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  1. even the guy the cow was chasing got pissed off
  2. jesus christ those people really fell off since the american war of independence
  3. When I'm in a screening at a public theater, I always have a picture of it taken by a 3rd party, and the theater is always lit
  4. another weird thing the fucking english do where they dont pronounce some middle syllables such as when 'leicester' becomes 'lester'
  5. Saving this line for when i turn 70
  6. sorry im cheating here because i have a local bakery company that sells these as frozen neapolitan dough balls and they come out awesome for me without mess. previously i experimented with various recipes and had problem with the rise, the handling, or hydration (chronicled upthread). i tried ooni's classic dough, vito iacopelli's various methods, staedler's, but probably the most successful with from gennaro:
  7. architect's renderof the final installation
  8. will the television networks broadcast pitbull's much-heralded performance to open the season?
  9. Company-mandated Windows Updates policy is wrecking all of our computers. All of these items the computer have already installed multiple times in the previous days. By the way, its so cool we have components from Intel, INTEL, Intel Corporation, and Intel(R) Corporation. Maybe Apple's walled garden doesn't look so bad.
  10. hand stretch. that was my biggest hurdle , next to temp management in the koda 12. i finally got the technique down to this: 1. use all fingers to press dough ball roughly flat (looks like a focaccia) 2. sandwich dough flat between palms and flick palms left and right to sling the edges of the dough outwards. rotate the dough and keep flicking so it stretches in rough circular shape. 3. once its too large to manage with palm technique, drape the pie across both fists for the final stretch previously when i was trying to pull the the pie flat on the board or do the steering wheel technique the pie would tear in many places. doing the above ensures i never have excess fingertip pressure on any part of the pie.
  11. Marg + bacon + shallots + fine sprinkle of grana padano
  12. i bought a pizza-turning peel (the small circle one) and it makes all the goddamn difference in the world. no more pulling the pizza out, rotating it on the peel, and sliding it back in. just rotate the pie in-place.
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