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  1. You see Brisket’s rules state that you adamantly want to shoot figurative “Nazis” in the face in our country, but you are willing to support literal Nazis abroad. It’s a fine line. Good thing these rules aren’t international and merely apply to our own country. That would be difficult to reconcile for simple people making such absolute statements.
  2. As a wise person once said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Yeah Jack was just a bit off on that one.
  3. Key outcome of debt ceiling deal should suck some money out of the economy.
  4. As often happens this whole exchange started with me pointing out how one of the main posters on this thread was 100% wrong. That upset people and here we are. The truth is upsetting to some.
  5. Even if Ukraine expels Russia, hundreds of thousands have died. Imagine in 2023 trusting what the media tells you I have no sympathy for the Russians. Im just looking for realistic assessment of what’s going on in a very hostile environment.
  6. You literally said they weren’t even hitting military targets. It’s just dumb. I think it’s somewhere in the middle. You don’t. That’s fine. We had people here repping a post where someone claimed they couldn’t even hit military targets. Then the ultimate pro Ukrainian account admitted that was false. Makes you wonder. Just reporting Ukrainian accounts has y’all all mad. It’s silly. My point is that this thread is largely dependent on the mainstream narrative which has often been discredited over the last few years on a variety of topics. You’re easily whipped up in a frenzy. I was the same the first week or so after the invasion. You could search back and see my posts sharing about the Ghost of Kiev and shit. Then I realized that was bullshit and It made me take a step back and look at things more critically. I don’t know what’s going to happen in this war. I just know nothing good will come of it.
  7. He has some good points. It’s nitpicking but I’ll say the point about liquidity is not as ironclad as it once was. Fed has had to step in and Treasury has at least publicly signaled they wanted an established mechanism to do the same.
  8. At what? Quoting Ukrainian accounts that directly contradict regarded DT thread narratives?
  9. Really man? Talk about an information bubble. Counterpoint: But yeah they shot down 69 of the 65 drones sent. There’s propaganda everywhere, from all sides.
  10. Debt ceiling done. Nothingburger as always. You can stop your prepping @Bozo_Casanova
  11. Agreed. He must think the job is not done and more gains are attainable. Or he realized with the sanctions that his country is screwed long term so he’s all in. That’s one thing I think y’all discount. They’re all in. We’re not, nor should we be. Will that matter eventually?
  12. My daughter’s cheer team had an end of year party at Elsewhere Bar and Kitchen. It’s down on Jones across from a good sushi place we tried recently, Shiro. Anyway it was a cool place. Good vibes. Lots of misters. Beer and wine mostly. Plenty of draft options. Food was surprisingly good as well. Would recommend highly for afternoon or evening chilling outside with friends.
  13. Just this week we had two MSM stories talking about Ukraine sending in undertrained troops to combat. Or old ones (the 42 year old doctor that was a father of 3 resonated with me). Posters said oh that seems desperate. Yeah no shit. Makes me think it’s not going as swimmingly as portrayed here. Those same stories talked about how Ukraine was losing good existing troops while Russia was losing prisoner conscripts. How is that a good or sustainable situation when you have a fraction of the population? I get that you and most posters here think Ukraine is mopping up the Russians. I just think it’s set up to surprise in the wrong direction if you look at how the reporting on the war has shifted. Frozen conflict, don’t expect a lot from the counteroffensive and so forth. You don’t think he’s in a war for survival? We’ve openly talked about regime change. We’ve said we want Ukraine to take back Crimea. Those are existential threats to Putin. This shit is just getting started.
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