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  1. Ran into this article today about NC and Medicaid expansion going live Dec 1. Estimated to be around 600k. Feds will go from paying 67% to 90% as usual. Reps didn’t trust the 90% number it seemed like and needed to see it play out. Expansion adds hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians to Medicaid https://www.wunc.org/health/2023-12-01/north-carolina-medicaid-expansion-live-first-southeast
  2. Dear God close this embarrassingly aggy thread and get it off the first page
  3. Not yet, but I’m at Boondocks if you want to join. Giligin’s happy hour starts soon tho
  4. I’m in AZ, everyone at the bar agrees Texas is in, which I don’t like.
  5. I feel like most people quit whenever they don’t have to be around their fraternity brothers anymore. It eventually becomes an “only at the ranch” thing if it ever continues.
  6. We’re gonna get a good ass wwe promo from him when he gets the belt
  7. Quinn with a fat dip in his mouth is tshirt worthy holy shit
  8. Parking lot of whip in is good spot to beat some ass, just saying
  9. I’ll gladly take ankle over knee with month off
  10. Maalik did a fake sneak and immediately pitched horizontally. Got a TD
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