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  1. & FYI, progress (albeit slow) is being made with Bruno. He still is a heavy load for walking & seems much stronger than Major was (even though Bruno is thinner & weighs less than Major was @ his peak). If i had things my way, we would have 2 dogs & not (now) 4.
  2. Your entire situation was a mess. Beginnings of a divorce, new & very tricky pool installation had just been completed, your NASCAR business having ups & downs, becoming a new person (all of that discussed by you on various iterations of Shag), 2 year insurance fight & we made multiple visits to your house. I didn't make a penny. Hell, I have no idea what the final USAA adjustment amount was.
  3. Apparently you missed the screenshot where BtR doesn't dispute that I paid him [emoji817]% for the truck AND he had issues in getting the title remade & NEVER actually did get me the title?
  4. Send me a PM, post your initials or a zip code so I might know who you are?
  5. Like any of y'all actually give a shit about that any longer?
  6. Hopefully these pics upload in the correct order. Have I fucked up? Yes. Did I ghost BtR? Yes... however he is @ fault for that as well (the 1st portion, anyhow). Part of that was delays because of what I was doing / elbows deep into a project when he or M called (at first) & then later it was "OK, so how do I get myself out of this?" & He did send stuff via FB messenger; his GF as well. & Not that it matters, but the parking ticket is something I was unaware of until well after the fact. All I can guess [on that one] is some asshat yanked the ticket off the windshield & I never saw it ...OOOOOOH... YEAH, I DIDN'T HAVE THE REGISTRATION SO I COULDN'T RE-REGISTER IT into my name, so the mail went to him, NOT ME. As to a couple of other items that appeared in this thread, those who are noted can please send me a text (PM's are shitty with notifications, etc). If any of you fine readers want to discuss projects I have successfully handled for you, you are welcome to raise your hand. I am not expecting anything, however I do know there are well over 75 Shaggers ... possible as many as 125 ... who I have done outstanding work for AND plenty who I have barely charged gas money or even nothing at all... some who I have merely consulted for free & told them "No $$ for me, pay the crew guy maybe $ ___ & keep me out of it." There's the fella up in Dallas where we did a total chimney removal as part of his re-roof. I totally - 100% absorbed the costs on that. A fella in Travis Country who needed a re-sleeve on a pipe boot & it took me less time to do that than it did to get my ladder off & back on the truck. Someone else on this thread who we did a deck build for (around his new pool) after the total re-roofing (& after the public adjuster took an insanely long amount of time to push the file through), I didn't make even 25% of what I should have - & I didn't complain to him @ all (PS: While you were @ the Notre Dame game, we jumped off the new porch roof & into the pool. I don't regret that even a bit, nothing got damaged).. There is one person who in the last 2 months seemed surprised that I was going to have a gutter installation quoted by another co. & then take some $$ off the top when the specific profile (shape) they wanted is only available from 2 companies in the area & I put in the leg-work to track the product down (it was on a house next door to their BnB in Southeastern Austin... Cesar Chavez-ish area). I am well aware that negative reviews stick around a LOT longer than positive. Reputations are crazy difficult to repair. & I have definitely fucked this up. But, as you will see... all is NOT 100% on me. I will let the resident assholes dig into that & decide any re-allocated fault. I will also admit this: Construction work (ownership, management, installation, ditch digger) is often where people end up because they aren't qualified to do anything else. It can be like furniture or car sales - once you get into it & stick around for 9 months or more, you're probably stuck for the rest of your career.
  7. I was in contact with someone from their office & we spoke on the phone for a bit (filled out form via their site, got a call back). This is what they sent & I responded asking for some price ranges on ALL of those acts / talent (didn't ask for a $$ on each one, did ask for "what's the low to high for that entire bunch?") plus I have info from a local bar band friend re: sound person & probable PA rental. The local bar band friend also has some contacts with Kin Faux & he will get that over to me as well. I responded that in the Austin area, there is not going to be a problem with a board & PA / light rental from a local vendor.
  8. We actually ARE "out in the country" & he won't be running free for at least 2 months. The older Corgi's somewhat know their limitations (however they are short enough to scoot under the front gate out by the road). There has been a little bit of progress with Bruno & I am sort of thinking the arguments between the dogs needs to settle between them. Jailhouse fight to see who is the badass, etc. (assuming no actual blood loss happens). I will tell y'all this, he is crazy strong when leashed. I'm doing my best here.
  9. Neither you NOR the OP mentioned what size.
  10. Submitted something via their site. Lots of stuff we'll out of our budget - let's see what their response is. Got any contact info for .38 Special?
  11. "Bring it on down to Cup 'o Noodle Town"
  12. & Again, when we first met him on 11 Dec 22 all was OK. It was his known home & apparently the husband was recognized by Bruno as the Alpha, so we were merely visitors is my guess.
  13. "Dangerous breed"? Have you been around Dobermans much? Our Major never met a person or other dog that he didn't like & Bruno was cool when we met him last Sunday.
  14. Got Bruno from wife's mom. Currently in a 2 BR apartment. Wife is pregnant with #2.
  15. Either ask for input or maybe provide my contact info. YES, that would be a definite assist. I don't think Crayon is on Shag² any longer - he might be a good resource for info or suggestions (thinking Cowbell is no mas & knowing he is currently with "Chandler & the Bings").
  16. When supplying their own backline, lights, board, etc.? 100% accurate pricing. Again, this is about getting tickets sold.
  17. Yes, that WOULD make sense. But I need names first. Bands / artist that would fit the criteria of getting people interested. - Will most likely attend the event & the band is an added bonus. - Will be interested in the band / artist & the event is an added bonus. Not looking for anything like GWAR or Ghost, not looking for Barney, the Purple Dinosaur... even if that would get attendance.
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