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  1. lol, what? I just told you LibsofTikTik, which you said you use as a basis for opinions on what dems do, is run by a right-wing nutbag and your reply is pointing out even shittier subsects of the right? you're special man. and I don't mean the good kind.
  2. hold the fucking phone. you're using Libs of Tiktok as a reference to what dems do? You know that account is run by a well-known right wing troll, right? oh fuck, it's you, isn't it?
  3. I bet that got a better response around the school lunch table, huh?
  4. I used to believe that keying a car was a hangable offense, but I suppose there are exceptions to any rule
  5. no shit. anyone who isn't a misogynistic pig can see that. most people claiming she is dumb are the same people who just generally hate women.
  6. I mean, I cannot claim to be a student of history just merely an armchair qb of history, but if anyone has been weaker then it's remarkable this country still exists.
  7. tin foil hat theory: Commander only bites SSA's that were complicit in J6.
  8. I'm serious when I say this: it's a shame he chose to take his grifting from the private sector to the public domain because in a different universe this brand of unintentional comedy would have me wheezing. Instead I just intensely stare for signs of impending death. well, he did say he was from the midwest, so yeah.
  9. I just had to come by and say the thread title gave me a hearty chuckle. I did not watch one second of that shitshow, but I know it applies.
  10. think we only get one more year's worth out of this one
  11. Anyone got a link to highlights from last night? I've seen a few clips and the boys already season-ready. But that's a small sample size. Anyway, i am excite
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