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  1. hey why not. Pence was selected in '16 because he looked the part and Trump was told that it would give his campaign more credibility in the eyes of some voters. None of that is important for Trump in 2024. Trump has his ~45% voters baked in, so he needs someone to work to convince others that Biden shouldn't get their vote. Tucker might be good for that. I don't see how Tucker would make Trump's campaign or vote total worse. The question is if Tucker could hurt Biden more than another VP candidate.
  2. FSU has a legit beef but their anger should be at a system rewarding 4 teams from 5 conferences. Unless FSU and the ACC are on record as previously stating that the CFP was flawed and they actively worked to reform it, then they need to STFU.
  3. The question whether calling for the genocide of X, violate a school’s rules, seems like a simple Yes but I imagine context matters. I bet there are plenty of examples, in many schools, where students have called for the killing of Muslims and no one has been kicked out of school or faced discipline. Unless their threat was directed towards a specific student. Regardless they should have simply said yes expressing the killing of someone violates school rules. However stefanik wouldn’t have accepted yes and she would have slammed them. It’s a no win question. I don’t understand why these witnesses show up and/or engage with the politicians.
  4. There are some people that will blame Biden for any economic item (e.g., inflation) going poorly for them. But if their employer has given them a raise or promotion, it’s 100% because they personally worked hard for that raise. The fact that their employer has raised their costs to their customers is not considered. almost 3 years into Biden’s Administration and I’ve never been better. Why would I even remotely consider changing anything by voting for anyone else?
  5. I know Ralph wasn’t in the wack pack, but the life expectancy of a Stern regular must be below average.
  6. Maybe not directly. If the stadium understands what they can earn in anything related to resale tickets, it's very possible that the bowl and effectively the schools pay less for the stadium.
  7. McCarthy is a POS but he's not as bad as Boebert or MTG. And there is a decent chance that is the type of candidate that will replace him. Race to the bottom.
  8. there is not doubt that the venues and artists/teams are getting a cut of the resale fees. Perhaps not always on a per transaction but they are in other ways. I know that when I bought MLB playoff tickets on Stub Hub or Seat Geek, the MLB app was fully aware of the transaction and I could use the MLB app to go into the game. You know that Stub Hub and Seat Geek pay MLB for that data integration. It might be an annual or even a transaction fee charged by MLB, but the buyer/seller are indirectly sending money to MLB as part of their fees.
  9. If I made it big, and I came home to that, I would feel like something went horribly wrong. I question how Newsom ended up with her in the past. I had always assumed that Guilfoyle was fairly older than Newsom, and I assume that he was in his mid 50s. In looking it up, I was right that he's 56 but in complete shock that she's 54. I was thinking she was 60 with too much plastic surgery.
  10. Up 17% for the last week. Is that good? seriously with the recent volatility, this will re-attract the action traders. I fully expect that we will see +-5% days again. I may have to actually add up my crypto balances to see where I am.
  11. smart marketing to play on people's emotions about the benefit of others watching the film. Either by saving their soul or opening their eyes to some make believe evil in the world. Then grandpa buys tickets for the entire family, or even a CEO of a small company buys tickets for their employees. EDIT: The guy, who I assume plays the devil in the movie, has recently been making the rounds saying that Hollywood has boycotted him because he's a Christian.
  12. Texas Dems are so disorganized they lose school board seats even in areas where Dems win the Presidential vote.
  13. Means testing won't be as difficult to manage because it could be handled via your annual tax return. File in April, and you made X the previous year, including SS, then they apply a heavy tax to recoup the money and perhaps inform the SSA to stop/lower current payments. However I have no doubt that means testing would be set up in a way that a very wealthy person will discover loop holes but the person who earns 75-100K per year in retirement could lose their SS benefits.
  14. The news stories are vague but the reports sound like he had been firing flares off inside the house which led the police to show up. I would think the initial response would be knocking on the door asking if everything was ok. Perhaps they then followed that up with a warrant to go inside.
  15. I don't know if this is entirely accurate. GQP break down govt paychecks into 2 categories: Welfare recipients (didn't earn the right to receive it) and social security (I paid into this and you won't touch a cent of this.) I find that higher income folks want to opt out of the SS program because they very well may be able to earn more investment income on their own. Which may be true but govt programs are not about the individuals making their own rules. It would be like if I chose which property tax line items I was willing to pay depending on which services I use. "Sorry Port of Houston, I don't dock my container ships at your port therefore you won't get my tax dollars." Govt tax programs don't work like that.
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