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  1. To add to this, they usually love it. My 11 year old told me last night he wishes he had baseball practice every night. Thank god for me, he doesn't. Once they lose interest or stop wanting to go to every single practice, we sit down and have a talk about the time and money dedicated and usually make the decision to stop playing that particular sport. Baseball ended with both of my oldest at 12. I definitely do not see those years as a waste though. Some of the best times of all of our lives.
  2. As a father of 3 boys between 11-15, this is something I have learned. I used to be snarky about youth sports, and how could people possibly pay this or that. Give up that weekend, etc. They're never going to be in the big leagues! Then you realize that, at many schools, football is about the only sport you can just sign up and be on the team no mater. My kids are decent athletes and we've sweated baseball, soccer, tennis and basketball tryouts for years now. For many, its just doing what you need to do to play JV sports. And if they want to keep doing it in HS, awesome. And if God reaches down and touches their right arm and give them the ability to throw 95+, awesome too. But very few are banking on that to happen. HS coaches still develop players, but most decent programs expect to (on developmental scale of 1-10) take 7's and get them to 10, not take 2's and get them to 7's. Unless you are an elite raw athlete, if you expect to play baseball, basketball, soccer, or many others, you need to be playing it at more than a casual level by the time you're 12-13. That's obviously not everyone or every school, but in my experience, the majority.
  3. Statement from Scottie Scheffler’s Louisville attorney, Steve Romines: “ In the early hours of the morning in advance of his tee time Scottie was going to the course to begin his pre round preparation. Due to the combination of event traffic and a traffic fatality in the area it was a very chaotic situation He was proceeding as directed by another traffic officer and driving a marked player’s vehicle with credentials visible. In the confusion,Scottie is alleged to have disregarded a different officer’s traffic signals resulting in these charges. Multiple eyewitnesses have confirmed that he did not do anything wrong but was simply proceeding as directed. He stopped immediately upon being directed to and never at any point assaulted any officer with his vehicle. We will litigate this matter as needed and he will be completely exonerated. “
  4. Am I crazy to say I got Lost vibes from this show.
  5. I'm referring to your stated goal of taking 10% of the assets from the top 10% and redistributing to the bottom 50%. Do you plan on taking 10% of their assets once or every year?
  6. Is this is a one time re-distribution? Cut a a $54,000 check to 165 million people?
  7. Was a tweet with intentionally false info, meant to rile people up, and everyone ITT believed it hook, line, and sinker.
  8. That article is a joke based on including unrealized gains as income.
  9. What? We are talking about the average effective tax rate for 400 individuals without knowing their income. Some paid more than 23%. Some less. But the whole point was that they pay less than the bottom 50%, who pay 24%. Can you provide any evidence that is true?
  10. Actually none of that is fantasy. That said, I’d love to see some backup on the bottom 50% paying an effective tax rate of 24%.
  11. I could absolutely have unrealized gains or even losses in many years. Or I could reinvest it into a new venture that isn’t profitable yet. I could’ve donate $200 million to charity that year. If they wanted to make an apples to apples comparison they would’ve.
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