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  1. 52-80


    passport: never in a million years have i needed on a tourism context outside of points of travel money: personal guideline is ~200usd equivalent. easy enough to burn excess cash towards end of trip on dinners. never use any fx place in town or at airport, just use the local established banks' ATMs daytrip: bath is good. could also go to cambridge and have a literal punt on the river cam.
  2. and bronwynn looks like rachel weisz with a sprinkle of natalie portman, no?
  3. brent venables think pink floyd is the lead singer
  4. 52-80

    Hudson Card

    Yeah, it's like having a lot of transistors but produced on an old semiconductor manufacturing process so it generates a lot of heat but you've got very little thermal dissipation so the clock speed has to be reduced and everything runs slow... just like hudson card.
  5. Finally started in on this series. Feels cinematic and epic. Music score is theater-grade. Galadriel is a babe. Skin-color thing is a complete non-issue. And finally, given the equally large budget, obsessed fanbase, and grand expectations... this series makes the House of Dragon thing look embarassing.
  6. brent veneables shares his Wordle progress on social media brent venables is Humbled and Proud to post announcements on linkedin
  7. 52-80

    Hudson Card

    hudson card was top 3 dual threat and top 5 overall qb in his class. there's bryce young and cj stroud at the top. DJ Ug seems like he fucking sucks, but playing decent this year. healthy Card i'd say slots in exactly where he's supposed to be. the remaining don't even sniff any ball time. there's haynes king, jeff sims, and anthony richardson and they're shitty too.
  8. This thursday scrimmage is doing great things for hudsons confidence
  9. This WV defense today reminds me of TX defense the entire last decade
  10. if the runner lowers his front body, head first, how exactly should you be expected to tackle him?
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