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  1. Mack Brown is mediocre at UNC. Charlie Strong is a position coach now. Herman actually could have been great but he went mental, banged Kendra, and now calls AAC games on Tuesday nights. Sark, break the curse!!!
  2. Well, we just hired a recovering alcoholic in Sark. It’s all about getting admitted to the Nick Saban institute of coaching rehabilitation special analyst program at Alabama.
  3. Just get an aftermarket backup camera or a portable trailering camera.
  4. If Hudson Card is named the starter for game 1, the entire board will realize that the burnt orange IT kool-aide they've been drinking was spiked harder than the shit at Jonestown. But at least that kool-aide ended quickly with death. This shit just makes you vomit mediocrity and false hope for 10 more years.
  5. Agree on that last sentence. I've been completely unimpressed with everything this team has been doing since the Kawhi debacle. The defense has been shit for awhile, and a lot of that is on the coaches. The roster has been absolute shit for awhile now, and that's on the front office. When this team is in full tank mode, no one is going to go to the games and the team will really struggle financially. That's the excuse they'll use to pull the trigger and move it to Austin, which is what I think the longer term plan has been for a few years now.
  6. Green Mountain - Jim Bowie Model - Pellet Smoker. It's the big one. Works great and is about 4-5 years old. It has wifi. $200 and you pick it up. It's the older version of this https://greenmountaingrills.com/support/peak/ Master Forge - Big ass grill - Gas. I replaced a lot of the innards, but I just don't use it. It's probably 8 years old now. It works pretty well. $75 and you pick it up. $100 if you want a propane tank, too. DM me if you're interested. Prices are firm.
  7. I would also add “do your players know what to do and where to be?”
  8. Day 1 - Tired (5) Day 2 - Extremely tired, cough, congestion, aches (3) Day 3 - milder version of day 2 (6) Day 4 - like having seasonal allergies (8). Felt good enough to get in the pool and wrestle with the kid, although that exhausted me and put me in bed the rest of the day Day 5 - feels like a 3 beer hangover (9) My little guy is bouncing off the wall. He got over it completely in two days. He has extreme cabin fever, though.
  9. My band uses Apple’s Logic program for recording because it’s easy and we all have macs. We share the Logic project files in Dropbox. So typically, one guy starts something, saves it in Dropbox, we talk about it on a zoom, and everyone adds their parts. We are also going to start using Slack to keep us more organized.
  10. I have the covids. Exhausted, eyes hurt a little, and some congestion. Hoping this crap goes away fast. I think the youngest has it, too.
  11. This has to be the hottest summer in my lifetime. Completely unbearable or sustainable. We might have some serious water issues this fall.
  12. Come on, we all know the answer:
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