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  1. A buddy of mine (UT Law grad) had this to say: "I have no idea what she is saying, but it's clear she's a full-grown woman."
  2. Via my online Hawaiian / Portuguese cowgirl poet girlfriend, I've been exposed to fado, sort of akin to the blues of Portugal. Most of the songs are about mourning and the sea, and often mourning caused by the sea, and lost love and such, but I'm gonna share this rare upbeat fado by the incredible Gisela, a superstar of the genre. I just can't stop watching this.
  3. I think of guys like Sam Houston, Abe Lincoln anf Huey Long, all of whom passed bar exams (such as they existed at the time) who are all heroes of mine.
  4. When I finally did get a full-time job in my chosen field, I took over from a dude with a Masters from an Ivy. He sucked and was pushed out the door after about two years. My no-degree-ass lasted about eight years and moved up the ladder when I left.
  5. I work in a field that was apprenticeship-based until the '60s for the most part. When I was 18 all I really wanted to do was jump right in and start learning first-hand and earning, but instead I had to go college, rack up debts, and take courses like higher math that I was incapable of passing and were entirely, utterly irrelevant to my chosen profession. Because of my feeble math mind, I flunked out of two colleges (UT being one of them) and lost a whole decade of earning and career advancement. Even when I was taking classes that were purported to be in my chosen field, they were often teaching us antiquated and useless bullshit, and taught by people who had failed in the field and so sought refuge as professors. My son has followed in my career path and is currently in school and he describes that the situation with our shared major is exactly the same right now. Of course you should have to go to college to become a doctor, an engineer, or a chemist, and so on....But I don't think you should have to get an undergrad degree to become an attorney. I think it would be helpful to have some education as you entered law school, but if you can pass the Bar, then you should be allowed to become a lawyer no matter how you came about the skills to do so.
  6. Well shit, the inmate I thought had ghosted me just wrote me back.
  7. Mama wanted me to ride the van with them one time from Nashville down to the Georgia border, where they could get a better dose. She said it would be good for my career as a struggling young writer, listening to those stories. I was not too keen on crossing Monteagle Mountain with one of them behind the wheel, and she told me this one dude in their crew had "eyes as dead as a shark's" so I declined, much to my regret today. Mind you, this was mama at her best and soberest. She was a brilliant and talented woman but fucked up seven ways from Sunday. Like a lot of these women. Having said that, I am out. Both my therapist and my respected and esteemed elder @RDCanecutter have talked me out of repeatedly kicking over this particular fire ant bed. I will continue to chime in here, and y'all keep up the outstanding work.
  8. One last old pic: the earliest Astros game I remember attending. As is plain, I was amazed by the Dome.
  9. I've found "dirty" pretty consistently over the years to really mean "full of Black and Brown people." Its a dog-whistle.
  10. Interesting that the pillow princess's* name is Scylla -- in Greek mythology Scylla and Charybdis were two dangerous navigational hazards next to each other in the Mediterranean through which mariners had to often pass. Without further context I can't say much more about that graphic novel. *I just learned that term from my bi little sister. I had told her that my first wife once told me she would have preferred to have been with women but she could not abide the idea of eating pussy. So my sister told me there was a term for women like her that liked to receive but not give oral sex. On another note relevant to this thread, one of my HS buddies had a very hot girlfriend all through school. His parents and her mom (single mother) mutually agreed that their kids could fuck each other's brains out all through HS. (They arranged birth control) Although he was far from the sharpest Ginsu in the rack, my buddy wound up graduating summa cum laude from our academically rigorous HS, never got in any trouble on weekends (because he had other things to do that didn't include carousing while chasing girls), and while they did break up freshman year of college, the guy is now an attorney. His parents were not hippies or anything like that. Far from it. They were old-school Texans who just happened to have very, very enlightened views on teen sexuality.
  11. Going through old pics because of the death of my grandmother / mom and came across this -- 1996, my son's first Astros game.
  12. Rules, and a distraction from the anger and sadness in this thread
  13. Pre-WW2, there was a giant and growing white underclass. Bonnie and Clyde were just the sexiest. There were many more like them. And then the war came around, and white folks got the full benefits of the GI Bill and Black folks did not. So pretty all the white folks who had not assembled any generational wealth by 1941 were able to start putting it together, while the Black folks remained stuck with a foot placed firmly on their heads.
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