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  1. Did Kevin Dinn quit the Everyone Gets a Trophy Pod?
  2. Who knew driving 5 hours south would result in an almost 20 degree temperature drop?
  3. I am requiring my team to come in one day per week. You would think I asked some of them to sacrifice their first born to the sun god. A few others were actually excited that they’d get to collaborate with their teammates. The differences in reaction did not have a demo component. I really value letting people work from home. It’s better for their stress and their efficiency. It’s also easier on their families. However, there’s a void that grows when people lose that sense of team and friendship with their coworkers. That’s why I settled on one day. I even let them come in later and leave earlier to avoid traffic. It seems to be working for now, and allowing 4/5 wfh is actually helping my retention.
  4. I think I’ve seen that guy flying over lake LBJ several times.
  5. NoRagrets

    2022 Drunk Thread

    I can’t find my tequila and limes, and all I have is cheap light beer…
  6. No Ragrets, that’s my creedo.
  7. I just bought a Weber gen 2 smokfire. Let’s just say I’m ready to return it after 1 day. I’ve never been so infuriated while grilling. This is how today went. Wife picks up meat from central market while I pick up the grill. light it up. It gets to temp fast. I burn it off at 600* for about 30 minutes. Cool it down. Put meat on and insert one of the probes that came with it. All is good. Go to flip the meat. Close the lid. And the temp just keeps dropping. Flame out, I presume. So I take it all apart. Clean it. Start it back up. Same damn thing happens. My wife is mad at me because I bought a lemon, my kids are mad at me because they’re hungry, and I’m mad at me for believing Weber fixed all of their issues with the gen 2 model.
  8. Absolutely terrible interview by Jimbo. Acts like a buffoon conspiracy nut.
  9. I think Kim is just fine. When they showed Jimmy’s mansion being raided by the feds, there were women’s clothes and such. My guess is she keeps doing her legal aid thing while Jimmy rakes in the cartel money. He vacuum repairs but she doesn’t have to because she’s clean. That’s my guess.
  10. I need help with big rigs - towing companies really don’t want to tow them because someone could be sleeping in the cab or something, so it’s a liability issue.
  11. Sushi is amazing, but agree on ambiance.
  12. Because that’s what most of us think of when we think of magic. They wanted to say “yes, that was a huge deal, but here’s what his life was like 10 years before that.”
  13. Gus clearly setting a trap in the lab just in case. Kim and Jimmy setting a trap for Howard. Thats the show at this point. Honestly it is still awesome, but damn I miss the nacho and mike storylines. Mike’s origin story episode many season ago was mind blowing to me. And Nacho is just such a badass.
  14. Fair, but Big Spring sounds better than Big Shithole.
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