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  1. Maldy may be able to help bring him around. I’m optimistic. Not sure why
  2. I left 2 years ago and no plan on going back to Texas. Wife and I got our U.K. passports in 2011 so was always the plan to get back to London. It just took a bit longer than planned when we moved back in 2020. Is London forever? Maybe, maybe not, but Texas is no longer on the radar. And the longer we live here, most of the US won’t be either. Although we do talk about Santa Fe or San Diego at times.
  3. No kidding. I’d kill for 200 in London
  4. Or not done. The story is changing by the hour over here.
  5. The winds are more than blowing, I think it’s done. Dave may not be headed to Barca now though. Feel bad for him but helps us.
  6. The secondary market is very difficult. In the past, I used our hotel concierge to get tickets.
  7. They released it because they knew they were going to sign him. Fuck
  8. Thought you weren’t watching. Fucking clown
  9. Because it’s really hard to talk trash when you keep getting the shit kicked out of you over and over? He just resorts to being a little bitch.
  10. These two arrived today. In great condition and feeling very good about the swap with the others I no longer wore.
  11. Well, that’s a bizarre comparison. Not trying to bring solace or show lack of sympathy. It’s just a fact - it cools off in 24 hours….
  12. It’s hot as shit here right now, 97f at 7pm now. Tomorrow will be hotter. I’m lucky in that my office has great air con and at home we have 2 portable units for the living room and bedroom. It’s actually not bad for us but lots of people are uncomfortable now. Will all be over in 24 hours though.
  13. Bought tickets to Springsteen in Hyde Park last week. Damn, July 6 2023 seems like a long fucking wait.
  14. Haven’t flown a ton out of London this year but have been to Marrakech, Croatia, Romania 2x, Dublin and Stockholm. Most for pleasure, some for business, and it’s been fine. A few long security lines (70 minutes) in my one flight out of Gatwick but otherwise manageable. Not as easy as pre-Covid times, but not as dramatic as the news makes it sound. But….you have to be very careful traveling around the school holidays/half terms here. That’s when it really goes to shit.
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