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  1. This beer is pretty solid and has about the same calories and carbs as Michelob Ultra
  2. I miss the days - only about 5 years ago - where I could hop On Demand on a Friday night and there were about 10 movies that I'd heard of that were "new releases" in the past few weeks.
  3. So, comparing a guy like Phil to Rory, both are in the exact same place now, the exact same Tour, except Phil got a $100 million or so extra to play LIV for a year? Win for the LIV guys.
  4. https://www.kark.com/news/state-news/attorney-for-former-arkansas-qb-kade-renfro-filing-suit-against-anonymous-page-alleging-sexual-assault/
  5. A whole lot more that doesn't pass the smell test. Per his attorney (so take the messenger, and his cheap website into account), many of the images used were from actual domestic abuse/rape victims of that were found on the internet. IMO, his fucked up messages are real and he's into some weird shit. If I had to guess that's what his attorney is admitting when he says "While Kade Renfro is not perfect..."a While
  6. I'm same as you. He doesn't appear to be a good dude and if guilty I hope he goes away. I hope it all comes out. I would encourage the women to go to the authorities instead of Instagram. Maybe he raped those girls and messaged them admitting it and bragging about it? That seems quite dumb to me, but maybe. Or maybe its some sort of fantasy and they went along with it for awhile and then had a bad break up. People are into weird shit these days. Go to pornhub and see what the most popular videos are. Fucking weird and honestly scary. Makes me want to give my kids a 1995 Hustler and say this is "normal", that isn't.
  7. Yes. Believing that 12 girls at Ole Miss accepted money and signed NDA's to stay quiet on rape doesn't seem believable to me at all. Its not believable that parents would do that on 12 occasions. And that an attorney would draw up an NDA 12 times. Its also not believable that all 12 girls would accept that deal. Not saying other parts of the story may not be true, but once you start to crack holes in part of the story, the rest becomes less believable. Just like people wanted to believe the privileged Duke Lacrosse team gang raped a stripper and that privileged frat boys at UVA gang raped a student, sometimes the accusations get to point that they pass the point of believable except to those who have preconceived notions of how they think people in other social groups act.
  8. It's like the first time I read the Rolling Stone UVA frat rape story. There are certain things that I just don't believe. Like him raping 12 girls at Ole Miss and his parents paying them all off and having them sign an NDA. That just doesn't pass the smell test.
  9. He's been removed from the team, but I got to say there's a whole lot that doesn't pass the smell test on these accusations.
  10. Because you used it as a comparison to a proposed law, and those companies would abandon that policy in a second if it helped their bottom line. And I never said a thing about being drafted. I’m not against it, per se, but just can’t think of any age restrictions above 21 in this country. I wish we could put a 24 year old age restriction on about 100 other things as well. That said, there are millions of 23 year olds that fully support themselves, live on their own, have families, etc.
  11. Is the 24 year old rental car thing a law or a policy for some of the rental car companies?
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