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  1. Amazon should extend credit lines to their customers. boom: instant flywheel.
  2. The world needs hotel porters who used to program ad-targeting for facebook too.
  3. Fucker squeezed +30% today and some fresh negative news put it -20% afterhour. The roller coaster continues
  4. was a bad joke, but anyway my wife says my body is pretty hot
  5. Ep3, great ep. compound is secured on all sides, active defense measures are working, nic offermans got a scoped rifle and…hes standing in the middle of the street instead of being on his rooftop or behind a window? Cmon man!
  6. “Why did you want to climb Mt Everest?” ”Because it was there” -George Mallory
  7. Update: kid has best-performing portfolio in existence.
  8. Also, Pedro Pascal plays a very similar to Prospect (2018) where hes protecting a teenage girl in a apocalyptic scifi setting
  9. Ep 2. Stuck in a building with blind zombos. Why wont they do the obvious thing that they also didn’t do in A Quiet Place: misdirect the baddies with sound. Pffffft. Children are a weird thing because took me a while to realize this teenager playing Ellie was the little kid in game of thrones. Geez.
  10. Its where you lose 100% of the money on one leg, and only 80% of the other leg, before it expires worthless. Or, both legs lose value at the same rate simultaneously.
  11. The apparently superduper politically charged statement i made a few days ago:
  12. Got a great scalp on it yesterday. Gave it all back today 😩
  13. The dryers on and the clothes are tumbling
  14. I remember reading about the growing gender gap in higher education, that females are outnumbering males in university. Females do outnumber males fairly significantly, but the gap has been flat for decades. The top universities domestic and globally all tilt towards men though.
  15. Germany has tons of crime shows but she did nazi any of them.
  16. Ive only ever seen Spongebob in memes, which are hilarious. And lately ive been playing Spongebob movies on the TV to distract my kids, and no surprise…its hilarious too.
  17. A couple of weird, unsolicited comments about liberal arts degrees. Study whatever you want. Nobody cares. Its your life. But if those people complain afterwards about the labor market and their poor job prospects….well, a mountain of longitudinal data out front should’ve told them. I’m curious how what fraction of that graph is terminal vs going onto more marketable graduate studies (law, business, etc)
  18. i think it was somebody else with a question. although i did find it interesting how the egg market isnt as consolidated as the rest of cattle/agg. and that basically #2 on down are all private companies. there must be some historical reason for that ?
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