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  1. Forgot to circle back. Agree on the above. Thx for mentioning. Hadn’t watched Guga and am finding some interesting stuff on his channel.
  2. Certainly reflective of the genre but that’s our oldest vizsla. No doubt with worse manners that straw’s pup
  3. Letting it rest for a bit before a finishing smoke
  4. I usually do without butter. Think this is the second time I’ve tried with butter. I’ll use it for the sear too. Report back…
  5. Dry brined most of the day and now butter poaching in the sous vide.
  6. Yeah. Came in a bit hot yesterday evening. Sorry… Responding to point 3 - which I read to mean have higher capital gain tax rates on larger gains. My point is that large gains are often a function of longer holding periods (significantly longer than the 1 year break point for the lower gain tax rate) and because of inflation over those periods the “real” gain is smaller. Taxing big gains occurring over extended periods at higher rates could economically result in a loss to the seller
  7. @Goofyboy this isn’t directed at you. But this discussion is frustratingly framed a free higher education. Higher education is no more free than national defense. There is a cost to provide and there is a funding for that cost. The question is who funds that cost? In the case of national defense, the assumption is we all benefit and we all fund that cost ratably via our tax dollar. No one complains about free national defense even though no one stokes a check specifically for it. In the case of education, the alignment of benefit and funding is more opaque. I believe we collectively benefit from an educated population and should use the tax dollar to fund education similarly to defense. Others believe the only person that benefits from an education is the educated individual and they should solely fund that expense on their own behalf. Still others, looking at you red hats, argue that we should preserve menial jobs (self check out at grocery stores) so that our populace needn’t pursue education in favor of relegating themselves to replaceable tasks. I’m not sure if education should be “free” or not. I am sure that stupidity will be expensive AF.
  8. Wrong. Dead wrong. An issue with capital gains is there are 2 rates. Short term = ordinary income rates (max ~40%). Long term = lower preferential rate (max ~20%). Sell 100k stock bought last year for 200k. Pay 20k on the 100k long term gain. Sell 100k stock bought 40 years ago for 200k. Pay 20k on the 100k long term gain. You can’t measure cap gains based solely on the gain and ignore the holding period and ignore the inflation impact over the term. The 100k gains on those 2 scenarios aren’t remotely similar and shouldn’t be taxed similarly either.
  9. I wasn’t sure until now but apparently maga hates Hillary more than migrants.
  10. Seeking input from the Surly steering committee. Jumped on the waitlist for this gmt master 2 yesterday. Would pay retail. Wait time TBD but guess was ~2 years. To date, my affinity for staying off the beaten path has kept me away from Rolex. Now I am feeling no collection is complete without one. This is a new combination for 23 but seems immediately familiar. Mrs. Brownwater hates it…
  11. And I hope that judge ain’t blind When Terry called Jackson at the provided number, the congressman said he was “fucking pissed” about the incident, and said the deputies had used bad judgment. He demanded an investigation and consequences for the deputies involved. After threatening to “bury” the sheriff in the next election, Jackson ended the call with the phrase, “Game on,” Terry wrote in the report. Law enforcement officials have not yet released footage of the incident, but Terry’s report said that he has reviewed tapes and agreed that the deputies actions were justified.
  12. The simulation is fucking with us now right?
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