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  1. Good luck. It’s tough with the emotions you mention including bouts of guilt in that you’re abandoning your mom. You’re not but I felt that from time to time. Dementia is difficult for all involved.
  2. If I can offer any advice from the other side, look to get your mom in a place sooner than later. I understand wanting to hold off as long as possible but you also want her in a situation where she can thrive. The same for your dad in that I bet most of his day is caring for her. My mom and I held off in her moving into assisted living for too long. By the time she got there, she was basically too far gone to want to participate in the social activities. as for dementia, there are sone medications that can provides short term benefits for some patients. Aricept is one that really helped my mom. Not to mention that it was cheap.
  3. That would appear to be a bad sign if she’s having to seek out care at MD Anderson at this point.
  4. I don’t see him having a bright future. He’s not even at the intelligence level of boebert or MTG. He will soon fade from memory of the far right. There’s no doubt in my mind that he will only make the news in being arrested for shoplifting or some other low level crime.
  5. Outrage sells. CNN or MSNBC is ok if their interviewees piss off the viewers. We're sharing links and videos of Carson and Cruz refusing to be reasonable.
  6. The right political commentators have somehow all agreed that they only need to state that peoples beliefs in voting irregularity is proof and they refuse to engage in reasonable conversations about the irregularities. They know they have zero evidence but their base doesn’t want to hear that.
  7. It’s petty but I wish that Carson would be presented with the “fact” that X% of Americans do not believe or know that he’s a medical doctor so therefore he should no longer be referred to as doctor until there can be a consensus on that fact.
  8. The only complaint that matters is that Texas taxpayers/electricity bill payers shouldn't pay mining companies to not use electricity. I'm ok if miners want to be here but when electricity demand goes too high, they should be cut off without reimbursement. And I would understand perfectly if they wouldn't want to do business in Texas because of that.
  9. Once again they use the "fact" that so many people are skeptical of 2020 as evidence of voting irregularity.
  10. That's because they know that Trump is becoming the President. According to Trump.
  11. He obviously was sensationalist but I enjoyed his CNN show when they attempted more original content away from news or opinion shows last decade. He had some other show where he put himself into another culture for a month. Unfortunately he ran into accusations about his past conduct and confessed to at least some of them. Killed his career, or perhaps he was just done with it himself.
  12. If Ronny Jackson discussed Obama's health with Trump, that would seem to be a potential HIPAA violation and against doctor ethics. It's either Trump is lying or Jackson doesn't concern himself with legal or ethical standards. Sounds like a great complaint and investigation for the Texas Medical Board.
  13. They won’t take down the grid. All of us electricity bill payers will give them money to turn off their mining equipment. Thanks Greg.
  14. I’ve heard so many hardcore religious types talk about how only religion creates morals but that doesn’t stop them. I’ve also noticed that more than a few youth counselors end up marrying one of the former youths and they swear that they didn’t start dating until she was 18.
  15. The everyday Chiefs reporters or ESPN reporters won’t go after Butker, Mahomes or the Chiefs. They’re all apart of the NFL money making machine.
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