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  1. Did they do it, then get hit with monthly interest and didn’t account for it?
  2. So… starting in July around 8 million people with student loans will now see new income driven payment amounts out of the SAVE program. 13 days from now it will be a bigger story, but loan forgiveness continues to be one of the more influential policies Joseph has gone forward with, and a very stark contrast against Republicans. Putting more money back in working class Americans wallets who will spend, instead of doing the Republican thing and focusing on breaks for the top 1-2 percent that frankly doesn’t trickle it down to others. One is considered a bribe, the other is good policy. While nowhere near as big as Obamacare rollout , and with far less fanfare, the importance of getting this done correctly will be YUGE.
  3. Stop me if you’ve heard it… S&P 500, Nasdaq hit record highs on AI momentum, Dow edges up after weak retail sales By Echo Wang (Reuters) -The S&P 500and Nasdaq closed at record highs on Tuesday, buoyed by Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA)'s continued surge to new peaks, while the Dow ended barely higher in subdued pre-holiday trading following softer-than-expected U.S. retail sales data. Nvidia overtook Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) to become the world's most valuable company, ending the day with a market capitalization of $3.22 trillion.
  4. Well instead of just throwing their fat sausage fingers in a dog’s face or doing some dumbass sniff test with your palm up or down, show some positive body language, get on their level and show yourself talking to the handler.
  5. So I know a week ago I made a comment about there being an echo chamber in the CR librul cabal, in regards to the S&P 500 and Nasdaq being at all time highs. Well, it turns out Echo is actually the name of the Reuters reporter. I shit you not S&P 500, Nasdaq hit record closing highs ahead of data, Fed comments By Echo Wang https://www.reuters.com/markets/us/futures-pull-back-investors-await-data-fed-comments-2024-06-17/
  6. I’ve been 23 before and I don’t remember any 23 year olds knowing what the fuck a mortgage was.
  7. I believe Poe is the one who thinks there are no gays in Montgomery County. He refuses to download Grindr
  8. Some of you guys need a delicious Mike’s Harder Lemonade and some pool time. @BeardIPsince you’re the loony lib in the group text, screenshot us some responses to your correction
  9. Wouldn’t sleep on Ivy League teams and how alot offer free tuition if income is under a certain level. Not sure if that applies to refugees though
  10. Oh, then Aus-Tex would be fucking idiots if they don’t have a sponsorship soon given their size and stability vs a one man shop.
  11. For the “sanctions don’t work” crowd, Moscow is taking one on the chin right now
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