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  1. Yes, I think so. Abstinence as a policy approach didn’t work with AIDS (or COVID either). Little puzzled by the insinuation on this thread that the gays don’t care - was at a coworker’s bday in the Castro last weekend and it was all they talked about. Folks are waiting nine hours in line for a shot and not using communal laundry. Really just a matter of vaccine supply.
  2. La Onda, IMO. Have had three bottles of this and Dani’s cab/Syrah blend is the most memorable wine I’ve had this year. Epic for only 13%. Sky, old school mountain zin. Grower champagne, imo.
  3. One of the great things about the Italian wine scene is that natural winemaking techniques and indigenous varietals have always been around. COS, Arpepe, etc are legends and still influential today. I don’t really focus on grapes, but Pelaverga has become a hot varietal among the somm set as a grape very expressive of Piedmont but for good value. Look for Burlotto, Scarpa and Verduno.
  4. My two favorite producers are Martha Stoumen, who I think makes extremely expressive but fun wines primarily sourced from Mendo, and Dani Rozman, who under his current project La Onda is doing incredible stuff in North Yuba with cab and Syrah. Frenchtown Farms, also in North Yuba, is doing incredible stuff up there as well, which is impressive considering how hard it is to farm there. They work with Gideon Beinstock, of Renaissance fame and currently making wine under the Clos Saron label. Others include Jolie Laide (they sort operate with Martha out of Pax Mahle’s winery in Sebastopol, which has begun producing excellent Northern Rhône-style syrah in its own right), Stagiare, Minus Tide, Les Lunes, Stirm (great Riesling), Dunites (syrah), Augur (syrah), Idlewild (Italian varietals), Scar of the Sea, and Emme Wines. They are all sort of the American reaction to the French glou glou scene, but much more balanced. Others have been around for a while of course, like Broc and Michael Cruse, but these shops have all gotten started up within the past five years or so.
  5. Well, imo California is the most exciting place in wine right with its new wave of young producers who are basically anti-Parker. You can use about anything to saber - I’ve used an iPhone. Just need a blunt edge.
  6. Huge TOTC for Chris Hannah. Best US bartender and Jewel best restaurant bar.
  7. And you can be drinking Pliny in five minutes.
  8. I mean, he did a lot of damage to wine. The point system certainly helped consumers but was bad in the long run. LOL at decent Bordeaux under $50 these days because of it.
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