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  1. I was definitely a hater, but I kind of grew to respect him later in his career. I was at Budds Creek for the MXoN in 2007, his last race, and seeing how fast he was in person was staggering. He had to give up his gate to Villopoto in the first moto, got wiped out at the start, then proceeded to pass everyone but two dudes.
  2. They has a symbiotic relationship for sure.
  3. G650

    RIP Bobby Tench

    Haven't seen this reported anywhere else, but sad if true. Dude was crazy versatile. https://dmme.net/bobby-tench-departed-for-better-world/
  4. I love some cars too obviously. Only so many hours in the day unfortunately
  5. One thing I can say is there is not a lot of sitting still when racing boats. It's a pretty much constant movement to keep weight in the right place to the point of annoyance almost if you weren't focused on winning. One thing I am actually a little ambivalent about is modern raceboats are requiring an athleticism to a degree that is almost becoming disqualifying for a good number of people and I'm not sure that is a good thing. The thing about sailing that I think needs to be experienced to really get is the sheer power of harnessing nature, the wind and the waves. The loads can be extremely high, thousands and even tens of thousands of pounds on lines. Its a lot of technique and knowledge to manage them, you can't just brute force it. The knock on from that is its a lot more intense, going 10 knots in a sailboat is like 20 in a powerboat. Going 20 is like 50 in a powerboat. And when you are going 20, that is in conditions and sea state that is starting to get pretty hairy.
  6. That is badass my friend, I'm pumped for you!
  7. What did you sail today troph? Heading to Ft Lauderdale Wednesday for KW race, looking forward to some warm weather and getting on the water.
  8. Right on. I honestly haven't looked in ages, once I lost interest I quit paying attention, so I'm out of touch on them. They were probably like 125 the last time I checked. On the plus side for atxracer, he saved some money over the 707 at least.
  9. Can you get a G Wagen for 200 these days
  10. Yeah, I think just the ubiquitousness of them now is probably the main thing. They used to be much more of a novelty. Surprised she didn't like the front end of the Aston, to me they are by far the prettiest. Related funny story, my previous DBX had been here for about a week, and my wife had been griping about spending so much on a car, and she walked by tye front window, paused, and goes, "that is a damn good looking car". May be the biggest win of my marriage lol.
  11. I really wanted a G Wagen for the longest time, and then one day I just didn't anymore.
  12. Brian Wilson is a titan. I feel for all the anguish he has gone through, I too hope it is as peaceful as possible
  13. Vuelta lineup announced. https://www.lavuelta.es/en/news/2024/la-vuelta-24-teams-selection/40850 Not sure if anyone has been keeping up, but it's pretty wild over at the Ruta de Sol. All stages cancelled except for a TT today, farmers protests have taken so much of the Guardia Civil they don't have enough to man the race.
  14. Box full of Campy just arrived
  15. Accurate. In hindsight we may have been a bit off.
  16. Fuck it, not worth the drama.
  17. Yeah, I was trying to figure out the spindle size though. @Jiggy-Z, unfortunately it looks like you have the full MTB style DUB, and the PM is a regular old GXP SRAM.
  18. Is it GXP or BB30 for the bottom bracket?
  19. I'm trying to remember if we even had a horn player. I would think in high school we had to have, but I can't remember for the life of me who it would have been.
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