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  1. Is there any proof to this or are you just having fun? If there is proof I must have it!!
  2. That’s what we thought as well on the radio.
  3. No way in hell will aggy be allowed by Sankey to play OSU.
  4. That’s a top 10 job in Seattle with facilities that stand down to very few. Every coach in America knows you go to aggy for a payday and then you die.
  5. Yea good for him. He can stay there and get a statue of grab a few million more at a FCS team if he wants.
  6. What? I even rewinded to see what you are talking about. I’m happy she beat cancer but she is huge.
  7. This is a play in game, no matter what. They are the darlings of the CFP. So far Oregon is around 30 or 40 spots lower in SOS and similar opponents is laughable, and best win isn’t even close. (Oregon state vs Alabama) Sucks ass. Root for Louisville.
  8. I was curious and went to Google maps. Looks like chi-o is across the street and ATO is next to them. I made out 1 camera at chi-o and a couple at FH. There will be a trailer on camera as long as they are working.
  9. I was topld there was video evidence from inside the bar, but I have no idea. Not the bar I would go to so didnt care.
  10. What do you think? Bill Superman 10:35a, 11/30/23 AG Von has always seemed like an high character guy and deserves the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Innocent until proven guilty.
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