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  1. The world is burning guy/thread. Typical forum post. No more wins!!!!!1!!!1!!!1!1!1!!1!!!!!
  2. Oh shit I just realized you are there on a Saturday. That’s even worse.
  3. Employers who don’t give a shit about employees send white people to north Mexico. Good luck bro.
  4. Bo was a freak for size vs speed. It’s not really close. Not an athlete on planet earth other than hershal walker that approachs him.
  5. What’s funny is everybody wanted texas gone and they now are. Tcu, tech, osu, Kansas state, etc. Y’all got it, texas is gone and life is beautiful for you. So much money about to happen.
  6. My wife hit a python today while on the phone with me. It was at chic fil a. It was an orange cone. She really said python.
  7. It’s going to be a tough few years in the B12.
  8. Audi in California today, plates were TX EXES. Any of y’all?
  9. Exactly. This team could lose to Miami tomorrow night and still have a chance to win the SEC Title. At some point Jimbo has got to make it to the SEC title game. That is all that matters. I can’t recall jimbo ever saying a conference title game is a goal. Even short term. Doesn’t matter his buyout is still north of 90 million. 90 million dollars buyout and loses at home to app state. So funny.
  10. It’s college football bro. If you think a aggy loss is a lock wager your next 12 house payments.
  11. After last week are they still doing the midnight yell?
  12. 1800 yards in HS is 180 yards per game maximum, so I guess I get the rifleman nickname. Those have to be approaching Texas state records in all divisions.
  13. Is that real? Did they call him that? Because, if so.....
  14. Few things to unfold here. This game has zero implications for aggy. Jimbo can lose by 80 every game going forward for about 5 years and not get fired. Also no implications on playoffs. Lastly, wear that shirt when you walk in to the stadium. Have your phone recording audio and share with us the niceness and direction giving aggy responses.
  15. Shows what a simpleton you are, jackass.
  16. Also works in Arkantucky, West Virginia, mobilhoma (particularly McCurtain County), Florida, and most of ohio.
  17. Looking at the background, has that leaked up in to Dallas or was that fellow possibly visiting?
  18. They have plenty of their own telling that story a few games a year so they dont really need your help with that.
  19. First thought was that it looks too slippery.
  20. I’ve wondered how they confirm that.
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