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  1. If you're gonna DL this .pdf, you will probably wanna do it on a computer vs. your phone. https://www.project2025.org/policy/
  2. Like they said, "No bloodshed provided the Democrats allow this to happen"... (except he didn't say WHOSE "blood").
  3. Why are you accusing Hillary? The man isn't even dead yet.
  4. Trump has essentially "back doored" his way into the highest level Federal job there is. If he had to get an FBI background check to be a janitor @ some 2 office wildlife refuge in the middle of nowhere, he would not have passed.
  5. NecroBump, yeah... it was the only thread that cane up with a reasonable title for this gem of an unsolicited PM I received through FB. FB is chock full 'o crazies.
  6. Cuba doesn't want any boat traffic that they cannot control; the last thing is a zillion smaller boats with someone hiding under a stack of life jackets. As to distance over to the Bahamas, something like Lauderdale to Bimini is gonna be your best route. Lots of fast boats make a day trip with 1 ~ 1½ hours East, spend a day, 1½ hours West. "Crazy Greg" was known for that trip.
  7. What town then / which one going back?
  8. I bought 5 tickets for the CCA Florida 16' Hewes boat raffle, so I should be participating in this thread next week.
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