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  1. Sounds like you were in the right frame of mind to me.
  2. G650

    That guitar tone

    What is the creep and clown comment about Richrath? Outside of his addiction issues, I've never heard anything bad about him. Are you serious Clark? Richrath is famous for being one of the biggest dickheads in music.
  3. https://guitars.com/inventory/eb7196-1960-gibson-les-paul-standard
  4. When you gonna update us about that new Tony MacAlpine shred
  5. That's probably in the ballpark for a late 60s ES, but this one has a neck reset which would worry me.
  6. Dude Spin Doctors were great. Eric Schenkmann is a legit guitar dude.
  7. I can't believe yall are omitting the one Extreme song that isn't totally horrid, Hole Hearted. Also known as To Be With You, the prequel.
  8. It's really not any more complicated than that.
  9. Ha, not quite yet, got a year to go. I think we are probably about the same age. But I mean Blinks heyday was our teens and twenties so I have no idea where he is going with that lol.
  10. G650

    RIP - Spot

    Whoa, holy shit. RIP. Dude made the sound of a generation.
  11. I gotta be honest, I haven't listened to it in a long time, so I may be off. But I really liked it when it came out.
  12. Roots is definitely their best imo. The first Soulfly album I think is even better.
  13. G650

    RIP - Jim Gordon

    Dude had an unfortunate life. RIP
  14. Anyone who lived through the 90s got force fed Edge is the greatest thing ever 24/7.
  15. Silver Jubilee ftw.
  16. The Edge is massively overrated and Bono is annoying. Mullen and Clayton are a ridiculously good rhythm section though.
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