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  1. The odds are the coaching staff does get fired in a year. That’s usually what happens the year after a coach saves his job by replacing coordinators.
  2. The point didn’t have anything to do with Texas. It was about it being “messed up” if he returned to USC years later as an assistant, after being fired “with cause” as HC. IMO, that wouldn’t be messed up. It’s been years since that happened. He’s worked at numerous universities since then without issue. The only reason I mentioned “if things don’t work out at Texas” is because that’s the only way he’d ever be an OC again. But things certainly didn’t work out for him at USC. And that’s not a quite different definition than most.
  3. Its been 11.5 years. He's been employed by 4 different schools without issue in that time period. He's not coming back to be the HC. He's not running the program. He's not hiring staff positions. He's coming back in a lesser role as an assistant coach. If things didn't work out for Sarkisian at Texas, would it be "all kinds of messed up" if later in his career he was hired as the OC at USC?
  4. That was when he was at Louisville.
  5. He never tried to leave. He was fired in April. He didn't get a dollar of his buyout.
  6. The previous firing can be justified, as can the current hiring. He deserved to be fired, but its been 10 years, he's learned, changed, been employed by four universities without issue, blah, blah. Not to mention its not the same position. He's an assistant coach, not running the football program and making hires.
  7. This will likely be a disaster but will be entertaining.
  8. This doesn't belong in the TAM thread
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