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  1. First your bike and now your car…
  2. Why is the kitchen in the toilet ? maybe its just the socialist in me, but i dont feel comfortable living in a place where my spending power massively outpaces the local standards. my wife comes from a poor’ish country, and when were passing by the rural areas that are even worse off, i feel a moral sense of guilt somehow, even though we’ve done absolutely nothing wrong strictly speaking. just cant picture settling long term in a place like that.
  3. If the auditing frequency is already available as published data, so should be the prosecution rate and financial recovery rate. As long as the projected marginal recovery of (rightful) taxes exceeds the cost of IRS staff expansion, im all for it. (Dont care if the extra dollar comes from a thousandaire or a millionaire, if its rightfully owed, i wont judge based on class-ideology) Agreed that the root cause is the excessive tax codes that caused complexity and allows for creative accounting. FYI in many countries, the taxes are simple enough that tax filing is optional for most earners — the withholding at source is simple enough that the liability ends up flat at year end for people. As far as I know, its the US accounting industry that lobbied strongly against simplification of tax laws and processes
  4. Are the demographics of the most audited filers reflective of the IRS' targeting intent... or are they the ones with the highest level of actual fraud, and/or whose (simple) returns the easiest in which to spot fraud?
  5. I picture the governors and presidents looking at eachother like this
  6. Also im getting a mini summer2020 kind of vibe and it would be hilarious if we rocket up to SPX5000 by year end
  7. But real talk buying the ETFs XLE or XOP on the dips gives you a good sector exposure, without risk of single operator. Theres OIH if you want to buy service companies.
  8. Interesting new survey from Pew. Forward pessimism in US is high…but is right on global median. the Pew twitter account is a fun follow
  9. My kid is unquestionably the best thing i’ve ever made or had. Hard to think of more satisfying thing than when he first wakes up, rolls his head towards me, makes eye contact, and flashes a smile. Best way to start a morning. What worked really well for us is having everything already settled when we had him. I fulfilled all of my hobbies, and we had out professional lives settled, so there was no burden or compromises that we had to make e.g. career opportunity vs caretaking, or feeling like our social life was disrupted. I think that helps a ton.
  10. Im jelly. Remembered the first few times i saw it in real life it was the weirdest most repulsive thing ever. And then each subsequent time it was the coolest, most weirdly-attractive thing ever.
  11. Its totally outrageous the car cant drive autonomously through a Krogers parking lot. You should alert the NTSB.
  12. even 540i would be a nice retro cruiser https://www.ebay.com/itm/295150743821?hash=item44b85af10d:g:Y6sAAOSwjV5i8~4w
  13. Nasdaq 100 index is now +20% from its prior low. So now technically it has re-entered a 'bull market'. https://www.wsj.com/articles/global-stocks-markets-dow-update-08-10-2022-11660116855
  14. On aesthetics alone the G20 3-series I find the best of their sedan lineup, and the best design in a long time. (7 series havent been attractive since the 90s era E38, after which bangle bangle'd it)
  15. that response shows you either need more substance, or a therapist. which one's easier for you?
  16. Not sure if you you already considered it in assessment, but their reporting is supposed to have a lag of up to a quarter. Says this guy who used to actually work on the Fed's trading desk.
  17. ya'll realize tesla's auto driving assist features actually don't activate in a parking lot, and that's a test conducted by a "private" party? the US insurance institute for highway safety and the euro NCAP have the model 3 as its highest safety rated vehicle, including collision avoidance capabilities.
  18. Jordan Hall doesnt look like a high school football player. He looks like the father to some high school football players.
  19. nb: some turbochargers are spun from electricity, instead of purely exhaust gases, to reduce turbolag https://www.garrettmotion.com/electric-hybrid/garrett-e-turbo/
  20. Scene: somebody living “off the grid”, but uses iPhone to regularly check up on a college football messageboard
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