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  1. To be fair, Doubling Down on Stupid is probably better as a motto than as a band name. Maybe Singlehanded Stupid?
  2. Yep. Watched that on live TV, very well done, 0U totally flat-footed and ultimate ball carrier with plenty of speed. Harsin/Petersen got my attention with those and the followup interview, where Harsin called the Hook-and-Lateral a desperation play, on par with the Hail Mary. "We don't have a lot of plays for Fourth and 19, so..." He/they also mentioned that they practice the tricks every week, and they try to use at least one every game because the players really enjoy it. Harsin also mentioned the importance of acting out your part in the tricks... "show the defense your empty hand, so they believe you handed off; as the decoy runner, ;et them see you cover up that ball so they know you've got it..." I really expected better from the Harsin hire. Feel like it never had a real chance, with The Maje firmly in the Co-OC saddle Mack created.
  3. Strikees me as a move to head off any JerrahWorld encroachment on our State Fair. Our new partners, the SEC, have shown all too much willingness to embrace Jerrah and his stadium, and there is little doubt in my mind that they would move the only true rivalry game we have to that location for a few bucketsful of shekels. On our way out of the XII, it seems pretty reasonable to lock the game in for the foreseeable future. Well done, well done.
  4. And don't run the game clock, either. If the ball is ready for play, get the fuck out of the way, ref, and let the game play. If it's not ready then stop all the clocks. And if you're going to allow the defense to "respond" then why don't you let the offense respond to the defense's response? The only real problem for you, ref, is making sure that anyone who comes in, stays in for at least one play. That isn't too much for you, is it? But then, we'd have to let the D rerespond, and so on. Actors, reactors, rereactors, rereactors rereacting to the preactors. Maybe limit substitutions? If the O sends out three new guys, let the D send out up to three. Wait, though, the D shouldn't have an advantage, so if the D "over-substitutes" by sending in more players, then the O should be allowed to add players, that would be only fair, right? Or signal "ready". Yeah, there we go: let the HC on each sideline wave a flag, or maybe a large, colorful foam hand, when his (or her) team has reached a point of readiness, and then start the clocks. When one guy signals, the other guy has five seconds to respond and play may start. In fairness to all involved, the HC shall designate a designated Signal Flag Handler, from a group including the HC him (or her) self, the official team Mascot, Band Major, or any sufficiently rude Yell Cheer Leader.
  5. Hutzler is on my list, too. He's at Bama, now... yeah?
  6. Either the ball is "ready for play" or it is not. If it's not, don't run the play clock.
  7. The substitution rule must be changed. The 25-second play clock cannot logically be running when an official is preventing a play from being run.
  8. Fuck all this "best one-loss team". Fuck all that shit. I don't give a fuck about how many losses. Best team in America. Period. End of Story.
  9. FSU loses, we're in. Even this Committee Confederacy of Dunces isn't stupid enough to put both Meatchicken and Ohio State in the finals for the second year in a row, especially after they both shit the bed last time.
  10. So far, so good. If FSU loses, we should be in. For sure if Georgia takes care of business, we are. Bama wins, they're in, but is Georgia out? Possibly not. Watching, we can only be.
  11. First, LHN is walking dead. Second, the ESPN app upgrade has it. In big streamers Sling has it. I tried Sling, and liked it, but it had no "local" channels for Far West Texas. YTTV has the Midessa channels. Before you pimp OTA, those broadcasters are 150+ miles away... HDMI has been around for 20 years, so I'd guess a 12-year-old TV would have HDMI ports, especially Sony. Worst case, DVI or VGA and use laptop sound.
  12. What games/channels do you have on whatever source you use that are missing from YTTV?
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