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  1. Most games from Mack’s era are available on YouTube, go watch them. I’m not saying he was always eating up the refs, I am saying he did it when necessary.
  2. Mack would absolutely rip into refs on the field.
  3. Huh, all my friends are still in the “win some games/get their hopes up” stages
  4. How many black men has Jerry happily made into multi millionaires? How many has Lebron James made into multi-millionaires?
  5. No worries, you just seem like you might a stupid fuck.
  6. Texas played in 2 CCG in Mack’s first 4 seasons. He absolutely should have had TEXAS in more. That said, there is no Bob Stoops/Lincoln Riley dominating the conference any longer.
  7. Are you retarded? I never called for Mack to be fired until after 2013.
  8. Again, I’m not the one that’s entitled here. I’m talking about JUST PLAYING IN THE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. I’m not even talking about WINNING one.
  9. Winning 9 games (even including the bowl game) might actually be a sign that Sark has started to figure shit out.
  10. Of course. I’ve never run from being wrong in this thread. Then again, I’m not the one talking about National Championships or even winning conference championships.
  11. National title? Talk about entitlement. Let’s try baby steps. How about just playing in a CCG? How about winning 9 games in a season at TEXAS?
  12. Absolutely, but Mack beat OU in 1998 and 1999, and actually MADE it to a Big Xii CG in year 2. That and the fact that Mack was a PROVEN winner buys a LOT of goodwill. (I was wrong about the shorter seasons in my earlier post, but I can’t edit it now)
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