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  1. Hits close to home. I've got three sons, named Arch, Payton, and Eli. Already had the trifecta. and now we're going around again. Hook'em.
  2. Yeah, been expecting official word some day. He hadn't done much artwork since sometime in early Strong Days. Hell, I don't think many of us did. Too bad. Well____bye.jpg
  3. You've spelt "livestock" incorrectly.
  4. Seems like a better estimate of size of fanbase would be t-shirt sales.
  5. Guy played at Clemson, right? Does Dabo own a bar, like Urban? Or maybe a massage parlor? ... and does Dabo share some of Urban's proclivities anent Urban's known sexual prferences?
  6. Cleveland team name checks out.
  7. I would suppose that Tceh - and a few others - might want to consider whether it's worth while to try to squeeze a few extra megabucks of buyout from Texas and 0U, or to have a game with one or the other every year or two... or, who knows, get that extra payday and never play either one again in any sport, barring playoffs and the like. Pick one.
  8. I don't believe this is an authentic Happy Baby pose, uunless she starts succking her own toes.
  9. Texas, 0U, Arky, Mizzou aggy, LSU, Ole Miss, Miss State Bama, Auburn, Tennessee, KY Vandy, USCE, Georgia, Fla 3 and 6
  10. You've spelt "porpoises" incorrectly.
  11. I believe you are correct. For him, it's all about the insertion, not the protection. Absorb later.
  12. Eight points, sure. But it has to be from The Spot, which is moved by scantily-clad young women from time to time. With a nod to our LGBTQ+ friends, water boys may get involved in surreptitious Spot-lifting, as they are passing out bottles of delicious, refreshing Original Recipe Double Jolt Coca Cola (availablr to fans at any concession stand.
  13. Tex Long


    While we are all throwing shit in Kwitkowski's direction, I need to qualify my flinging somewhat. I am having a really hard time believing PK is as worthless as that first season makes him appear. Right this instant, I'm willing to give him a couple of games to let him show us he understands his role here - part of which includes Sarkisian showing us the same. I opine that both of them coached last season under the (do I need say, mistaken?) impression that they were operating with a freebee and their performance was not required to show anything other than a bright future. Falling completely on their asses turned out to be unacceptable, particularly so in commparison with MensaTom's last year. I further opine that they have learned their lessons and will pull out all the stops to win every game they coach. Whether they are capable remains to be seen... but let's not let it go much past Bama, certainly not past 0U, before Del Conte steps in and Patterson takes some or all reins. I have the impression that Del Conte has heard from some folks who are not happy about getting stuck with buy-out bucks twice in a few years and will not react kindly to another occurrence.
  14. Where is Abe Saperstein when we really need him?
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