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  1. I meant during the past three years, given how quiet the thread has been. But there have been a bunch of openings/revampings, and visitors are back, so lots going on. Oh, and the Presidio Tunnel Tops project is done, a new park that connects the mall to Crissy Field IMO, the best in the city right now besides the tasting menu scene (these are mostly COVID-era openings): Mijote is a tasting menu (sorry) but this is my favorite place in the city at the moment. It’s a steal at $80pp right now and the wine list is like 40% above retail; they are super ambitious and they will get a star next year and prices will spike up, so we’ve been going as much as possible. San Ho Wan is Corey Lee’s (Benu) Korean BBQ spot. Probably the best dining experience we’ve had in some time, but as a warning it is a ton of food. They just got their first star so reservations are pretty backed up. Ernest is very raw bar/seafood focused. Always get whatever riff in uni carbonara they are doing. Anchovy Bar is part of The Progress/State Bird. All seafood, basically an upscale version of Swan. Good Good Culture Club is a pan-Asian concept from the Liho folks. Liholiho Yacht Club is back! Heard they had some hiccups at first, but we went last week and it was great. My favorite overall spot and was our last dinner before the shutdown, so was great to be back. Mister Jiu’s is still going very strong. Its upstairs bar, Moongate Lounge, opened right before COVID and has great drinks/snacks. Nari is Thai and still going very strong as well. Penny Roma is a casual pasta spot from the Flour+Water folks. True Laurel is a bar, but it’s Lazy Bear’s bar and has incredible food (and drinks). Handroll Project is, well, great hand rolls. From the Ju-Ni people. Casual favorites off the top of my head, from east to west: Sotte Mare is a classic, but Betty Lou’s was started by a former cook and imo has better food (North Beach). Z&Y for Szechuan, Bund Cafe for xiao long bao, Capitol for wings (Chinatown). Swan Oyster update: they have a parklet now, so the line is slightly faster. Taqueria el Farolito for Mission-style burritos, Panchita’s for pupusas, Tacos el Patron for birria (Mission). Dumpling Home and Fig & Thistle for pizza (Hayes). Automat for pastries and sandwiches (Nopa) Arsicault and Breadbelly for pastries (Inner Richmond). Good Luck Dim Sum, Dragon Beaux, Dumpling Alley for dumplings (Richmond). Honestly that whole stretch of Clement is one of the best food areas in the city. Burma Superstar is a classic as well. San Tung for wings, Thanh Long for whole Dungeness crab and garlic noodles, Queens for Korean snacks…you can’t go wrong on Irving. Palm City for hoagies, Hook for fish tacos. Good beach provisions (Outer Sunset). Oh, and Old Mandarin Islamic is way out there, but worth the drive if you like spicy.
  2. I went to Epic a few months ago for a birthday and it was..ok? Not an area I go to unless for business. HOPR is an S.F. treasure. As @AnotherUTFan mentioned reservations can take months but we live three blocks away and go wait for the bar. I’ll update the thread with my current thoughts on dining/drinking in the city if y’all are interested, I just don’t get the sense anyone visits here so I haven’t bothered.
  3. Well, they are planned for SFH. I know SFH = ownership is a Texas mindset, but that’s not the case in HCOL areas and unfortunately may increase. I just take the opposite view of the situation. That investors see yield in affordable SFH gives up the whole game - there’s scarcity because we haven’t built enough housing, and in much of the country that’s primarily due to decades of regulatory obstruction of development. I see this and think it’s a shame that many folks are priced out of starter homes in the Houston exurbs, but I don’t see anything wrong with it.
  4. Yeah how are those different than apartments? Private development isn’t denying home ownership, failure to build enough housing is.
  5. We’reTexas


    SIAP, hadn’t seen this yet.
  6. Oh she is real. SFFD had an amazing clap back:
  7. Never forget this classic (and we’re taking a cab!):
  8. I think risk mitigation would be the better approach. NYC’s safe injection sites seem to have had success with averting overdoses (and I think NYC will provide free Narcan kits to bars/clubs?).
  9. I’ve only seen nasal spray but maybe? Not really into the drug game so don’t look very closely.
  10. Oh great. We didn’t appreciate how big Crete was until we got there - we stayed in Chania and just were not in the mood to drive to Heraklion. Smart move to stay by your priorities.
  11. Yes, becoming common in hipper bars/restaurants where I live, along with Narcan.
  12. Long story short, most is lost to groundwater but these storms are the still the state’s largest source of water via the snowpack (which is generally 2x larger right now than usual this time of year) Sorry for everyone who had to cancel trips, this sucks.
  13. Yes, but more rain during the weekend unfortunately.
  14. That’s almost four hours away, I consider those different trips. But Cambria is a really cool little town. Lodging is pretty modest, but tbf we just stay at something cheap as we are driving through. But if you are staying in the area I have to toss out the Madonna Inn, just cuz.
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