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  1. all ur croots r belong 2 us
  2. 1. Drive-up pinpads (like to control gates) that are mounted on the wall, instead of on an arm. If we aint stretch fucking armstrong we have to scrape our door mirrors just to reach the damn thing? 2. Broadcast of sports events that were "Recorded Live". How else would it have been recorded?
  3. the way you set that up, i expected her to fall back into a wheeled chair, roll across the room, hit the window ledge, and fall backwards right out of the house
  4. Good lord that body is so killer she should be facing murder charges
  5. Mr Bean’s Man vs Bee good silly time waster
  6. I used to do some late night recreational riding when attending school. It was the most tolerable hours for climate in Austin, and virtually empty roads. Had full lights though. In this case probably the rider had no choice.
  7. https://giphy.com/gifs/not-use-stretcher-xYRvkBcJhbSr6
  8. “While we are the Smartest Beavis and Butthead in all the cosmos, in absolute terms, we’re still not too bright”
  9. Mike Judge still has it. Butthead is as funny as ever.
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