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  1. Well shit. Ordered a bandit for myself and the traxxas slash kit for the boy. I hope putting together a kit is a good learning experience. I remember my hornet turnbuckles making my thumbs bleed in '89.
  2. Word is that it isn't really a school related thing. Cop just caught a bullet because the neighborhood is rough.
  3. Someone here needs to summarize all the dumb shit that has happened because somebody was pissed off and irrational at/because Texas. The "Alliance" delaying the playoff expansion by 1 year only for it to blow up in their faces is just one of the most recent. (And I'm still mad we never got HS football on the Longhorn Network.)
  4. I had a gmade swwback for a while. Got rid of it. Replaces with 3 1/24 mini crawlers. I regret that. I will say, for those with young kids, crawlers are great. Slow speeds means they wint send a missile into the curb at 30mph. Some newer ones have 2 speed gearing, so there is some potential for a little cutting loose. Thinkin of getting a buggy for the ranch. I could probably make a dirt track and use a scaffold as a riser for the driver. I love building new, but I see a lot of used traxxas bashers and those parts are easy to find.
  5. IIRC he was drunk as hell but sang the right words, save for the 10 mins he disappeared mid set to the general confusion of the band. But he did return, and all in all I'd say it was the full Shane experience. A+
  6. Drove up on Sunday. Third trip in a week... maybe a bit too much. Anyway, for now I put a waterproof vinyl tarp up. Much cheaper.
  7. Amazon Fire in kid proof case. About 90% as good for 25% the price.
  8. Sunday I put in some post bases. Om Weds & Turkey Day I put in the posts. So next time I'm up I'll out up 3 or 4 purlins across the top, and 1 or 2 middle joist. The whole frame is 10x12 and I'll put on 12x12 of roof panels. Probably clear poly in the center, so the hole ain't too dark. The materials are pushing $300 already and the panels will be another $200 (and another $50 in lumber). Wife not super happy with the credit card statement, but sometimes you gotta put a roof over your hobby hole.
  9. Lawyer here. I draft and comment on insurance policies. I can't make definitive heads or tails of the tie breaks. If it was a contract, all I can say is that the ambiguity should be resolved against the drafter. I honestly think there could be an injunctive hearing if it does not come out cleanly.
  10. It's been wet. I flipped over the to and let things air out. I'm a little concerned how moist things get. To that end l cut off 18" from my sophisticated playset head-frame. I immediately bumped my head on it. My plan is to construct a 12x12 or so shed roof. I'm hoping that will shield enough water. Also I could maybe put in some diverters (maybe out of dryrock?) to diverts surface water.
  11. In 2005 it seemed like every play was run out of the same personnel and formation. Maybe it was a bit like air raid, in that the very lack of variability made it somehow unpredictable. No tendencies to track. Nothing to give a play away. Like GD had somehow solved offense with one magic set of 4 plays. (But mostly it was an elite NFL roster and a singular genius mobile QB just torching everything.)
  12. I, for one, think all the new sidewalks and bike lanes are awesome. I don't understand why they didn't just do sidewalks when the roads were built in the first place.
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