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  1. They don’t need to cancel spring break. They just need more people to bring their guns.
  2. It’s been great. If you’re in Houston (I think you are), I’m happy to let you take it for a test drive
  3. As a parent of a special needs child I find it offensive to cite scripture on how my child should be disciplined. I find it equally offensive when applied to my child without special needs. Fuck everyone whose world view can’t extend beyond their belief system.
  4. These fucking idiots deserve what they get and we are better off without them
  5. I allowed myself to over serve myself. No money shot sadly
  6. We are tracking. Just started the dry brine on this 38 oz ribeye for dinner with a friend on Friday when Mrs. Brownwater is leaving me unsupervised.
  7. Circumstances conspired against getting a trip this winter and spring. We are thinking South America in early July. And wisdom y’all can share would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  8. So it didn’t rub the lotion?
  9. This sounds like a great deal when compared to, checks notes, Jimbo’s contract. For ~$50m we are out of the B12 and start future revenue offsets sooner. For ~$80-90m the aggies can cancel a contract only to duplicate that cost over its original duration. And this isn’t to shit on aggie although I enjoy doing so. Our exit fee would be on the high but not outlandish cost of a coaching change in todays market. We probably nearly hit that figure between Strong and Herman.
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