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  1. looks like for now Powell has decided to protect the currency over the banks. Remains to be seen how much more of a backstop Fed will have to provide to those banks.
  2. Grandpa and friends on Rio Grande fishing trip, 1950s.
  3. First Fed decision in a while that hasn’t been heavily telegraphed in a while. The expectation before shit hit the fan was 25-50 bps hike. I think that 25 bps is still most likely with dovish talk about pausing going forward and watching markets closely. Being ready to reverse course quickly if needed etc.
  4. Bitcoin looks pretty tightly coiled. Like everything else, waiting on first uncertain Fed decision in a while.
  5. You’re saying that Russia needs 3-4x the men and weapons to take ground? Where are you getting those estimates from?
  6. Same FDIC commissioner presided/ing over both.
  7. Wow, good to hear Quinn is striving to be the best QB in the country. Also, I’m pleased to hear he would like to be the 1st overall pick in the draft. These are the kind of info nuggets that boomers need to justify paying Fat Ketch $9.95 a month.
  8. pretty good thread here. Interesting comparison to 1998. Coincidentally the rate cut he’s discussing occurred right as Long Term Capital Management was blowing up. The first big modern Wall St bailout. Peanuts by today’s terms. $3.65B
  9. Ackman begging the Fed to pause. This guy loves the long tweets/blog size posts.
  10. First Republic Bank down another 42% today even after coalition of big banks pledged $30B. Seems like they’re next up.
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