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  1. Just kidding, little guy. Texas loves you. Keep on keepin' on.
  2. They need players who *want* to be aggies and who bleed maroon.
  3. Expect Texas to be a touchdown favorite.
  4. I'll take bad decisions for $1,000, Alex.
  5. Yes. Three-game improvement this year, and the team actually played as a team. This suggests the culture is pretty healthy. I'm also gruntled by his staff's talent evaluation ability and willingness to recruit to the end for the players it wants (i.e. it rarely settles for fall-back options). Also, we ended up getting back-to-back 5* QB recruits and it has been fuck all years since that happened here.
  6. Probably not a bad spot for Herman. He could wreck shop at that level.
  7. Yeah ... I'm not sure Aggy would cope very well with Deion when they can't handle RG III in the booth.
  8. Maybe stick that "Seven win Steve" bullshit up your collective asses.
  9. Yeah, at this point all but the true red ass fans have accepted reality that a) they suck, b) Jimbo sucks, and c) they probably can't do much about it. But don't worry, when they get a solid moral victory against LSU the delusion will be back!
  10. He is to Aggy, because a) chosen one, and b) there is nothing behind him after kind and johnson also depart.
  11. This is a thread to overdose on aggie misery as their recruiting goes to shit and you surly assholes turn it into a thread to bitch about our coaching. To which I say ...
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