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  1. 78% of the labor force is classified as full-time (35hr+). 22% is part-time. only 10% of which (=2% of total labor force) self-reported that they were seeking more hours. in the absolute worst-case scenario, if you removed all the multi-job respondees *exclusively* from the full-time pool, that would reduce the bona-fide full time workers to 73%. unemployment rate and multi-job worker rate are both around all-time low for as long as those data were measured. how come the hot-take boys cant seem to ever substantiate any of their claims?
  2. 🤣🤣🤣 holy fuck hot-take city. the ignoramus continuing to throw utterly BLIND CONJECTURES one after another. what is the context of how many people work two or more part-time jobs? how many people work part-time at all? how are the average hours calculated????? you know this is not some deep secret information hidden in the recesses of washington, right? its public information. you should feel stupid.
  3. you should find an internet community full of lawyers desperate for work im not sure if i know of one
  4. Feb and Mar of last year were historically low for their business. Over a longer term trend they have modest growth in volume The more concerning thing is worsening unit economics. The more EVs they sell, the more money they lose. (Is it plant expansion?) It is a matter of how long they continue to subsidize it from their traditional business. Q4 Ford traditional vehicles earned 0.8B (and steadily dropping) and Ford trucks earned 1.8B. Ford trucks is keeping the whole company afloat.
  5. When i was in school these videos got me hyped
  6. something about "sealing off the gun powder with peanut butter" just doesnt sound too scientific to me
  7. so people shooting motherfucking anvils up in the air is just a thing huh https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=anvil+firing
  8. Same. Huge fan of Phoenix, Scott, period movies, and dont mind looking at Vanessa Kirby, and this movie delivered a whole lot of nothing. I dont mind that movies arent utterly historically accurate, but it also lacked any of the compelling draw of a movie. Just played out like a made-for-TV film. This response from Scott is hilarious though
  9. Zoomers have the same home ownership rate as their age-cohorts in the past. X-Millenials dropped 8 percentage points long term, but have been regaining over the past decade.
  10. Man, its crazy you can just make a statement about the price of goods and vehicles and completely ignore the actual price of goods and vehicles as measured nationally by the govt. Guy is on some Birdbox shit.
  11. A person can look at this and say, maybe if the red line gets decomposed into 80-90 & 90-100, that 2nd subgroup actually shot up at the expense of the 1st, but the data isnt available in deciles (or smaller). And also the point still absolutely stands. If you’re in the 80-90 and rising, but your problem is the 90-100 rose more quickly…thats just petty jealousy. And the crux behind lots of peoples psychology here.
  12. What precisely makes up of this middle class that you base your post on? It gets boring relitigating stuff from pages ago, but the *median* household has more money, in *real terms*, than ever before. The lower middle (2nd lowest quintile) has more money, in real terms, than ever before. The official US Census’ poverty rate has stayed flat around 11% for forever. World Bank has Germany at 16%, Sweden at 16%, Netherlands at 14%, Switzerland at 16%. (They use slightly different criteria but the aim of the metric is similar). So what it comes down to is that people in the US at all income classes are doing better and better relative to the living costs….but you claim its bad because they *might not* be improving *as fast* as the upper upper upper classes? That is a really fucked up toxic belief. Like, if im a orthopedic surgeon and “quite rich”, its terrible because jeff bezos the billionaire is way richer? Thats not broken economics, thats broken psychology. ** also lookie here and give me your thoughts.
  13. Ok, its all superficially correct and even agreeable, but is there any substantive or are we just gonna lean on superlatives as adjectives? Whats low about these medians? How low exactly is this low? Just saying “low is bad” is a fun tautology
  14. ‘Dudes used to shovel a ton of gravel from a quarry and afford a 5 bedroom house and annual trips to Paris, and now they cant’ Like, maybe, todays market demands another job that is as or more economically productive and pays the dude commensurately and having fewer dudes shoveling gravel is a good thing.
  15. Fixating on a specific of job is wrong. Jobs change as the market change. I sit with my laptop at home doing emails and paid amply for it. This job wouldnt have been available to someone like me decades ago, and this job might be worth nothing decades from now. But there might be another job for my abilities providing my lifestyle If you are concerned about the poorer ranks, look at the poorer ranks, instead of the job. So serious Q: how large is this poorer rank, supposedly? how has that size changed over the years? how does it compare to other admirable places in the world?
  16. positive price discovery in the labor market, triggered by the individual workers initiative/prerogative. its beautiful. just as yahweh would have wanted.
  17. Brisket works in law, i think. In that occupation, nonunion employees significantly outearn union (“or similar employee association”) employees. As is the case in industry of computers, finance, professional services, etc. Unions are most prevalent in the lower-skilled industries or occupation like utilities, warehousing, etc. It works where it’s needed 🤷‍♂️. I dont think brisket would want it for himself.
  18. What exactly did you think my point was? vs Briskets or Hayden?
  19. Why dont other greedy companies come in and scoop up this undervalued labor then? Does the unemployment rate show an employers market or a workers market?
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