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  1. In a thread on Denver Harris: Do not question RayRay11’s bona fides! Harrumph!
  2. From a Roach Q&A: Total on the first. Like his answer on the second
  3. Schools battling for Top247 DB Jordan Matthews heading into next week's commitment STEVE WILTFONG
  4. The address is in South Austin. Just ask any cabbie, or look for the house with the line of people the goes around the block.
  5. Mike at Night: Notes on a pair of Texas commits and a major target
  6. Rogers just recommitted. Wasn’t there some chatter a few days ago, that this could happen, and we might be interested?
  7. JULIO JONES 1) nfl.com draft evaluation 2) Another of Jones ... 3) And another ... AMARI COOPER 1) Walterfootball 2) nfl.com (Zierlein)
  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. He was traumatized by his brother's circumcision? Sounds legit.
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