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  1. One of the most embarrassing things I ever witnessed was about a decade ago when a former astronaut who flew on 2 shuttle missions gave a presentation at my company promoting STEM. She obtained one of her degrees from Texas, and as she gave her presentation she showed a photo she'd taken of the sun rising over the earth & how the beautiful, burnt orange sun reminded her of home (or words to that effect). Two or 3 aggies in the audience hissed at her remark. Fucking hissed, like petulant little children. One started and the others joined in. Who would act like that in a professional setting when hearing a story from an actual astronaut?
  2. "Good" Fields was on full display that drive, slipping out of 3 sacks he had no business escaping. Vikes stiffen and force the FG try that was pushed wide right. Skol, Vikes!
  3. And when the players from that class start hitting the portal in the coming weeks they'll see it as proof they weren't "real Ags" and Elko knew this as soon as he laid eyes on them and sniffed their assholes just like Reveille so he showed them the door. No matter the situation, aggy has just the right lies to tell themselves so they'll sleep well at night.
  4. They've gotta be ready to try and pull an old, white DC from the NFL before the end of the day, right?
  5. Yesterday I saw oSu having trouble containing BYU's speed to the corner on sweeps and quick outs. Let that sink in.
  6. Happy birthday to me. And to think I was really just hoping on a beej from Mrs GOTJ this morning. The aggy coaching search is truly the gift that keeps on giving.
  7. To think that two weeks ago aggy was pounding their collective chest and screaming all across every media outlet there is how A&M is a tier 1 coaching destination and how they were fielding calls from all across the country from interested coaches. Dear aggy. It's not them. It's you. It's always been you.
  8. Spencer and Brando seem to be openly drunk in the booth tonight.
  9. This coaching hire is the equivalent of your neighbor with the jacked up King Ranch F-250 that was totally useless for his 15 mile daily commute on city roads. Everybody knew he couldn't afford it, so when he announced he was trading it in only to show up with a brand new Yukon Denali it became obvious he just went deeper in the hole for something that didn't match his means or needs at all.
  10. Do you have enough beer/non-breakable shit in your garage to last through the 4th quarter?
  11. Does this mean Lincoln Riley's house in Cali is not on the market?
  12. Stoops was obviously the coach "out west" that Looch hinted at just to throw people off the trail.
  13. Looch is gonna have to dig DEEEEEEP into his well of bullshit to try and come up with an angle that makes Stoops seem like not just their first choice but an ideal fit culturally and schematically at aggy. Good luck.
  14. Stupid sips. You just THINK you're witnessing a disorganized clusterfuck of a search for a HC. Aggy has had their one and true candidate locked up for two weeks now, and they're waiting to spring this news on the world next Saturday during the conference championship games so they can garner all of the media attention. Nobody cares about results on the field, they care about exposure and clicks!
  15. I want to beat okie state so thoroughly next Saturday that we will be able to see their souls vacate their crumpled bodies. I want Gundy to walk out to shake Sark's hand after the game with a Bo Pellini-esque piss slick down the front of his pants. I want the left behinds to know that they got their licks in when we were playing grab ass with Mary Jane Rottencrach behind the 7-Eleven instead of running a successful football program, but we left the conference as champions and on a steady climb back up the mountain where national champions dare to tread.
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