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  1. (Damonic Williams update from earlier today, from OU 247. To summarize their sentiments in a visual: ) Collin's Corner: Breaking down the Damonic Williams sweepstakes out of the OU visit (4/22) Collin Kennedy (OU 247)
  2. To Texas!! https://247sports.com/player/bill-norton-46041127/
  3. - Gerry said he didn't agree with Oklahoma's optimism regarding landing Damonic Williams - Bobby then referred to Gerry putting Texas' chances of landing Williams at 51% (BOW posted the text blurb on this from OTF, in the Texas thread) - Damonic's (still) expected to visit Texas Tue/Wed Me? - I want Toia - I want Damonic W - I want the Mich DTs - and I want Bill Norton. At DT. Or to manage Accounts Receivable. With his characteristic efficiency and panache.
  4. Gerry/Vogel comments on recruiting (from a couple of streams over the last two days): - Three silent commits; one may go public soon, others 2 - 3 weeks - Bill Norton great visit (sounds like he's the silent?); (in another stream, he said he would be very surprised if Norton didn't join Texas; was referring to "when Texas will announce ...") - Jay Toia really really good visit; his bro was offered, too - Domanic Williams coming in Tue/Wed, from OU visit - If Texas lands Norton and Toia, we are a Domanic Williams away from "really shoring up the d-line" - If Swanson leaves, we're evidently 1 under the limit - Kelshaun Johnson great visit as well (came with Mom, family members); favorite; great Sark meeting - Riley Pettijohn - great spot (similar to the above) - James Simon - good visit - John Turntine ('26 5*) - best upside soph prospect in Texas; Texas in a good spot; sis transferring to Texas - Nick Brooks (OT from Iowa) - GA #1, Texas moved up to #2; left with wide eyes; will see if GA locks him down, else Texas visit in June - Jaime Ffrench, see if GA closes out, else visiting USC ... Also, really liked Savea's play On a separate note, saw this on the Ohio State site (from April 11), re: Lockett. May be a function of their chances with ph-ph-ph.
  5. Cross posting. From Eric Bossi at 247Sports. (QUOTE FROM INTRO) "Would expect more yesses for Texas in the near future." (ON POPE) (ON TRAMON MARK) TRAMON MARK, FROM ARKANSAS TO TEXAS New Longhorn Tramon Mark (Photo: Petre Thomas, USA TODAY Sports) Tramon Mark entered the transfer portal in the 2023 cycle looking for a featured role with the ball in his hands. He got it at Arkansas. The 6-foot-6, 185-pound wing parlayed the highest usage rate of his career into one of the best individual seasons of his career. Mark totaled 16.2 points per game with career-best shooting splits across the board. But he didn't win. Arkansas (16-17, 6-12 in SEC play) was one of the bigger disappointments this past season. Arkansas' bumpy road can be Texas' smooth sailing. A former Houston rotation staple, Mark didn't suddenly turn into a losing player at Arkansas. Everything that could've gone wrong with the Hogs in 2023-24, went wrong. Mark returns to his roots in the Lone Star State as a new and improved version of himself. Rodney Terry is getting one of the best isolation scorers in the country who shot over 73% at the rim which was one of the top marks nationally. Mark was also extremely efficient in pick-and-rolls this past season. He can create offense for himself in waves. Mark drew 4.9 fouls per 40 minutes and shot 80% at the stripe. He also splashed a career-best 36% from downtown on 99 attempts. Simply put, Mark checks off a bunch of boxes on both ends. He's the rangy, ball-handling, shot-creating wing that Texas' roster really didn't have last year. He's a fifth-year veteran who will sit down and guard and take some pressure off five-star freshman wing Tre Johnson. Mark to Texas just works.
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