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  1. Sounds like trump believes that if he just yells Declassify then the documents are declassified. I could see that judge Jeanine made a drunken comment on air that trump could do that, and trump took that as legal advice.
  2. Yep cleaning looks to be low priority for them these days. Perhaps that is some type of identification for their desired customer base to know TC is the place for them. People with low standards.
  3. When it comes to foreign countries buying this type of info from Trump, it may seem far-fetched to see someone roll up to Mar-a-Lago with a suitcase of money. That would probably never happen. But what about Jared securing a $2B investment from the Saudi govt, against the wishes of the money managers in Saudi Arabia? They were overruled by someone higher up. Give Jared $2B to play with and a Trump aide will allow a visitor to take pictures of the nuclear documents. Does anyone really think this is far-fetched? This is exactly how it would play out. Then Jared quietly pushes profits to Donald.
  4. I saw one commentator say that Trump had no reason to remove secret documents when he had the information in his head. Come on dude. Trump doesn't take the time to read or even have the capacity to understand what he's reading about nuclear weapons and the overall program. No foreign power would give much to hear Trump's memory of a document. He needs documents prepared by someone in the govt.
  5. I didn't say it would happen but America is in bad shape right now and it could very easily get worse.
  6. Trump going to jail doesn't interest me if 48% of the public thinks he's being politically persecuted. That's the end of America. Its more important that if Trump took nuclear secrets out of the WH that we get the GOP to admit it ASAP.
  7. It won't matter to some because they will believe Trump and the conspiracy theorists always, but the FBI/DOJ has to be fully open with the public now even to the point that it could eventually assist Trump in court. The need of the people to hear the details now outweigh the possibility of an eventual Trump conviction. I know some (many?) would disagree with me but the govt keeping too quiet about this can actually lead to more Trumpists being elected including Trump himself.
  8. Reluctantly I stopped at taco cabana today because my mom wanted enchiladas. I warned her that she wouldn't like them. She offered to buy me lunch and I decided I would rather go hungry. As context I used to be a 2x week Cabana person back when they were good and I was young. Mom ultimately threw out the plate after a few bites but my amazement here was the customer service. When I ordered the enchiladas inside the store, the employee asked me what topping sauce I wanted. I asked her to describe each one because my mom hates spicy options. The employee told me that it doesn't work like that and that she wouldn't describe them. I asked several more times and she said she wouldn't tell me. I had to choose or leave the line. I wasn't even mad at her attitude but rather speechless. The customer behind me intervened and gave me the lowdown on the options. Now I will have to be starving and TC is the only choice for me to ever go back to one.
  9. There just isn't any room for anyone in the GOP that goes after Trump. You can imply that Trump does something wrong but you can't go after him. I bet Biden polls better in WY than Cheney.
  10. Now we know what at least 1 DT poster sounds like in person.
  11. My mom did this to a relative. Borrowed 10K probably in the same timeframe. The relative is well-off and my mom justified the non-payback because that person didn't really need the money. I also heard an excuse that the relative didn't want it back. No idea if that was true or not. I doubt it. Even if someone doesn't want you to pay them back, a decent borrower would ask that loaner for their favorite charity and send the amount to the charity. Of course I don't see bad debtors actively giving large charity donations.
  12. Important for people to call out Trump that he tried to have us quickly run out of Afghanistan in his last months. He ordered the Pentagon to do so but after they pushed back on the feasibility to the order, Trump lost interest.
  13. I understand the nature of the US and why individual states have their own IDs but the passports should be modified to be a national ID and require that states accept them as valid forms of ID in all situations. Meaning that you can connect your Texas driver's license to this hypothetical national ID, and not carry your Texas ID. Or maybe passports need to remain as-is given the international need but create a voluntary national ID. We also need to move to electronic IDs. Smart phones should have the ability to contain your IDs and other documents like insurance coverage or vehicle registrations. BUT this data should be segregated in the phone away from all other data. You have to be an idiot to hand an unlocked phone to a cop. I guarantee cops or DAs don't hand their unlocked phone to another cop.
  14. I've never personally asked a family serial borrower explain their rationale but I caught a personal finance make-over show where the host counsels a family for a few months. Called ‘Til debt do us part. On this one episode the host had the background info that a married couple owed 10s of thousands to family. She asked the husband to inventory all their debts and the monthly expenses. He didn’t include any of the family debt or the agreed monthly payments. The host asked why he didn’t include those amounts, and he said that family debt was not real debt. Not to mention that if he adhered to the agreed payback schedule, he couldn’t afford the rest of his lifestyle. Ultimately it came down to a confession that he had no plan to pay the family members back.
  15. Noticed that Ilhan Omar only won her primary by 2%. She’ll easily win the general but obviously she’s not too popular in her district with her continued scandals.
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