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  1. Hey @Armybrat the guy who was written stuff down in your first picture said you were very nice and he hoped you all were happy with their service. You are going to ruin our asshole branding by being that nice.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving bitches.
  3. I hope she is OK. I know some of those guys.
  4. I wonder how many Ecuadoreans end up in prison today, just because.
  5. Fuck yeah! We needed a good win. Next up, Army.
  6. Exactly this. Such bullshit. I was always nervous when I was dealing with TS materials that I would fuck something up and get hammered.
  7. Well I read on Twitter earlier today that the Republican's are against sending more money to Ukraine because it is just a money laundering operation by Hunter and Joe Biden.
  8. Yes. What they do if pretty coordinated. I have sat in a multiple safety briefs and they usually do the same basic show over and over at different locations. I think this was simple pilot error by the P-63 pilot.
  9. Ok you are obviously correct and know it all. How many hours do you have in a plane? How about flying formation?
  10. No but he has an ass load of time on low wing planes like it.
  11. The guy flying the P-63 had over 34,000 hours of flight time. He performs formation flying all of the time with Tora, Tora, Tora. He appears to have fucked up badly. I would not blame it on a proficiency in aircraft model issue. From one thing that I have read I think he was supposed to join up with the B-17. That happened so fast that the airboss couldn't have prevented it.
  12. FAA members sit in on the pilots safety brief and FAA members watch everything that is going on. Our air show is a little more interesting as it is over the water and we have to deal with boaters and people on jet skis making sure they stay out of the aerobatic box area.
  13. They are all on the same frequency and there is an airboss. There were a lot of planes in the air when this occurred. I wonder if the P-63 was trying to join up on the B-17 and loss SA.
  14. That was also the home base for both aircraft so you know there were multiple families there who witnessed the midair.
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