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  1. Just about 12 weeks from voting date.... In other words, this is the battle. It's not early anymore. Movement can be made but things will start being baked in in the next 6-8 weeks. Moving time. That Nevada poll is low key worrisome.
  2. It's Florida so Demings would probably need to be up by 4-5 points to really feel okay.... but it's something. Make an already scrambling GOP fundraising unit have to protect another.
  3. How so? Public opinion is actually on their side for a change.... Elliott was? When? Where? So you don't actually watch or follow the product, but you're rather confident of your opinion in the situation? That's interesting.
  4. He may be out for the season.... often, players need 4 months and end up breaking it twice before they come back 100. We'll be signing someone, but it won't be anyone great. The organization isn't really trying to go for it this year unless it gets a miracle run. This is a reset. Agree with these opinions..... they have tons of holes and didn't do anything big to really impact plugging them except through the draft, which is a multi-year solution. Our division may let us get to the playoffs, but no one is going to confuse us with a dominant team..... way to many fucking holes. A couple of injuries and this season could actually get really ugly.
  5. I wonder what Chip's ask was. Maybe it was ridiculous but out in public this, it's a bad look especially for a tanking team from a small market. Yikes.
  6. One of the greatest deaths in movie history..... He was an excellent character actor. RIP.
  7. Oh Primo was there and he didn't look all that good, especially for a 2nd year player. Remember, this is the same summer league that Kyle Anderson was the MVP of going into his 2nd year. While It's hard to dog summer league yet get excited, as some no doubtedly would have been, if they play well. What you can do is see how a guy reacts, what his pacing is like, how he gets to his spots, can he use a pick, is he active with hands everywhere. And I said the team was devoid of real NBA talent right now and that's the truth. Wesley is a D-league guy right now, needs a ton of development. He has real quicks, he's a blur, but he also plays crazy out of control and has no idea where he's going to what he's doing half the time. Shot 30%. Averaged almost 3 turnovers to 4 assists. He has talent, but he needs a ton of work. Branham looked better as the games went along. His best game was the last game and I think that bodes well. I like his angles, he doesn't seem to be in a rush and he understands how to use his body to generate space. But he didn't do much otherwise. Doesn't really create, not active on D, doesn't rebound, etc. We'll see if that changes in the D-league. Primo, up and down. He's an inefficient player, the best thing about him is he looks a lot bigger.... becoming a dude, physically. The rest of the squad isn't really NBA talent except for maybe Darius Days, who probably was consistently our best player in the first four. He's nothing but a try hard, end of the bench guy and considering he was our best player (not most talented) in SL , I stand by my statement. Our SL squad didn't show well for NBA talent or readiness. I don't think our NBA regular season team will either.
  8. Tolbert was getting early helium in camps but rookies are difficult to rely on. The biggest issue is when is Gallup going to be ready? If Lamb gets a hamstring injury in week 1 or 2, we're basically a team relying on Pittsburgh's 4th WR last year as our #1. We're pretty fucking shallow at the position now and there's been talk of Gallup getting PUP'd.
  9. This has already been put to bed.... JFC. The writer who put it out there was joking around and wanted to see how many trolls would latch on to it. The most common and believable rumor was Cooper wouldn't get vaccinated and he wasn't the same after he got COVID down the stretch. That really pissed off Jerrah. If Watson was playing all year, Amari would probably catch 90 balls, have over 1000 yards and score around 10 TDs and miss 2 games. In a run first offense.
  10. He's most likely going to show out on a talentless team too. Opportunity to trade him high in a year before the extension even kicks in. It should be ugly. It's only summer league, but we looked pretty devoid of talent and Miami signed our best player off our summer league squad. lol!
  11. The new rules…. Yikes. Still have to match. Find a taker next summer if they can’t do it in 48.
  12. Gonna guess they have a deal they like but want to see where this lands. This also puts stress on Phoenix to work out a KD deal quickly. They probably will match so they have that asset to ship out if they can't agree to a trade quickly. And I don't really understand shipping out Sabonis and now Turner for Ayton, but Indy gonna Indy.
  13. They should if they can get 2 or 3 first round picks. I don't really understand what the Knicks are trying to do..... but I haven't understood them since Ewing was center.
  14. FWIW...... Not the summer league outing we would have preferred, but not a huge deal.
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