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  1. Bay fishing today in Santa Rosa Florida. Left two are my boys. 5 trout on ice already.
  2. Mini 14 stays in the back of my side by side collecting the shit out of dust. No care. Clean it after duck season each year.
  3. @skipper are you there? Vacation starts Saturday at 5a to Florida so I’m out.
  4. How many minutes will 97 and 29 play tonight? 28+? Yes if they score a few goals before we do it would go way down. I’m talking about the score being a 1 goal game the whole way.
  5. Bandon Dunes to East Texas? Looks like it. https://www.wildspringdunes.com/
  6. So he is going to either stay in Dallas or not.
  7. Reminds me of the ride in my S-15 truck in high school.
  8. It’s not polite to laugh at other’s misfortunes. Just f’ing with you. It’s hilarious.
  9. Now that you mention it, where he was likely coming from there is an aggy about 2 miles up the road.
  10. Im surprised Message Board Geniuses on X havent picked up on this yet.
  11. So this jackwagon decided it would be a great idea to drive down a two lane road DURING school zone hours (peak vehicle time) with his 12-15 wide implement on the back. The street sign was in his way so he had to stop and back up traffic for a good while. He could have planned it better by coming through 30 minutes earlier or 15 minutes later but F everybody else trying to get the kids to school and heading to work.
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