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  1. The dryers on and the clothes are tumbling
  2. Dude David Ash’ed himself
  3. I remember reading about the growing gender gap in higher education, that females are outnumbering males in university. Females do outnumber males fairly significantly, but the gap has been flat for decades. The top universities domestic and globally all tilt towards men though.
  4. Germany has tons of crime shows but she did nazi any of them.
  5. Ive only ever seen Spongebob in memes, which are hilarious. And lately ive been playing Spongebob movies on the TV to distract my kids, and no surprise…its hilarious too.
  6. A couple of weird, unsolicited comments about liberal arts degrees. Study whatever you want. Nobody cares. Its your life. But if those people complain afterwards about the labor market and their poor job prospects….well, a mountain of longitudinal data out front should’ve told them. I’m curious how what fraction of that graph is terminal vs going onto more marketable graduate studies (law, business, etc)
  7. i think it was somebody else with a question. although i did find it interesting how the egg market isnt as consolidated as the rest of cattle/agg. and that basically #2 on down are all private companies. there must be some historical reason for that ?
  8. To a lay person, it’s still considered interesting and prestigious, simply on the basis of scarcity at 50,000 jobs. On that basis, it’ll remain so, because the decade-ahead growth is projected by the BLS at only +5%. And there’s still countless people vying for those jobs. Just as a comparison there are 2M+ commercial truck drivers.
  9. Degrees arent required for many jobs because they guarantee capability. Degrees are required because they are predictive of capability. The world isn’t deterministic. It’s probabilistic. If there’s 100 people applying for an entry level white collar job and half are degreed, I’ll take my chances with that half. It’s a good screening tool.
  10. You could say they…… left a lot of meat on the bone 🥁
  11. If i was an evil capitalist chicken baron, id use the same excuse for gouging egg prices to gouge the price of the chicken too. seems like a missed opportunity.. https://fredblog.stlouisfed.org/2023/01/egg-and-poultry-price-inflation Egg prices are absolutely soaring, while chicken meat prices have been well-grounded. What gives? Team FRED Blog never wants to sound like Chicken Little, but we also don’t want to walk on eggshells. So, first, let’s simply look at the data: The FRED graph above shows that the average price of whole fresh chickens (in brown) rose 13% between January and December 2022 while the average price of eggs (in yellow) rose 120%. That’s 10 times faster! Now let’s combine these data with some reporting from the US Department of Agriculture: During 2022, repeated outbreaks of avian influenza ravaged farm flocks of egg-laying hens, thereby drastically reducing the supply of eggs, which drove their prices to record highs. But the price of chicken meat has not experienced the same degree of inflation. Why? Well, farmers don’t have all their chickens in one basket. Chickens raised for meat (a.k.a. “broilers”) have been less exposed and therefore less susceptibleto the avian influenza that has decimated the egg-laying hens, and the supply of broilers has been reduced less than 1/10 of 1%. Because these two separate supplies of chickens have not been equally affected, neither have their prices. And, despite the regional concentration of losses to poultry populations, the average price of eggs remained remarkably similar across US regions.
  12. i got a big start YTD and tempted to blow some of it gambling on natgas…
  13. CALM reports a 20% domestic market share https://calmainefoods.com/media/1402/calm-investor-presentation-192023.pdf the other US producers (most private) are close behind
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