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  1. The GOP is electing a guy that is arguably committing stolen valor? Times they are a changing.
  2. Voting will cease if the GOP truly believes they are about to lose power. Perhaps they will create 30 year terms for each statewide office and elect a 25 year old trumpist.
  3. The media plays it up how evangelicals now blindly support Trump and have stopped caring about family values in their politicians. Perhaps that has always been the case with the remaining evangelicals but they've run off the more righteous believers who have left the church.
  4. Late on a reply but did we have hide that Texas was only 39% white, non-hispanic for our admittance into the SEC? Those in the upper 70s might be questioning that decision when they see this.
  5. Personally I think the Trump campaign has some bad prediction numbers or they're assuming that the conviction will sink them. He appears to be throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. First saying that tip income won't be taxed, and now that income tax will be fully replaced by tariffs. Basically he's rehashing that Mexico will pay for the wall but now the world will fund our govt. Of course Americans ultimately pay for tariffs. Trump uses modern PR techniques that when you have bad news (34 felony convictions) say something else outrageous to deflect from the actual news.
  6. Fucking Nehls. He only won in 2020 by a few points, so the GOP drew up new maps. He then won in 2022 by 27 points. The GOP pushed many of the 22nd non-white voters into neighboring Dem districts. of course this change also allows Lizzie Fletcher (D) to easily win her district now.
  7. The Bama AG is following the spirit of the law which was to stop Democrats and more precisely African Americans from voting. He qualifies as neither so even a handwritten ID should be acceptable. Perhaps even a "My name is" sticky label.
  8. I see that Royce White may not have received treatment for some of the problems that killed his nba career before it even started. I will recap this entire exchange: Q: Can you comment on your campaign spending donated money at a strip club? A: Money was spent there but it may have been spent on food and may have been someone besides me. Q: Was that you and did you spend the money on strip club food? A: It's all speculation on whether that was me and what was bought.
  9. No idea who these guys are that you're discussing but if your audience is young men, there's a decent chance you will cater to the right for views. People on social media move towards what works with views and clicks. There can be big money at stake. EDIT: Maybe I have seen these guys. Social media has been pushing me some videos where Don Lemon, formerly of CNN, has been a guest on several video/podcast and these 2 may have been one of them. The comments from the hosts are at the level of, "have you seen the videos where Biden can't talk right? hehehe. He doesn't know where he is."
  10. Who counts the vote? I hope Tesla shareholders reject Elon if only for the lols. I can see Elon start to punish them. "You won't pay me what you originally agreed, I just temporarily halted every Tesla to demonstrate my power. Revote or the stock will be $0 next week"
  11. post without commentary https://www.cnn.com/2024/06/12/us/sandy-hook-survivors-graduate-high-school/index.html
  12. West was an odd bird but part of NBA history.
  13. This is what you get when a narcissist takes over a party. I can't see how a GOPer can expect to flip a congressional seat unless they bow down in fealty to Trump.
  14. at least he will be required to stop at lights or stop signs. Unlike 75% of bicyclists.
  15. This new recording of Alito doesn't reveal anything that we all didn't know. But to not be a hypocrite, I dislike the release of secret recordings unless it flat out details a crime. I hate it when someone like James O'Keefe did it with his old Project Veritas group and I hate this one. Secret recordings will also put more and more public officials on guard against saying anything in public. You can argue that you don't need to worry about secret recordings if you don't do/say anything wrong but it's too easy to take something out of context. Besides we're at a point or close to it, that audio recordings don't mean anything.
  16. You can fight it but this new court will decide the case.
  17. Banning books solely because the book’s content is about recent book bans? This is a simulation we live in. there will always be parents who want to infantilize their kids and more importantly the kids of others. They feel that if one parent objects to the material that no kids have the ability to read or learn it. Why can’t their perfect child just be told to avoid said book?
  18. Each scotus seat should be for 9 or 18 years. If someone retires or dies early, then their replacement serves the remainder of that time. This would give each president 4 (or 2) full replacements each term. and for the justices that still want to serve/earn in the govt, they’ll eligible to help out in the lower courts after this retirement plan.
  19. I haven’t been following this closely. The crime was buying a gun but lying on the registration form about his illegal drug usage? I can only imagine this law is violated countless number of times per day,
  20. This has always been an issue in America since Day 1. People seem to have a basic instinct to fear of others. And by people I mean assholes. i could potentially understand dislike of immigrants if they truly were overwhelming the job that you have. If you were the American citizen who worked as a day laborer on home building, you might have a legit beef that many immigrant workers are taking your job or bringing down wages. But it makes very little sense when the white collar worker is so hostile to immigrants. If anything it allows them to buy more for less.
  21. Some of them are publicly proclaiming that America is for white Christians. And receiving no pushback from the right.
  22. With Trump promising to end income tax on tips as a campaign gimmick, Biden should call Trump’s bluff. Publicly proclaim it a great idea and ask Mike Johnson place it for a vote immediately. see all the conservative head’s explode with a tax break only for the lower (mostly) income folks. Why would Trump not want to give tax breaks immediately for the masses by waiting until 2025?
  23. Washpo has a recent article about the expected overhaul of govt with Trump. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2024/06/08/russ-vought-trump-second-term-radical-constitutional/ while Trump personally would be a problem in the WH, the real damage will be done with the flunkies placed in power throughout the administration. They will fire or chase off good, hardworking people, and then celebrate as they reform all levels of govt.
  24. Are police allowed to state that someone, especially a child, has a mental disability?
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