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  1. If X is moving on for more money then it's a pretty smart decision. He hasn't shown to be a "team first" guy, and if he can get some more cash now then good on him. He's quicker than a wet fart, but his size, poor technique & suspect hands are going to hold him back when it comes to the draft. Looks like a round 3-4 guy now.
  2. If Tucker makes this the NFL should officially be renamed after him.
  3. Jags up by one. Time for a Justin Tucker 68 yarder walk off.
  4. Jax going for the win with the 2 pt conversion attempt. Why not?
  5. There isn't a cap, but any school is going to be realistic about how much money they have available and what they should spend. Don't expect anyone to go overboard by trying to buy an All-American team here in year 2 of NIL. Those more closely involved with NIL can give the ins and outs, but no matter how deep Texas' pockets may be, you can't just expect blank checks for every Jimmy or Joe who comes through the complex.
  6. Chubb scores, but a flag. Edit. Offsides and declined. Lulz.
  7. Indeed. And spanking his mushroom to pics of Ivanka wakeboarding but that's a given.
  8. Also-fucking-lutely this. His ego needs fluffing 24/7. His evenings consist of: ranting on Truth walking through MAL looking for applause crashing weddings so he can steal the microphone and rant while groping the bride going back to his suite and getting pissed when he can't find the gorilla channel on TV
  9. This might be a question more suitable for the recruiting board, but obviously the NIL operation is going to require the equivalent of an NFL "capologist" when it comes to managing these rosters/moves. Is it out of line to ask if that position is currently filled at Texas, or is this a case where the unchartered waters are forcing people with the necessary skillsets to be identified, promoted and empowered?
  10. I'm curious to see how Justice Finkley develops over the spring. I know many were surprised by us pulling a freakish athlete like him out from Alabama. He's played in 11 games this season but I'd be lying if I said I remembered him dominating on any specific play. Is he too small to consistently play the edge or is this a case of a young guy learning to play at a different level?
  11. They're prepared to go down in a blaze of glory defending 'murica from the liberals and their woke agenda!!!11!1 Whenever I see the old, obese farts in their rascals dressed in flag shirts I'm reminded of my FIL. I'm actually quite thankful that he died on Jan 5th and didn't spend his last day cheering on the insurrectionists from his deathbed. Anyway, late in Obama's 2nd term his paranoia was at an absolute peak. My BIL signed the two of them up to take a tactical weapons defense class put on by some "former ex-special forces" yahoos down south of San Antonio. Now, the FIL was an army ambulance driver in Korea in the mid '60s and had spent his entire life shooting every type of firearm imaginable so he wasn't going to learn more about gun operations. No, this was about how to maneuver, advance and defend in all types of physical environments from urban spaces, buildings, and lightly wooded outdoor terrain. The FIL lived on 250 acres in the middle of ranches 5X that size and bigger between Kerrville and Junction. There was about a .000000001% chance he'd ever encounter a situation to utilize any of this training. Furthermore, he was an arthritic, deaf, chain smoker with COPD so bad he wouldn't be able to walk 50 yards at a leisurely pace without stopping to sit down (and have a smoke, of course). We found out about this class a few weeks prior to his going when my wife and I were out for a visit. He was on his back porch, drunk, and complaining about his latest aches and pains, and bemoaning his concern about how he might not be able to physically make it through the course which at some point would require him to "run" a certain distance, drop to all fours, do a belly crawl under wire, then get up and shoot his AR at targets. He was afraid he wouldn't be able to get down on his knees and elbows, let alone get back up after crawling, and that this would prevent him from "passing" the course. I asked him how much this course cost. He said "$1,500 for two days. But don't tell anyone", meaning his son paid for it since the FIL didn't have a pot to piss in. I just started laughing to which he replied "what's so funny?" I told him that his certificate of completion was printed out the minute the check cleared, and they'd just fleeced him and his son for 3 grand but hey, maybe they'd have a fun weekend plinking targets together. Fast forward to last February when we were packing up the ranch and getting ready to move the MIL to her new place. There amongst the pile of his belongings was his certificate from the class. My MIL was the one who found it and asked if anyone knew what it was for. I didn't say a word, and her son said something like "that must have been something dad did with his buddies." It got put in a box with his MAGA hat.
  12. Only slorch could slorch a thread after his team's big win. Just deal with it, y'all. And he's not going to a tech MB since they all suck and, well...slorch
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