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  1. We saw a baby beaver in Sapphire. It was so damn cute I peed a little. I'd never really spent time in the Appalachia mountains aside from Maine, but one thing I noticed is that holy shit people are so fucking fat. In Colorado and Washington/Oregon, people look ready and able to hike. Up in the GSM, people look 'bout to die 100 yards from the trailhead. Some look like stepping out of the car was a struggle. Clingman Dome was paved in the bloated corpses of its victims, red faced and panting. So many people on the way down stopped us to give us a pep talk. Like dude, this is a paved nothing burger. We got this. (of course National parks skew to the olds, but still). Also, we saw a ton of black bears. And I think my kids could have taken one when they were three. Now the pitties being hauled up the hikes in the national forest... those are some fucking beasts.
  2. Just did a few days at GSM. Weather: rain every day. In the park: get up early for for Falls / Abrams Falls / Grotto Falls. Parking limited. My fav thing after a sweaty summer hike was swimming in the Little River between the Sinks and the Wye (near Meigs Creek). We did rafting on the Upper Pigeon Rover one afternoon- prettt fun. Near Pisgah you must definitely do Sliding Rock. We also hiked in Dupont Forest. Excellent waterfall hikes, do Triple & High Falls, then over to Hooker Falls where you can swim.. So yeah... basically every day we swam in the afternoon... because it's summer and it gets hot (mayne Clingman Dome is still cool later morning). The rivers aren't Rockies snowmelt cold, they are refreshing.
  3. did some ranch puttering. Only 88 today, brrrrr! looking down: looking up:
  4. I am pretty sure in 2024 Chris is a chick name.
  5. I know it's 2024... but is Beryl a chick or a dude?
  6. • Inside is 30"x48" made of 4x6s and 2x walls • currently about 11.5' • it is a little bit cooler/warmer or at least the air isn't • it takes a little bit to carefully climb ladder. I haul up buckets with a pully • I used an electric jackhammer if it's. shelf of rock. Otherwise a 48" bully digger, rock hammer, and chisel. I have a metal dog food scoop that is good for loose stuff. A hand garden fork is good for scraping walls. A couple of padded gardening kneeleres are nice. I have a 36" crowbar which is good in tight space. Two small shivers, one a round and the other a transfer shovel. • jack hammer comes out. Usually I leave the other stuff. • Sometimes a big piece of 3/4 ply covers it (atop some extra 4x4 pieces. I roll screen mesh over to try and keep bugs and frogs out. It's about a quarter mile from the road, and it was a wet May, so O let it air out this past couple of months. • Any larger and I'd need to divide the compartment in half or use 6x6s as the main framing. • Mrs doesn't mind. I come back happier amd less stressed. • I want to do at least 4 sets if 4' sections, maybe 5. I figure go down to 20 or 22 and then think about going sideways. I'd like to get deep enough and from there frame up amd pour concrete in lifts, building from the bottom up. I could remove sections. The wood is pressure treated, but it wont last forever. Maybe I'll even source basalt rebar. You need 2.5x tunnel height in overburden. So a 4' tunnel would need 10' (14 total), 5' = 17.5, and 6' = 21'. Six ft is probably overkill, but might be nice to have the option. Amd of course when I go sideways... mine cart tracks! • I'd go out the 48" side away from the road. Pretty much the only way to go. But I could put another hole after a ways!
  7. been a long while, but other ranch projects are finishing up. Except the 6 yards of of 3/4 I've been spreading in ruts. finally started to timber the walls on the 2nd level (4-8 ft). Got a piece of lumber in all the corners, and completed one side. Put the next set of emergency ladder. Got me new (to me) taller ladder in.
  8. https://www.theonion.com/hurricane-bound-for-texas-slowed-by-large-land-mass-to-1819594726
  9. are any civ or RTS or 4x games any good on console, or is the lack of keyboard and mouse always a fatal flaw?
  10. it'll park over western Iowa for 4 days, because this year: Fuck Sioux City
  11. I've lost about 10 lbs in the past month (228 to 218). Mainly through sheer willpower and embracing the hangry. It sucks, but the results feel great. I have always been a big breakfast eater, so controlling that is key. Sometimes I do a packet of sugar free oatmeal plus a cup of light cereal (~250 cal). Most days I try to do poor man bulletproof coffee (a little pat of butter and black coffee) and that seems to even out my cravings and hunger til noon. If I want a big brunch, I do 1.5 cups of fajiata veggie mix and eggs. I have been buying lots of celery sticks ams celery, and drinking lots of water. Smaller apples seem to help satisfy, too. Cut most carbs, not to be keto, but because they are such calorie sources. Probably why civilization is built of grains and rice! So far been able to avoid overeating days. I think my stomach has begun to shrink or at least I feel full faster. Maybe I'm dreaming that. For meals I am doing a lot of lentil soup + a can of French cut green beans, other soups, or else basically a texmex bowl. I am probably eating a 14 Oz container of pico de gallo every other day. A bagged Ceasar salad, using half the dressing, and add chicken goes hard. Sometimes I just break what used to be one meal for me (2 morning star chik patties on toasted bread) into two meals, hours apart. With kids spring sports over I have time to walk on treadmill or run pretty much every day. It's easy to walk 4-6 miles zoning out on Jim Baird canoe videos, or the Trek Planner. Or just podcasts. So much podcasts. I'm beginning to have opinions on NBA 2nd round draft picks. Among contenders, go for those 23 year olds who can play right away. Giannis ain't getting any younger. And free Jarret Allen. Downsides: sometimes eating different than the family meal. I can't be trusted with spaghetti or tortellini. This past week I think the calorie restriction has tanked my libido. Taking magnesium, B vitamin, etc to help. And generic vitamin V. Plus now I'm like Henry Rollins and am so sexy I can jerk off looking at myself in the mirror.
  12. Keep us posted, OP. I have some ranch acreage, and in 20+ years my kids may have to deal with it. Back when the land had low value, it didn't seem like a big deal. If my son wanted it, he could take less of the rest of the estate. But prices jumped over Covid, and now it's worth something. Enough for me to plan better. I'm thinking about getting a new plat/survey done and recording it as 2 separate tracts of roughly similar value. That way the kids can decide (if they dont want to keep it whole) to sever into already logical "faolir" parts and go their separate ways.
  13. And I'm a little worried I might get pregnant!
  14. I think it raises some weird questions about free will and the brain.
  15. my take: calories and how they are calculated are all based on very old studies supposedly burning stuff. Those old numbers are now just in reference books, and now things often calculated based on ingredients (Atwater system). It is not clear if all those reference numbers are actually accurate to how the human body utilizes food. It might be a lot of seemingly precise numbers based on a century of bullshit. Likewise, I'm not certain calorie meters for exercise is not 90% bullshit. And estimates of baseline metabolism are probably blshit, too. So yeah, I think a person could add up food calories and compare to supposed basemetabolism calorie load and exercise expenditure and the math simply not math. Because all those numbers are bullshit, and [Bullshit1] - [Bullshit2 + Bullshit3] is just bullshit with a huuuuge inaccuracy factor. Even if the math added up, the body is dynamic. A hungry person might extract more calories from food, baseline metabolism might slow, and... well, exercise machine calories estimates are still bullshit.
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