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  1. First time here and I may regret it . Did a search and could not find this linked, but the outage may have borked search. Hartman as Trump in 1990. The more things change the more they stay the same.
  2. Thanks for the head's up - fixed my post. My conclusions are still valid, lucky for me
  3. It is a defensible draw, given RPI: Aggy (2), LaLa (38), Texas (42), Grambling (236). Some random computer rankings: Sonny Moore: https://sonnymoorepowerratings.com/cbase.htm Aggy (5), LaLa (42), Texas (22), Grambling (242) Massey: https://masseyratings.com/cbase/ratings Aggy (3), LaLa (47), Texas (30), Grambling (712) Talisman Red: https://talismanred.com/ratings/baseball/ Aggy (2), LaLa (39), Texas (29), Grambling (290) Consensus computer rankings show Texas is the #2 team in the region, despite the relatively poor performance against Q4. Fixed - originally had LaTech by mistake - fortunately, the points still stand.
  4. Patterson was hired in Nov 2013, and his short list to replace Brown included Shaw, Franklin, and Strong. Having to suffer and wander in the wilderness through the Strong and Herman years is actually better than having hired Franklin.
  5. Fisher's teams had Steve McNair from 1995-2005. When McNair started, the team was 76-55 (58%). When McNair did not start: 20-25 (44%). He had Vince Young from 2006-2010. When Young started, the team record was 30-17 (64%). When Young did not start: 15-18 (45%). Not coincidentally, a 44%-45% win percentage yields.... 7-9. Fisher rose through the ranks because of his affiliation with and endorsement of Buddy Ryan. In his position coach and coordinator roles, his groups produced. Guys stick around for so long because of familiarity and hope. And management's fear that the next guy might be worse. That said, middling coaches could have gotten similar results with the personnel he had. Here's a random selection of some of the players he had on his winningest teams: 1999 (13-3) - McNair, Jevon Kearse (1st round pick),Matthews, Wycheck, George, Rolle, Bishop, Mason 2000 (13-3) - Everyone above, add Keith Bulluck (1st rd pick). 2002 (11-5) - Similar to 2000, add Kevin Carter in 2001, Albert Haynesworth (1st rd pick) 2003 (12-4) - similar to 2002. (note the DL, like in 2002, contained Kearse, Carter, and Haynesworth) 2007 (10-6) - Young, Vandenbosch, Haynesworth, Mawae, Bulluck, Mike Griffin (1st rd pick) 2008 (13-3) - Chris Johnson (1st rd pick), Young, Kerry Collins, Griffin, Mawae, Haynesworth, etc. 2008 was the year Young got hurt and Fisher decided to stick with Collins. They finished 13-3, which helped Fisher convince himself that he was the reason (not the players). Note that the above 15-18 "When Young did not start" includes the magical 12-3 from Kerry Collins. I typed all of that to say, "F Jeff Fisher."
  6. Agree w/ Zelle over Venmo. However, not all banks or credit unions have access to Zelle.
  7. Where can I convert my silver certificates to savings bonds? Attempt at anachronism humor. These days, the only time I write checks is when I am prepared to hand them directly to the payee. In many cases, it is written to a contractor, who will take it to a bank or check cashing service so he/she does not have to declare it. In most cases, even these folks have evolved to Zelle and Venmo. I do all CC payments online on the due date - electronic payment. Glad it worked out OK for you.
  8. I was normally a loud-mouth during the game. And would have a quick moment of self-reflection and say, "WTF, boilerhorn, these guys know more than you do and are closer to the action..." I was always willing to volunteer as timer, spotter, etc., as it got me even closer to the game - and helped with my inability to shut up My 2 boys (10 years apaprt) did not play for LT, but did play against them. Do not want to self-dox - yet
  9. Yup. Garrigan was a really good coach, but I am sure you know the rest. Loda was OK, but a in an little over his head. Bok was a pendulum swing. Bringing “adults” back into the fold. Kudos to the players/leadership for this direction.
  10. > 0% chance I said you made an improper call when you were a ref. I apologize.
  11. My son played for Texas LAX for all 4 years. On darn near all of his teams, he had D1 transfers. Basically, these were guys who were really freaking good and asked themselves, “Why am I living in a 20k person town that has 18 hours of dark and rain in the winter? And for LAX?” And the women at UT. He asserts that Hartzell would have taken most of his teams really far.
  12. Spring, Fall, and Summer in Portland (and its suburbs) almost make the winters worth it. As a matter of fact, the above can be said for *many* places in the Pacific NW and the northern Midwest. But, the winters fucking suck - you just have to survive.
  13. 2 good points here. The low-tax-state issue has always been a ruse. It's far more profound now that properties in Austin, Houston, etc. are no longer as affordable and accessible as before. A quick number-crunch... A $500k home is accessible to someone with a bit of a down payment and earning around $150k per year. A 2.5% property tax rate yields property $12500 per year. That's equivalent to an 8.3% income tax. Many other "high tax" states have 1% property taxes, so the effective difference yields a tax of $7500, or 5%. That's on par with moderately taxed states. Once that $500k house gets to $800k (like many around Austin did), the relative tax becomes around 8%. Texas is not "low tax." Water - agree. 55% is for farm irrigation. 31% for municipalities. 7% manufacturing. Power, mining, and livestock take up the remaining 7%. Worst case, watering lawns uses up 1/2 of municipalities, and only at peak times.
  14. Up until around 3 years ago, I appealed every year. I viewed it as holding the CAD to account. In almost every case, I was successful. A friend in real estate would provide comps. I'd meet w/ a CAD employee who'd bring up the data that they were using for comps. I'd share mine and they'd agree w/ mine. In one specific case, the CAD employee pushed a function key and the data was re-populated, resulting in a 15% reduction. Ok. In 2019 (I believe), the informal appeal failed and I did the formal appeal. Everything described previously was accurate. 3 octogenarians and a CAD employee are with you in a room. You present your position, the CAD employee refutes it using every manner of poor reasoning. "Mr. Boilerhorn appeals every year. He has a nice yard. Blah." I cannot respond, "Of course I appeal every year. People who do not are not holding you accountable." I was able to get a 15% functional obsolescence on my home because of it relative to homes in neighborhood. One of the panel said, "I do not understand one bit of Mr. Boilerhorn's math, so I side with the CAD." My math was basic price/Sq.Ft. as a function of Sq.Ft. My home is larger than others in the community; the previous metric was fairly linear - except for my house. A few years back, I called one of the "pros" for consulting. He said, "I can make more money focusing 30 minutes on appeals than you can pay me to consult. But since you are on the phone..." It was enlightening, but I did not really learn that much. He did say that he (and darn near all of the other "Pro" tax appealers) formerly worked for TCAD. They know everyone there and they know the process. I had already figured there was some sort of positive relationship. in 2012 (or so) I saw one of the Pro appeals guys show up with 4 file boxes on a dolly. He was greeted cheerfully, shake hands with a few people, etc. I found that interesting. Also, your file is one of thousands he'll handle. You'll likely do a more thorough job and you'll definitely care more about the outcome.
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