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  1. A partial list of my internal grievances (i.e. shit that is weighing me down & I need to release but just... can't - fully - let - go): * Diesel truck needs a new engine - the fucker sounds like if you had an empty soup can with the open part facing up & were grinding the bottom part into a box of glass. Probably bottom end related, i.e. crank or a thrown rod. Ether way, diesels aren't cheap. I was in a pinch when the engine went out & ended up overpaying for a 2007 XL version F-150 with no cruise control, manual windows / locks & 2 doors + the little 'winglet' non jump seat back doors. Drove it to Colorado & back for Scout camp with my son (again, needed a truck PRONTO & this was a purchase completed the AM we left Drippin'). This thing is not a lot of fun to drive my 2 kids anywhere... 3 wide in the only seats available. * Had a shingle ------- > metal project that I invested a lot of hours (including physical onsite meetings) that I lost. Would have paid nicely enough to complete the diesel repairs. Lost that one - the customer was giving me buying signs all the way through, when I gave him a rough idea on the $$, he said that was good (complex projects where I have to detail a lot of stuff, I don't want to waste time on the nuts & bolts description until after I provide a rough $$). Final $$ I came down a bit, gave away some "Oh, BTW... I need ______" things @ no cost, etc. An irritation is I spent some $$ for a satellite measurement vs. a solid 4-1/2 hours climbing all around this roof to get a physical measurement & calculate all of that. A poke in the eye (not a full on gouge, mind you) is that I didn't get the job & in addition to this added cost (above the usual time & fuel thing). It's just salt on the wound. * I have done a couple of repairs on my own for a few projects (not uncommon where it is a hassle to the customer if I'm gonna have someone else do the work & then add some $$ on top for my part) - my back has been giving me fits over it & all I get from the wife is "You should take a hot bath". * I'm getting stuck in a spiral where in the evening, I get my brain clear - have a solid detail of what I need to do the next day, get a schedule worked up... & then one small thing the next day throws everything out of whack & I can't get the important shit handled because of the work that just popped up. * I have a customer that wants a certain type of gutter (they saw it on a neighbor's house0 & the machine to make that profile is only operated by one company (not anyone I have ever worked with). After extensive legwork to track this down & getting a price on it, the customer asked "So you're adding $$ on top of their price?" Well of course I said yes... & added "Well, yeah... that's how I make money" (even though my add-on for this is prob. less than $ 120). They seemed surprised that I would put in the effort & not expect even a little bit of compensation for my work performed. * * Final kick in the nuts is our 8 year old Doberman, "Major Royal" has cancer. He is coming up on 8 years old & apparently they are known for a 10 - 12 year span. The $$ for a CT & then surgery will probably run close to $ 10k. & My truck would need that amount for the repair. But we have a great dog that was the 1st one the kids ever really knew. & Even if everything WAS 100% successful (bone cancer most likely...( hell, look @ the results for human recovery... maybe a normal 2 th 4 more years anyhow. So, yeah. Things are going swell over here.
  2. I am quite surprised that you haven't discussed Mrs. Brisket's personal injury case (or had your fellow Barristers calmly inquiring about that portion of the issue).
  3. @deadshank Maybe you have an interest in his newsletter?
  4. This chart is for impact ratings (Class I to IV) & the next link is for "Underwriter Labs Class 90" (wind resistance). Coastal residents need to focus on the wind issue & impact resistance (while important) is secondary. The link will open up a .pdf, so it is suggested to review that one from a "real" computer vs. your phone. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiJ3qe9zYj6AhWBFFkFHeGYBEEQFnoECAEQAw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.berridge.com%2Fresources%2Ful-90-uplift-ratings%2F&usg=AOvVaw2A_MnsIUbCatHqjCy3TjfW
  5. You wuz cheated. They should have said "Hey, howz boutz this "channel guard" (or Rain Guard, or whatever they call it) panel?" (see up above in my pics). That's a lot better product than ugly ass barn metal.
  6. The sorta secret (not one I keep hidden, mind you) is that after 1st installing an exposed screw system, you should tension everything (or check for tension) every 5 years or so. Maybe do the 1st tension check 5 years post install & max 10 years after that. Remember, metal is MUCH more slick than shingles - you def. don't wanna get up there in the AM if there's even the slightest of overnight condensation & obv. stay off if there's been any kind of light mist. Tie off to something on the other side of the house. Getcha one of these from Homer Despot - it's often called 'OSHA compliance in a bucket". Spend a bit over a hundo; it's less than an insurance deductible.
  7. @High Plains Drifter, if you DO have that deduction then it means you have agreed to the Cosmetic Waiver as discussed prior. Assuming you don't ever have high wind or hail in your area, you shouldn't have any issues. If you DO get hail dings, be prepared for a fight.
  8. You're not really examining the gaskets, you are checking screw tension / looking to see if the screws are snug. Get a cordless drill with a torque setting - put it on 3 or 4 & some hex head sockets that are sized for your screws (more than likely you have the common "TEKS" type as sold in Home Depot). Try every screw; it is best to go horizontal & then up the next course (don't know if you're R handed or a Southpaw). If you have even ONE that spins out, there is zero way of knowing if the wood is bad & unrepairable under the panel or if it's just stripped out. You can go after one size larger & see if that works or you can seal over the hole with a quality metal specific elastomeric product & then add in a new screw 1-1/2 to 2 inches over to the L or R if that same spot. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have what's sometimes referred to as a "Lap Guard" or "Channel Guard" panel, do NOT ever put a screw in the dead middle of the lap joint (where one panel ends & another starts over it) & don't put a screw in the furthest 'outside' portion of the "over" panel (see 2 pics, 2nd is as clean a closeup as I can provide). If you ever DO go for an exposed fastener system (again, I strongly advise against it), use a "ZAC Long - Life" screw (next pic).
  9. What's an "HNW" carrier? Don't think that means "Houston & NW"... If the cosmetic waiver is automatically included, I am waiting on someone to file suit & then 10 years later we get a resolved standard to go by. Additionally, i have heard that some carriers have started NOT providing any added or discount coverage for a Class IV shingle that is supposedly going to bounce most hail / survive high winds (under, maybe 150 mph). Their logic is "If YOU , the shingle manufacturer, say this shingle will survive the hail & it gets damaged, then YOU need to be providing the replacement, not us."
  10. Wait... what? & Apologies for not responding to your tag, @Baboontyme - my notifications that come through email get swamped by a metric shit-tonne of spammish crap (it happens when you've been using the same account as a primary for 20+ years). & @deadshank has filled in the blanks quite well. Exceptionally, actually. He does a lot more business in those differing types of roofing & especially some custom stuff. Back to the OP question. @Baboontyme, that $$ you were quoted - is it from a GC or from a roof specific contractor? If from a contractor, I have an established network of people all across America (@deadshank knows what I'm talking about) & I can tie you in if that's a possibility. Lemme know. *When it comes to tile & related products (Spanish / S / Slate, etc) the quick conversation is "ALL of them leak. It's the underlayment, penetrations, hip & ridge, roof to wall joints & prep work that keeps the water out." The topmmost components (the parts you see) that give you the preferred appearance & keep the sun (UV rays) from destroying everything. Think of how a generic blue tarp holds up in the sun & how its gonna look in 6 months vs. a common brick that sits in your yard. To the question about "why do we have 'rapidly deteriorating products for roofing', that's akin to the "Yeah, there is an actual cure for cancer - it's "THEY" that don't want you to know how to defeat it & THEY want you to keep paying for cancer treatments, Rx's, etc." I mean - seriously - everything needs replacing or maintenance. Even fiber cement siding products need the paint worked on & a generic 3 Tab ("20 year shingle") can easily get to 25 years / a generic Dimensional / Architectural (30 year shingle) can get to 35 years before it's time to remove (the shingles that get beyond that & are primarily suffering from UV rays as the aging problem begin to come up in smaller / easily torn parts & it takes 2x to 3x the amount of labor & effort to remove them. & Of course there can be damage to the roof deck if there are other age related leaks. One variety of roof panel in the "Hidden Fastener" systems that @deadshank didn't mention is a Snap Lock panel. If considering a metal panel for my own uses / needs, I would go with as bright a white color as possible & use a Snap Lock in the new(er) vertical seam. You can easily disassemble panels if needed & do repairs. Think the possibility of a tree branch falling or the neighbor's fence / trampoline / lawn furniture bouncing off the roof - in most situations, a Snap Lock can easily be undone with a rubber mallet & screwdriver. Repairs to a mechanically joined Standing Seam panel system are difficult because once you [ originally fold / seam - unfold to try repairs - try to seam / fold the panels back together ]... that's 3 bends & the metal is probably going to end up breaking on one of the folds. Before long, the repair panel is going to break. Then you have to put in a new panel & that next joint over is gonna break as well before it's over, you removed & replaced an entire section. We're going through that on a repair for a $ 750,000+ dollar custom house out here in Drip. Zero trees but there is a leak @ a pitch change on the back porch & it's got a vaulted ceiling with zero attic (look up, see very pretty 1x6' & there's not much above that other than 2x8's, insulation, *maybe?* [Decking? Battens?] & then the metal panels. Builders @ best give a 1 year warranty - your new refrigerator for the new house is given a longer warranty. Pic 1 is the repair we are discussing with the property owner (the dark parts are ponding water that has dust, pollen & other airborne bits settling in it (not uncommon (but is generally over where the water penetration is showing through the vaulted 1x6's & inside the house). Pic 2 is the common Snap Lock profile & view for the newer systems. Keep in mind that there are very few actual roof profiles & Company A wants you to think they have some trademarked & exclusive panel while Company B who also has the same profile wants you to know THEY have the actual better panel with ThEiR trademarked name. Don't go with an exposed fastener roof if you can avoid it - there is no reason to take a perfectly good piece of metal & start poking thousands of tiny liabilities all over it. Concealed Fastener (Snap Lock) is the way to go. *Addendum: Insurance will typically classify a proper metal system as having a 50 year life span. This is needed info regarding depreciation due to a loss. Do NOT, EVER, in ANY CIRCUMSTANCE sign a "Cosmetic Waiver" for your metal roof system (whether stone coated steel or whatever). *YES* there ARE discounts available. However you can get premature rusting due to the clearcoat being cracked & insurance will argue (not want to pay) due to what they say is "cosmetic" damage & now you have a protracted fight on your hands. Any potential property buyer would see the dents & that's a hassle.
  11. My Mom has a % in some natural gas from family land in NW Lousy-Anna. I think she's 1/16th... I have no idea how to do the maths & figure out what the $$ would be if she had 100% of the assets. Supposedly it's complete, land & minerals & the co. that pays her out also handles the property tax situation. It has also been suggested that she actually walk the property (for what reason, I don't know - it's not like a 77 year old retired respiratory therapist is going to know what she's looking at & I sure as hell won't have any ideas. ...Back to the 1/16th question. Let's say she gets $ 50 a month. Multiply that by 16 to get the total payout?
  12. I am probably late to the thread. Sent from my SM-A326U1 using Tapatalk
  13. Yes, a great show. Have seen him 2x in the past 7 years & somehow he manages to make it seem much more personal in spite of an arena setup. & I cannot stand that song... *I do have some of his CD's, probably the 1st 2 or 3 big sellers. Sent from my SM-A326U1 using Tapatalk
  14. Got the cheap lawn seats for tomorrow night - Styx / REO Speedwagon / Loverboy. Groupon thing... $ 20 ea. + fees. Germania amp. @ CoTA. Wife is hesitant due to the blistering heat we are currently experiencing, so now I am wondering if it is gonna be worth the hassle of her complaining the whole time. Sent from my SM-A326U1 using Tapatalk
  15. Marty 2 Bulls is one of my favorites.
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