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  1. G650


    Basically an evergreen statement
  2. Hot Band was fucking insane. James Burton, Rodney Crowell, even damn Ricky Skaggs
  3. That's one of those moments I will remember forever
  4. We actually weren't late enough, we planned on being 20 secs or so late. Thankfully we were able to thread the needle as that shit was white knuckle for a minute. Everyone knew this start was gonna be a car crash at the boat end because of wind direction. We had several 70 footers in the class, plus two 52s, and we were sticking with the J2 to get height off the line for awhile before launching the A0. So the plan was sag late and come of the line clear behind as those guys would roll us regardless. About 2 minutes to go it looked like those guys were dicking each other at the leeward end so we kind of powered up. Those guys ended up getting down the line a bit further than it seemed like they would and made it a bit hairy. I knew the HH42 was going to bear off though, he had his zero teed up, the 52 was just holding him up. Once the gun went off they were all heading down. Still maybe cleared the outboards by a couple feet at 10 knots lol. My buddy shooting the video said he told them they should have made the pin the windward end of the line, that would have been a lot safer, you could bail out if you didn't make it. I bet they at least put a little red ball out as a keep off next time though...
  5. Had a nice race down in South Florida last Friday, Miami to Palm Beach. Middling result but was a nice day at least. There was a pretty good photog on the finish end getting shots. Also a buddy of mine was doing the start on the live stream. Gets interesting around 1 minute mark. https://www.facebook.com/sorcsailing/videos/3824543584498949
  6. It has nothing to do with should or shouldn't. FCS teams don't have the same disparity as FBS teams, that is the difference. But don't misunderstand me, I have been a playoff proponent since the 90's. It will take getting to the 12 team next year to finally realize a semblance of that goal because 4 teams doesn't capture every conference. The thing people need to understand though is that it will fundamentally make college football a different sport than it has been for 100+ years. FWIW I honestly can't recall an undefeated blue blood being kept out.
  7. Because it's a wholly different thing than FBS football
  8. The sport of college football is a beauty contest. That's literally the sport. It has nothing to do with how it's run (and it's clearly plenty fucked up how it's being run). Anyone that thinks otherwise is just deluding themselves.
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