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  1. Im ready to see how this digital tag system works. I expect lots of fails.
  2. It has been mentioned upthread that card and ewers will be trash, and arch will be the missing link. That is, until the 2024 5 star qb signs.
  3. Missed beau trahan by a day damnit. Always enjoyed watching him on special teams.
  4. I played with Stomper 4wd toy trucks and also got laid all in the 80s. That’s somewhat confusing.
  5. So the kicking game will be must watch tv. Nick Rose is smiling.
  6. He’s not either of those. His punting and kicking stats last year are top 15 in both categories.
  7. People who go to watch darts are lower
  8. Licenses are on sale bitches! https://tpwd.texas.gov/business/licenses/online_sales/ I went to the duck/deer lease to make some adjustments to our skid blinds (moved two of them) and cleaned up the cabin. Going back out next weekend to work on the deer blind and do some shredding on the tractor for lanes. Oldest kid is asking every other week about deer season. Looking forward to it!
  9. I bet the number is 95%+ of people who got out of college left their first job for something better. Where is the loyality? Also, why arent you bitching about the transfer in players at Wyoming from USC and Alabama?
  10. I can make a compoundword out of anything as well. Neyor was a 2 star with offers from Incarnate Word, Henderson State, Wyoming, and Western Illinois. There is your answer.
  11. How is that karma? Any time a player betters his situation and gets hurt it is karma?
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