, coffee grounds, wine corks, etc. It gets emptied into the left side of the outdoor compost every 3-4 days. The left side also contains rubbish from the garden, dead flowers, etc. We turn it periodically and use the good stuff to put back into the garden when planting. The right side is for browns - dead leaves, paper bags, some cardboard, etc. We occasionally mix some of it into the left side to give it some more fluff and bulk. I am very much a novice but this is our system which I believe is working.
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