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  1. they filling up the SPR at these prices yet?
  2. I don't know man, almost 1000 defensiveless civilians were massacred in a surprise attack and thousands more were injured, but theres no way these people would stoop to rape. Unless.... do they play lacrosse by any chance?
  3. DYK that when securities are tradeable, their traded prices change as different people speculate on their future value?!?!?!??! someone please inform the SEC!!!!
  4. Same shit on the fridge. Big house, bit kitchen….fucking tiny fridge.
  5. The worst though, are the trends in lots of western europe. You could have the biggest penthouse apartment with a large modern kitchen….and the sink is this shallow circular thing nestled next to a wall (oven or fridge cabinet) and barely fits a dinner plate.
  6. I want a black textured composite sink that hides the swirls and dirt and such. Failing that, stainless is fine too. Wife wants white sink. Worst of all worlds. We had one previously that chipped. White sinks are dumb.
  7. You’ll know its the top when some people in this thread cry about it even harder
  8. and british people who say "maths" because its short for mathematics
  9. calendar apps that dont allow you to set the Start of Week day. monday is the start of the week. thats why Sat and Sun are called the weekend. i mean, im not using an islamic calendar damnit im using western apps.
  10. If it doesnt end well ill know who jinxed it 🧐
  11. 52-80

    NFL Final 4

    Top 2 NFL seeds of each division have won 75% of the Superbowls. Top 2 CFB teams have won 66% of championships, and would have increased with higher number of samples. Who cares about who gets screwed for the last spot. Except the one that gets screwed. The universe is undisturbed. Moisturized. Relaxed.
  12. Captive mileage program. Due to that, id been flying longhaul almost exclusively StarAlliance for 15 years. Playing the field this month and sampling AF/KLM. Will be the first time on SkyTeam since Continental merged with United…
  13. Why is throwing fish a tourist attraction? Man aint lying
  14. It took a few years but macks cupboard filled up and charlies cake finally baked
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