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  1. Aggy doesn’t learn about someone else’s traditions, they make sure to travel and overpower others with their ridiculous bullshit because they see themselves as better Christians, Texans, Americans and sheep fellatiaters
  2. look, I’m not saying anything for sure because I just simply don’t know enough about the whole situation, but I can say because my wife’s family is respected LE that that can carry a ton of weight in communities. im not necessarily saying everyone is corrupt, but it feels like to me that at the very least homeboy has a direct line to the ear of the DA somehow. Maybe it his family, maybe he’s a CI, maybe it’s lots of stuff. All you can do is document, document, document. The power in Texas resides with the DAs prosecutorial discretion sure, but eventually there will be a new DA who will listen. it’s way worse when the bastard is connected to a judge.
  3. Thr Romans (ahem…Italians) were able jerk out 200yrs of the Pax Romana but they were colonial, arrogant and dictatorial. We are simply dipshits
  4. Can’t get over that hat. Not everyone can pull that off. I saw it the other day when @LTtxfan posted the update and it just stuck with me in the back of my head. I wasn’t sure if i liked it or hated it. Now, i think i can say confidently that is some dope ass shit. Baller look Selvin.
  5. Who’s the DA and who’s the husband? Do they know each other somehow?
  6. Yep. And these schools have the money to hammer out the ambiguity in court. Its not the the NCAA is going to take away NCs. This is the wildest time when financial regulations are first employed. There’s so many situations that can contradict the intention of the law. Instead of Demas going to Tomball, who’s to say he doesn’t go to CA? Everyone is battening for position right now and UT is trying to high-road it, but everyone else is calling the white collar criminal accounting experts to learn how to fuck this system sideways. Its going to 3-5 years before the NCAA can get a handle on this and is probably going to be because of sad stories of kids burning up in a white hot ball of drugs, money and fury.
  7. It’s messed up, but i would guess most of those people are good people, they just don’t know or want to know what they have been told is bullshit. Its a hard place to be as a person and surprisingly worse when it’s an entire country
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