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  1. Gullette made it to the " ... clean shave" thread. Huh. How apropos.
  2. The Huddle: Latest on Warren Roberson Hudson Standish " ... the announcement might just be a formality at this point. The source strongly believes that Roberson sent in his national letter of intent to the school of his choice on Wednesday but asked to keep it quiet until he was able to make the announcement on his terms."
  3. Drive through Silsbee, make a right, aaannddd .... boom!
  4. The story started off with so much promise ... a cute Finnish girl and a cute Norwegian girl, on missions. Oh, the pun possibilities alone are endless (finish? missionary finish? Norwegian wood?). Instead, we end up with references to two guys on a bicycle, paganism and atheism. Sorta like the Chris Beard saga.
  5. Just in case it's permissible to post aggie screenshots in this thread ...
  6. "I don’t know, it could have been ANY other 6’5 330 lb 20 year old black guy in College Station .. " - Katfid
  7. What is the one surefire way for the Surl to assess the wife's football credentials? Hmmm ...
  8. So, this augurs well ... And then Agheart brings the lulz. ("So Agheart, exactly what kind of ... " 😂 😂 😂 )
  9. Wiltfong said the same thing yesterday. (After the ratings update.) FWIW.
  10. In a thread about Walter Nolen seemingly trolling on twitter ...
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