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  1. oh shit, looks like I'll be blocking that day off on my calendar
  2. is your first name Norman? I'm watching you what? you can't blame the teenage daughter's super-fucking-high-profile dad who constantly shits on the lgtbq+ community, denigrates just about every other demographic, and spends little to no time with his family? the parents are the first fucking people to look at when a child hurts themselves. I'm sure her getting told constantly what a piece of shit her dad is doesn't help, but of course that still goes back to the source. I'm 100% looking at Ted Cruz on this one.
  3. he corrected himself and apologized. that got a follow from me
  4. omg, the 1:00 mark had me laughing so hard I farted
  5. My only guess is they were waiting for trump to say that was everything so they could prove he was intentionally covering up his crime. Basically let him tell on himself. Otherwise i got little
  6. this is the world conservatives want for us. a dystopian nightmare
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