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  1. "This is pretty cool but I want a Yordan bat."
  2. Why do these idiots always by zip ties? I mean I guess dude planned on killing himself anyway, but what, he is going to apprehend BK and frogmarchi him to some third location and do him in there? Seems like you get one shot at this, and zip ties don't enter into it. And if you did hope to get away with it, searches for purchasrers of zipt ties on video would be a short list. EDIT: I guess there is some kind of kidnap / murder bag kit online describing what you will need.
  3. Seems as good a place as any to put the most outrageous exception to the "undefeated" trope I know...Houston Press dd this story and this this rouble couple. Dede had ben to jail about three times for DV but they kept getting bac together. And once more things reached a head. "Oh honey," the woman said. Its too bad you don't have tape recorder. Because You know hat I am m going to do. I am going to bet myself up, clll he cops, and ell them you did it, again, just like all those other times before." She went on to relate her ways in clssic Bond Villian style. More details of her prior escapades. How she had his nuts in a vise, again, and how it would always be this way. I think she he even paused to cackle maniacally once or twice. Nevertheless, the dude split. And she did just like she said. She prepared another sob story and beat her own ass. But this time, the dude had taped the whole thing. All of it. Defeated.
  4. Bregs better get it together: Enmanuel Valdez 's .357/.463/1.112 slash got his ticket punched to Sugar Land tonight and he homered in his first two at bats and is now 3-for-3
  5. As someone who grew up partially in Tennessee, I agree, and have long backed you on this point. And in a way I almost envy Alabama because at least y'all's assholes are mostly homegrown.
  6. I know there is a lot of of talk about this in the Paxton, Patrick, Cruz, and Abbott threads, but I wanted to ask the question more generally. And I now there is the "because -R" theory of @Brisketexan's, whereby even a candidate by the name of Pete O'Puppycrusher would defeat an amalgam of Jesus, Tom Landry, and Willie Nelson today in any statewide election. But my question is this -- how did this motley crew of Dick Tracy villains and slime-coated dorks rise to the top within the GOP itself? I could understand if these decades of one-party rule resulted in a whole mess of Sid Miller-type yayhoos, and Louie Gohmert-type morons, but how is it that electorate that not that long ago churned out magnificent bastards and bitches like LBJ and Ann Richards now settles for the likes of these utterly un-Texan shitheels, with shitty BBQ and crisp mom jeans. Have we no re pride as a people? Any credible answer beyond "racism" gets a gold star, but that may well be it. I don't know.
  7. Remind those Boomers that they can still have Xmas parties and happy hours.
  8. That fucking Coke Zero radio ad makes me want to jam a barbecue fork in my ears. I don't understand how a team of well-paid pros can make an ad so stupid.
  9. You lucky man. It's obvious you've never stuck your dick and crazy and then hung around for months or years. This kind of shit is not really plotted out by these psychos. It's just who they are. It's what they do. They improvise in real time like Miles Davis and then retroactively form narratives. Damaged, addicted dudes like Depp are catnip to them because they thrive on drama, and damaged, addicted dudes like Depp fall for them because they are damaged, addicted dudes..
  10. You are giving Paxton too much credit. He's not just a criminal -- he's also incompetent.
  11. Tesla is going to make Enron seem like embezzling at the local at the local farm credit union before this all unravels. Maybe he will become the first interplanetary fugitive.
  12. Loved it, but mainly want to put in yet another plug for 2018's Netflix miniseries 7 Seconds. It's basically the same plot-- how it is pretty much impossible to be a good cop. Way underrated.
  13. Yordan is averaging about half a Transco on his two homers today.
  14. It would be awesome to have a 5-tool player in CF but I think because of MMP it's more important to prioritize outfield D; you need range, range and more range, or your team ERA swells by a full run. Make up for lost O with a platoon-mate for Gurriel or at DH.
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