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  1. Agree. I was a hater. Thought they were just for the duck dynasty crowd. Then they came back in style with the teenagers (of which I have one). He bought me a pair and the rest is history. I wish they made a loafer. Best shoes ever.
  2. Sato is by far my favorite character. He’s going to have to get his hands dirty at some point with the new wildcard capo. Love the setup.
  3. I’ve called in reinforcements. An actual plumber. He thinks it might be an abandoned line that is coming out of the house, not into it. I hope he’s right!
  4. Script was weak. Acting was great. CGI was awful.
  5. Fix one by the meter. Fix two 25 yards away under the driveway. You can see where the new leak popped up after we fixed leak 2. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
  6. I noticed a leak in October. Plumbers were crazy expensive so I fixed it with a friend. Turn back on the water, still a leak. Call a leak detector. Open up the driveway and cap it. Turn back on the water, another leak. Weird thing, last one was an open 2 inch line of freshwater. When we capped it, it started or we noticed another leak a few feet up, but under a compressor so can’t get to it. Hunch is it was plugged and abandoned when the previous owner put in a water softener. I’m beyond frustrated. Plumber coming tomorrow. Hopefully he can loop around it or something and this nightmare will be over. Last water bill was $1100…
  7. Paying a lot for bad seats To see Pearl Jam in Vegas. Worth it.
  8. Got the doors off just in time for this beautiful afternoon. Took me awhile (30 minutes?), but I know what I’m doing now. Still, the roof was way easier. I think I am down to about 5-10 minutes depending on how good my helpers (kids) are.
  9. I got a Stanley cup for Christmas. I don’t get the hype. It’s nice, but other than the straw, how’s it different from yeti?
  10. I tried Mathew McC’s Pantalones the other day. Very good.
  11. Where did the tongue come from again? Agree that this season was stupid as shit. I even hated the location. Like how does everyone not know everyone in a tiny little village in Alaska?
  12. So, I have my eye on one that has a manual. Apparently they explode from time to time.
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