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  1. Odds are the widow received a mailed notice that she was “changing” providers but she probably didn’t understand or she ignored it.
  2. I know it’s not the technical term but the women’s faces all looked washed out to flatter them. A good photographer doesn’t take a good photo, they use lighting and editing to make you look better than you are.
  3. I miss the days when I worked for a company that offered stock purchase programs like that. I took advantage but didn’t maximize it. Stupid. If someone can’t easily afford to maximize it, I would recommend doing anything to suck it up for the first cycle and then you’re set for future buy/sell cycles. one more thing, if tempted to hold onto it, don’t. Sure the stock price might skyrocket but you already depend too much on your employer with your salary. Invest the sales elsewhere.
  4. Rittenhouse‘s future will be posing for $10 photos at events that certain elements love to attend.
  5. Some (many?) of the 250K tech folks weren't producing labor worth $130K per year. When Google fires that 23-year old with limited experience, it has zero impact on their revenue but saves them the compensation. Tech grew too fast based on pandemic needs and they needed to rebalance their labor force. Many of the big tech firms still have more employees than they did 12 months ago. I do feel for the under 35 crowd who have never experienced a time where someone wouldn't keep giving them raises and better jobs regardless of productivity or the economy.
  6. I had never seen the directors version before. Apparently the director was fired after principal filming. They had some rewrites which creates screen time for the character acted by kristofferson. The new director added a few scenes with him, and pieced it together. This explains why that character seemed a bit disjointed from many of the scenes. kristofferson isn’t in the directors cut.
  7. the fat boy comment and then Lucy Liu getting knocked out, might be reason it's not shown often. especially on channels like TBS or TNT. not to mention that this scene is not Alec Baldwin approved.
  8. My recollection was that they added some blue tint or washed out vivid colors in Payback to give it a gritty or older look. also recall thinking that why the bad guys were supposedly the Chicago mafia, even using their name of The Outfit, the guys definitely had non-Italian names and looked anything but Italian. Coburn and Kristofferson.
  9. If I were Brady, I wouldn't show up for a Pats press conference or game without being paid. You want a PR press conference where I sign and we hug/shake hands, that's a $1m contract for that 1 day.
  10. Yep. I see nothing wrong if NE wants to have a retirement ceremony for Brady, and that would seem appropriate to me. Especially on a gameday either before kickoff or at halftime. Ask Brady to invite former teammates or coaches, etc. Obviously Brady is not an average retiring player so I understand a different situation than some random player who is done with their career. But to bring someone back for a 30-minute press conference retirement is lame.
  11. Kraft wanting Brady to sign a 1-day contract so he can retire as a Patriot. I always find these 1-day retirement contracts to be the most eye-rolling gesture. "He retired with us!!" No, he didn't. He retired as he stepped off the field. If you want him to retire as a Patriot, put him in a game.
  12. But they're Americans and have earned the right to live off the govt. And many will have more in lifetime earnings that they ever earned on their own. But to be clear they're not freeloaders at any level. A couple of decades ago, the GOP was open to increased immigration, perhaps with temporary worker visas. I can only assume that 9/11 just made them hate everyone who isn't white. Some already hated non-whites but this solidified it.
  13. Credits before a movie are absolutely pretentious and a waste of the audience's time. the opening credits should be the film title, and then start the movie. And yes, I hate the 5 production company credits as well. I don't care. And maybe many of the people are on the credits are the unthanked people behind a movie, but who cares. They're paid a salary to do their job. When I saw the credits at the beginning of Tar, I fast-fwded through. I would have been annoyed to sit in a theater with that bs.
  14. With the latest drop, I need to crunch the numbers to understand the breakeven with my current plan and it's $99 term fee. The plan still has >2 years remaining and it was always my intention to move away from it ASAP.
  15. I could relate to the aging rockers refusing a night of hard drinking "Na, I gotta be up early" "Acid reflux" "10 years sober"
  16. If I was evaluating a prospect or even a current employee, I imagine their college degree is far behind other criteria. examples include critical or creative thinking, people skills, or drive to see something through completion. On the last point that college does demonstrate an ability to finish a large endeavor. Now that is an expensive method to demonstrate that endeavor. I would like to see more corporations offer apprenticeship types roles in mgmt. Pay that 18-20 year old an ok salary and allow them to get experience that means more than a 4-yr diploma. Of course, that young person runs the risk that they could run into a future employer that still has the degree requirement.
  17. Watched Tar and found it interesting. Especially how Cate played it across the spectrum from being over-confident to zero confidence. I like how the movie introduced some aspects of the character's life but every storyline didn't go somewhere. Which was ok. As for any controversy in Riseborough getting nominated, I find her to be one of the best actresses in Hollywood. Her performance in ZeroZeroZero was incredible along with many in that cast. I haven't caught To Leslie yet but plan to soon.
  18. Maybe it was 100% her choice but my impression is that Hollywood didn't want her around much after L&S. Especially after she sued Paramount. She was only 35 at the time and they were handing out sitcoms to pretty much anyone in comedy. Lenny (Michael McKean) is the last of the original cast still alive. I think some of the LA season casts are still around.
  19. I will always stand behind the idea that GO was better when we had fewer privacy fences. but I have privacy fences 2 of the 3 sides on my backyard too.
  20. yeah, that is a big leap to child sex abuse cult. If someone instructed parents to not reach out to teachers, it sounds fair to ask the school for clarification. My guess is that the actual situation is not what you heard.
  21. Non-parents have a say in their local school district policies and curriculum. If that isn't the case why do I regularly see school boards full of 60 year olds?
  22. https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/28/tech/chatgpt-real-estate I guess ChatGPT can allow real estate agents more time to find buyers and earn their 6%.
  23. I get pulled into the trap as well, but conservatives and some liberals want to change the education discussion to culture war discussions. When you're focused on a few questionable books in the library, non-existent CRT programs, or hypothetical trans girls in sports you don't have to focus on how your schools are failing.
  24. I've noticed a trend where conservatives state the purpose of K-12 schools is reading, writing and arithmetic. Two points that I would say about that. On average, states with a heavy conservative base have a worst education score than those with a liberal base. Second, I'm fairly certain that we should not focus on a 1930s curriculum in 2023. To be fair most inner city schools, with liberal leadership, are failing as well so results are not just about political leanings.
  25. I’m sure that 95% of parents would not want their high school “children” to see this but they also don’t want to believe that their child watched porn before they were 10. Us old folk might be shocked at this example because we can’t imagine seeing that in our high school library in the 70s, 80s, or 90s but this is nothing in terms of what kids see today on their own. It’s probably better to show them realistic situations and relationships, especially for people that don’t fit the norm of a conservative community.
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