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  1. I've had a bunch of shit on my plate and haven't posted his stuff from Twitter. It's there if someone has the time to keep up
  2. Was Foster the kid that was really good at shotput and discus?
  3. Don't forget publicist and bankroll
  4. My daughter has been grinding hard on the beach volleyball circuit. She's still in the "no contact" phase of recruiting and has been struggling because of the unknowns. Well all within the span of a couple weeks she was directly invited to camp at 3 different D1 schools (think UT's junior day camp) and to participate in a NTDP (regional national team camp). Nothing more rewarding than watching your kids achieve their goals
  5. That's not good because HCU is not good at all
  6. I love how you took a screenshot instead of sharing the actual twitter thread where several experts debunk that statement. Also that original tweet has since been deleted because it was inaccurate.
  7. Multiple domestic violence charges. Fuck 'em both.
  8. Griner is also an enormous piece of shit. Fuck 'em both
  9. Interesting thread. He's predicting multiple years Also, modern bridge designs shouldn't do this, but those designs started in the 80s
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