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  1. Wizard? Sounds more like a listeater, no?
  2. So, for you, it's about the money, not about the game. Or maybe you're just quoting some other humorless chicken fucker?
  3. Never going 3-and-out is not the issue, don't try to ride that pony. The issue there is about going 3-and-out over and over and over, with little to no change at all. Change players, change playsets, change something. Put away that sheet you keep staring at - you know, the one that says "What would Lavell do?" at the top.
  4. I wouldn't call it hard, but it is complex... which is difficult hard for many.
  5. Excellent take. How long a term do you plan on watching Sarkisian blow games that should be won because his coach at BYU woulda called the plays the same way in 1995?
  6. Tex Long

    Hudson Card

    Absolute failure by Sark to at least try Card on the occasions Mullet was mentally or physically unable to play worth a bucket of warm spit after recovering from the Bama squashing ... wtf? If he had a serious disagreement with Card, and is just too chicken shit to admit it, that's about the only plausible reason that comes to mind. Wouldn't be fair? GTFO, that's classical FUPM Brown bullshit. Card seems to have had quite a bit of private coaching, and it strikes me as possible one or more of those might have shared some ideas with Card about what Sarkisian was, or was not, doing, both tight and wrong. Wherever he lands, I wish Card nothing but the best.
  7. Fuck it. Let's leave now and do 2 years as Independent, then see if we still want to go SEC. We can even keep some, if not most, of our scheduled games,... just not with XII officiating,
  8. Tex Long

    Hudson Card

    Been my suspicion since last year watching Casey fuck up repeatedly and never seeing Card, then same stuff this season. Guess it will come out some day, but not anytime soon.
  9. Tex Long

    Hudson Card

    That statement cemented my position that the fookin' eejit has no idea how to HC. WTFF? "it wouldn't be fair"??? Seeing and hearing those words come out of his mouth, if anyone with any sense was in the AD's chair, he woulda shoulda coulda called Sark and Patterson into a meeting, demoted Sark to OC, made GP interim HC and told them to saddle up, ride and prevail.
  10. Tex Long

    Hudson Card

    I've seen this movie before. Fast forward a year or two, and curtain up on the Grande Finale Natural Champeenship game. First possession for Meatchicken, and their punter falls down as a heavy rush destroys blocking. Texas takes over. A couple of two-yard runs, and Ewers drops back, eye-balling four verts, and never sees the 495-pound DT who crushes him flat. On the sideline, Sarkisian calls for Hudson Card, having forgotten that Card played his last game two weeks ago, for Lane Kiffin at his latest stop, [REDACTED]. Backup QB Arch Manning is unable to find his helmet. If only Arch had played more than 12 snaps (all handoffs) this season. Disaster looms.
  11. Maybe. Maybe Not. Maybe Fuck Yourself. Big Easy got certain... certain... certain Attractions.
  12. My exact thought at the time. Caveat: Sounded like he's planning on getting better as an OC, as opposed to handing the keys and phone to a real OC and attending to the whole team.
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