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  1. No, the back was the intended receiver but he got out late and then lost in the trash with Dlaw occupying him. The design was for Micah to rush free and hit the back in the flat. They fucked around and found out with Parsons speed.
  2. Ugggggllllllyyyyyyyy win. Like Futureman ugly, but it's better than a pretty loss. I like this offense. I don't like this defense, particularly the back 7.
  3. Where the fuck was Parsons going? Get yer head up....
  4. Force ball by Dak and it still went in between CeeDee's hands.... Should have caught it. My lord.
  5. Thank. Thought I was the only one...... Thumb is still not the progressive coach he thinks he is.
  6. LOL. Bland gets the pick. He's more risk vs reward then Diggs two years ago.
  7. Why no 2? Are we really going with it's too early for it?
  8. Fuck Pollard!!!! That's a fucking TD!!!! Drop.
  9. Biadasz and Steele aren't playing well in pass pro. Not saying they're playing that bad..... but they're getting beat a little too much. This game is not fun to watch with all the penalties....
  10. Too busy trying to be an offensive coordinator.....
  11. Forces the offense to be perfect. Dak and the offense are probably going to have to score 37-38 points to win and that's if they're lucky.
  12. LOL. And Geno misses a TD..... just a miss. No defense there.
  13. The defense is going to give up more points coming out of the half. This is an awful performance by the D. Just terrible.
  14. JFC. Bland cannot over anyone.....
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