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  1. Found a post I remembered seeing on Aggie 247, on the Florida State DC. It had the unique combination of delusion, arrogance and laughable lack of self awareness that only the Aggies could concoct. (This was the day after the CFP teams were announced.)
  2. Holy smokes ... the text is something else. You are an artist. Bravo.
  3. Per Hank South (Horns 247), Sark is doing an in-home visit with Solomon Williams, on Monday.
  4. This should be the title of one of these A&M threads. Aggie 2025: They did a pees poor job!
  5. Jordan Scruggs, on Dimitry Nicolas and Aeryn Hampton Horns 247
  6. Chip Brown, Horns 247 COULD MITCHELL RETURN TO TEXAS IN 2024? I’ll believe this when I see it, but a source close to the situation said Adonai Mitchell, who has 51 catches for 813 yards and a team-leading 10 touchdowns, is giving consideration to returning to Texas next season, in part, because the 2024 NFL Draft class is expected to be loaded at receiver. Most are projecting the top of the 2024 receiver draft class to include: — Ohio State's Marvin Harrison Jr. (6-4, 205, Jr.; 67 receptions for 1,211 yards and 14 touchdowns) — LSU's Malik Nabers (6-0, 195, Jr.; 86 receptions for 1,546 yards and 14 touchdowns) and Brian Thomas Jr. (6-4, 205, Jr.; 60 receptions for 1,079 yards and 15 touchdowns) — Washington's Rome Odunze (6-3, 201, Jr.; 81 receptions for 1,428 yards and 13 touchdowns) — Florida State's Keon Coleman (6-4, 215, Jr.; 50 receptions for 658 yards and 11 touchdowns) Mitchell has only one drop this entire season. Every scout I’ve talked to believes Mitchell’s skill set (length, catch radius, contested catch ability and straight-line speed) projects him to be selected anywhere from the first to the third round. Those same scouts believe Harrison is a high-level first-round pick and they project Nabers, Thomas, Odunze and Coleman to be first or second-round selections. The question is if Mitchell returns to Texas, could he elevate himself into a sure-fire first-round draft pick? It just takes one team to fall in love with you and if Mitchell tests well, he could end up being a first-round draft pick in 2024. (The NFL thought highly of receivers who played in Steve Sarkisian’s offenses at Alabama in 2019 and 2020. Henry Ruggs III and Jerry Jeudy were first-round picks in 2020, selections which were followed by Jaylen Waddle and DeVonta Smith going in the first round in 2021). Several sources close to the team said Mitchell deciding to return to Texas would be a surprise. Those same sources certainly expect junior Xavier Worthy (73 catches for 969 yards and five touchdowns) to make himself eligible for the draft by the underclassmen deadline of Jan. 15. We’ll see.
  7. This is where the Illiterati are, tonight ...
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