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  1. I have been waiting for this https://variety.com/2024/tv/news/apple-neurmancer-series-william-gibson-1235925640/
  2. But Abbott delivers Texas --- a state Trump probably already has locked up.
  3. Yeah, after being interrogated and asking you if you'd like a receipt, you wait for you gas to pump and then when it's finished you stand there waiting for the receipt they asked if you wanted and get told that you have to go stand in line and wait for the clerk to print it out. Fuckers.
  4. Missouri cop moves 1600 .lb bale of hay out of the road https://nypost.com/video/missouri-cop-who-doesnt-miss-leg-day-moves-1600-lb-bale-of-hay/
  5. LOL. Trump being sued by the co-founders of Truth Social: The co-founders of former president Donald Trump’s media company filed a lawsuit Wednesday, claiming that Trump and other leaders had schemed to deprive them of a stake in the company that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The case could complicate a long-delayed bid by Trump Media & Technology Group, owner of the social network Truth Social, to merge with a special purpose acquisition company called Digital World Acquisition and become a publicly traded company. That merger deal, which could value Trump’s stake in the company at more than $3 billion, would offer the former president a financial lifeline at a time when he is facing more than $454 million in penalties from a civil fraud judgment this month in New York. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2024/02/29/truth-social-lawsuit-trump-media-founders/
  6. Came here to post this. 100% pure awesomeness. The response to Cornyn's tweet is almost 100% bots slamming him for being a RINO. Same with Lindsay Graham's tweet in praise of Mitch McConnell.
  7. Agreed. We need to let some of the guys we have already matriculate through the system and we can better utilize that scholarship.
  8. If the Democrats can't beat a party that wants to end recreational sex, there's no hope for this country.
  9. His "endorsements" are a direct copy of Ken Paxton's, which means he's carrying water for Tim Dunn, which means for all his talk about limited government, he's all for an overreaching role of the government in the private lives of the citizenry. Plus, Michael Berry "endorsed" Donald Trump, a man who bragged on tape about sexually assaulting women and being able to get away with it because he's a star.
  10. Philandering Ken Paxton keeps calling Dade Phelan "Drunk Dade." Meanwhile, Ken Paxton endorsed Nathan Criswell, a wife-beater who violated a restraining order. This is what Criswell did to his wife: https://www.thedailybeast.com/ken-paxton-endorses-nathan-criswell-who-violated-protective-order
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