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  1. We are supposed to get briefed on that by the company. I don’t have much in the way of details yet. Neither of them will be in my first due but we will be responding to one if it does catch fire.
  2. There are multiple battery facilities getting built in Texas. There are two going through the approval process in Henderson County right now.
  3. This will not go away. It was already a main talking point that registers with people. Not it is “written” by someone and it will be used again and again and every time Biden does one of his typical gaffes. Republicans know how to message. Democrats know how to step on their own dicks. Over and over. Fuck CNN is even making a huge issue of this. Trump drives ratings and that is what is going to matter. Journalism is dead.
  4. Oh yeah. He has become the greatest journalist that has ever lived. Amazing.
  5. No need to he would swallow every last drop.
  6. The dumb big hair NJ sluts who didn't get in to Maryland used to arrive in packs at Salisbury University.
  7. The LAH program is good. My daughter is graduating in May (a year early) and she has enjoyed the classes and the overall smaller class sizes. Next up Law School. She has a chance at UT but more than likely will end up at A&M.
  8. Well after several years clean this damn stomach virus got me. Dry heaving released my butt control and I felt a little squirt out. FML.
  9. There have been so many stupid events it is impossible to remember them all and yet the cult just sucks it up. We are fucked as humans. I feel like the human brain is regressing.
  10. Poor Trumpy needs his safe place.
  11. I’m sure it’s a video of Graham sucking dick.
  12. Yes it is my pic from the Renaissance Hotel by DCA. The one thing that kept me in check was the fact I was with one of my customers. I really wanted to walk up and act like I was going to shake his hand and call him a fucking traitor directly to his face. I sent this pic to my wife and she asked if she needed to get bail money ready. LOL
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