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  1. White guys in the Bay Area banging Asian broads. Story at 10. She ended up being a spy. But wuttaboot Mitch McConnels wife? Should he be allowed to breathe anymore? Let alone be a Senator?
  2. How many of you guys max out on company stock plan? Company Im at let’s us do up to 15% of check and you get 15% discount on the cheaper price of the beginning or end 6 month period. Between the price today and beginning 6 month ago with the discount made out nearly 40%
  3. APE plays GME while shits in the floor at BBBY or whatever the compromised wallstreetbets is feeding him
  4. Lowest unemployment rate since before the moon landing. Revisions up 71k for two previous months
  5. The Labor Department also issued revisions of jobs numbers over the past two years, as it does every time it issues a January report. And this time, the revisions were also huge. The revised numbers show that employers had a total of 154.6 million workers on payrolls at the end of 2022. That's 813,000 more workers than the previous reading. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/business/live-news/stock-market-news-today-jobs-2323/index.html
  6. Enough of this shit, hit it 10x already
  7. StassneyHorn


    Check out this shit. It’s right next to the cat boxes in schools you dumb fuck
  8. StassneyHorn


    You tried to tell us with a straight face you discussed the abortion ruling with your wife and daughters
  9. StassneyHorn


    My research is better than your research, and when I look at Trans Porn they better have some fat asses and big dicks.
  10. Abbott is used to being cucked. Blood doesn’t flow there. It’s not embarrassing anymore
  11. My paychecks are worth less because eggs I don’t eat cost 20 dollars a carton
  12. Which brings me to my next wishlist Eric Swalwell nominated as Eric Trump lookalike to fuck people and infiltrate. I’ll tell his wife to be cool with it For some reason reason I always thought they looked alike and were just bros
  13. Every time democrats fight with themselves, Pete Buttigieg gives Amy Klobuchar the shakes.
  14. Loser runs for CA Governor after Newsome takes border czar position.
  15. Those quirky ppl with chickens in their backyard are probably the cock of the walk in the neighborhood now. Cartel can’t even sneak that shit in
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