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  1. Arike is going nuts..... En fuego.
  2. https://www.wfaa.com/article/sports/nfl/cowboys/caitlin-clark-jersey-sales-how-many-fanatics-dallas-cowboys/287-e8e25d8e-97c5-4cc6-a035-a1c5e39e5652 Just so folks understand.... the hype is real, but it has bounds. It was a stupid tweet and sillier that people would think a WNBA player could sell more jerseys than the most popular franchise in North America. Jerrah's all about the money, if he could sell part of his salary cap space for a percentage of Clark jersey sales, he would....
  3. RIP to one of the best at subtle humor and satire.... A great TV comedian and star. His timing was.... impeccable.
  4. Clark was excellent for much of this game and Dallas probably played their best game of the season, but the 4th quarter shows some chinks in her armor. No points the last 8 minutes and a killer turnover overdribbling during the biggest possession of the game. Also, her defensive weaknesses showed up on two big possessions in the 4th, one where she got muscled out in the lane and another where she got blown by. Now that said, she was still really good and she continues to show she has the best vision and most instinctual passer in the pro's as a rookie. Watching her this game, I also think she's exhausted. I know they've had some time off these past two weeks but she needs like a month off. She's been playing basketball non-stop for about 9 months. Fun player, and she and Boston are great building blocks for the future.... If she avoids major injury, I can see her winning a MVP one day.
  5. She's their best player by a mile..... The rookies have a ton of potential and are already pretty good, but Carter is f'n problem. She's hard to keep out of the paint.
  6. He's had the upper hand from the jump, having the most valuable player in the league who is, let's say, pushing the rules and boundaries of what's legal and tampering. He's done a good job, but it'll be interesting to see how he does once Lebron steps away. Then again, Lebron is angling to be a majority owner in the Las Vegas expansion organization so maybe the gravy train never ends....
  7. The pace is what really stands out. He doesn't get in a hurry. Unlike other high physically upside picks like Lonnie or Wesley who had dribble drive to their game, Castle looks like he's just getting to his spots leisurely and not in a panic or hurry. This is huge. I really have some high hopes for him. As you stated, with this shot in disrepair, it'll take some time, but he's a guy who really has a chance to settle in as a foundational guy if he puts the work in. The talent and feel for the game are there.
  8. This is a silly way to look at things. Luka led the league in turnovers. He had 10 more than the next guy. Clark is almost 50 ahead of her next closest competitor. That'd be like wiping out the other top 10 in the NBA and starting at 11 for total turnovers after Clark. Luka average .3 turnovers more than the next player. Clark averages 1.7 more turnovers than the next player. It's not that she's edged someone out.... She's basically averaging as many turnovers as the starting backcourt of most teammates by herself. It's an issue. Now, are there differing reasons why she averages so many turnovers? Sure, some of it is her teammates have bad hands, but we've already discussed for everyone of her passes being fumbled away, she has sloppy entry passes into the post. Poor angles out of the pick and roll and just some flat out bad decisions. Luka averaged a lot of turnovers but was in the MVP discussion because he's an offensive force and shooting the ball, he's like 4 levels ahead of Clark. He shot 38.2% from 3. 48.7% from the field overall and his PER and WS were outstanding, not just merely decent. The turnover delta isn't the same thing.... Not even close. It's almost equivalent to having Luka's turnovers and Derrick White's turnovers, every game. And Wemby got very little to no MVP hype. It was for ROY, which he won and I think Clark right now is by a good margin the ROY thus far. And Wemby was considered for DPOY, which he came in 2nd. He wasn't in the serious MVP vote. He literally got no votes for it and wasn't in the top 9. No one thought he should get the MVP. No one who was sensible about these things.
  9. Let's remember a few other stats as well for her: She barely shoots 40% 34% from 3 -- that's average She's 1st in the league in turnovers by a fucking mile. She barely got over into 1 win share. Her PER is 17.7 which is decent. Here is the most likely MVP of the first half: She averages 27.1 ppg, 11.8t rgp, 2.5 apg, with almost 2 steals a game and 3 blocks. Her PER is 35.9 (so double Clark's); her WS is 6.5 and her WS/48 is over .400! Which no one on the men's side has ever come close to. Her TS% is over .600. So Clark's is in the discussion in the way Paolo Banchero was in the NBA's MVP. Really talented player, huge future ahead of him, part of the MVP real discussion...... lol, you're not serious?
  10. Look at the score.... look at the time. If you understand basketball, it will become apparent.
  11. More than that: 4th in 3PM 6th in FT% (Qualfying) 3rd in AST% Her advanced stats are still trash because they were built for men and she turns the ball over way too much but having a fantastic season. She gets her turnovers under control and shoots with better efficiency, she'll eventually be that top 10 player everyone wants her to be (coming seasons, not this year), but IMO she's definitely the ROY right this second but no one should dismiss Reese's season, it's good. Not great, but pretty good and she's getting better too.
  12. Only blemish is the turnovers (5) and it was in a loss to a terrible Mystics squad. Still, those numbers are nasty. I think she was 50% from the field too. On the same day, you get this shit..... Now Angel has been fantastic the whole season but particularly these last two weeks, but this sits poorly with me. Bleh. And the fact the Atlanta defender helps her out? Sorry, that's some crap.
  13. I agree about Reese's game being boring and what casual fans have rejected forever in the women's game. It's under the rim, it's mostly based off instinctual play with a lack of athleticism (in comparison), it's slow, her jump shot is ugly as shit and she misses way more easy shots than she should. For the women's game, she absolutely is a junk yard dog. An elite rebounder and energy player who is a double double machine, but casual fans don't care for it, because she jumps 6 inches to get 90% of her rebounds. It's boring to them. Clark's game is fun (like Steph's), it's fast, it's eye popping. She has a pretty shot and shoots from everywhere although she misses too often. She's a fantastic passer and runs around at a seemingly blurry pace. While her game isn't necessarily athletic either, because it's really quick and fast and has the occasional dribble drive where you can break some ankles. Curry pretty much set up this type of game and now it's translated to a player. I think this is also why you see some backlash to CC's game from some old WNBA heads. How dare you not like our game and then come in here with your new wave opinions and preferences. I get it. Steph's game had the same type of backlash, it was not nearly as prevalent but it was there and folks forget, but it was the future and old NBA heads who were like, "feed the post", you have to "play inside out" and "stop shooting some many 3's" had to either reconsider their stances or just be retired because they didn't get the new NBA..... Same thing here. There are going to be more players like Clark and the WNBA should want that.
  14. A lot of things to like. They hit it at the end..... He's strong at attack. Too many wings/guards have a real problem coming in the NBA who aren't strong at attack and they aren't good at the rim. His handle is better than I thought. He has good vision, you love to see that. Fantastic feet. Just a good player. The one criticism does stick out in a real way. He'll need to alter his shot. It's way too long and comes from a spot too low. He'll be getting up a lot of shots from his forehead. Other thing is I'd like to see him with a better jumpshot -- true jumper from like 15-18. That could make him incredible with his quickness. Good prospect, if he really works at it, he could be a very good player in 3-4 years.
  15. IF they can complete this and get an unprotected 1st or a couple of 1's, then that's some real GM'ing..... Cap space is an asset, use it to weaponize yourself. They've already shown their hand in they want in on the 2025 FA class, so this could be very good.
  16. What's that take? Moronic? What a fucking stupid justification. She should be getting crushed as it's an opinion or reasoning for children. I expect better from her and she should be hearing it from all sides. There's a case for Reese, but this isn't it.
  17. Insecurities..... The Magic have drafted so poorly throughout the years, they're overpaying a year early to a really good young player to show everyone else but really themselves that they don't suck at this thing called the draft. They even overpaid an broken down J Isaac a few days earlier..... but he is their's!!!
  18. Branham and Champagnie. Maybe Keldon if he's moved. Are you under the impression we're an ultra-talented team who need a season to gel?
  19. It’s as random as Chris Paul. DD has generally been a good soldier and decent mentor, Pop likes him, he may only want a 1 year deal and probably would move on. With this front office, I could see it. Ultimately he probably gets more money elsewhere but I can see this.
  20. Yea, she was pretty good for 3 quarters and almost had the first rookie triple double this season. But she was bad in the 4th. Real bad. 0-3 from the field. 1 rebound, 1 turnover. A missed FT when they were trying to put it away (she did make 3). Not exactly clutch. She'll need to get better in 4th quarters to get to the next level but huge win for the Fever.
  21. Not sure who's still out there but they'll need to make another move to appreciably get better next year. Again, they don't have to be championship contenders but you do want them to push for the playoffs.
  22. Eh..... I mean picks 7 years out aren't really doing much. I guess we save some money, but man the Spurs don't know how to trade.
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