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  1. Is that sophomore season xavier worthy?
  2. https://www.dell.com/support/contents/en-us/article/product-support/self-support-knowledgebase/software-and-downloads/dell-power-manager
  3. You lamented very recently about being underpaid as a senior/experienced employee, relative to unskilled young employees. So is it that the penile-fountainhead corporations are throwing away all of the incremental value they could extract from you, because all of their ivy league whiz kid managers don’t know any better? Or do you overestimate your own potential, but are seeking more pay because you are a greedy individual. And if so, is that wrong for you to do? Pls respond.
  4. How will these goshdarned horseless carriages ever take off. We wont have enough fuel or even fueling stations for them. How will the world ever generate power satisfying societys demand? Never been done before.
  5. kinda wild how soccer is so popular that spain (and other countries) have national teams competing in U15, U16, U17, ... up to U23 level. 1 team for every age bracket.
  6. He thinks fundamentals means being able to predict the price of a future contract, wherein there are more involvement from financial institutions (participating in speculation/financialization) than there are from the actual producers of the physical product.
  7. What are the odds that environmentalists get basic actual facts wrong? Lithium is extracted from brines in Chile in hands-off operation, or in open pits in Australia. Sweden: Electric car have 25x less incidence of fire https://www.msb.se/sv/aktuellt/nyheter/2023/maj/brander-i-eltransportmedel-under-2022 IIHS: Electric cars lowest risk of non-crash fire loss https://www.iihs.org/media/c93b98d8-6a7d-44a1-810e-4468ec539e05/uIu4tg/HLDI Research/Fire losses/HLDI_FireLosses_1218.pdf Are those horrific countries Chile, Australia, or Tesla's own lithium refining operation starting up in Texas? Coal burning electric powerplants charging EVs are eliminating greenhouse gases, because the lifetime emissions of electric vehicle -- INCLUDING its production -- is lower than of combustion vehicles, "AT THIS POINT IN TIME", INCLUSIVE of coal as a power source. And will be even net cleaner as coal is being reduced a power source. Have you bothered to read, perhaps, the governments assessment: https://afdc.energy.gov/vehicles/electric-emissions https://greet.anl.gov/publication-c2g_lca_us_ldv https://afdc.energy.gov/files/u/publication/ev_emissions_impact.pdf "Centerpoint can't keep Houston powered"..... you mean during this natural disaster, when there are also fuel shortages? https://abc13.com/post/hurricane-beryl-recovery-long-lines-gas-groceries-kroger-heb-open/15047040/ https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2024/07/10/looking-for-gas-help-us-update-our-list-of-open-gas-stations-in-houston/ https://communityimpact.com/houston/bay-area/weather/2024/07/11/gasoline-shortages-add-to-woes-caused-by-ongoing-power-outages-in-houston/ Residents can also power their EVs with domestic solar power. Do you perhaps have your own coal burning plant and hydrocarbon refinery in your house?
  8. It's funny hearing the crickets because we all know these people have no substantive answers. Their perspective is a shallow, emotive, moralizing one, where the extent of their thinking doesn't go past identifying something they *feel* is "bad". That's all there is to it. That's why they never get anything done. Which is why their group is sleeping in tents on the lawn of the business district, protesting the other group that's inside the building doing actual work.
  9. Then why do you have such trouble understanding it? We appoint you emperor of earth. You are the global moral arbiter and its sole legislature. How much profit are fast food companies permitted to earn? What is the law you would write to regulate against its "gouging" (probably involves defining objectively what gouging is). Go. We're listening.
  10. Batteries don't like extreme high or low state of charge. Favored resting SOC is at half-capacity or below. On important devices with software control - laptops, phones - enable a 80% cap for regular use. That way, it doesn't matter if you leave it plugged in. On other stuff like power tool batteries, after a use, if it's not around empty, just let it sit. Don't feel like you have to keep it always topped off and ready.
  11. It’s a Volvo. I’ve been in the 2 and its squarely an upscale, premium feeling car, unless your threshold for luxury is S-class and above. Which also makes the Model Y LR at $41k post-credit a pretty insane deal IMO.
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