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  1. tv view of Jones putting Baylor on skates master class on run blocking by Texas online here
  2. Big Blue Nation It's Kentucky. You can't expect anything creative or clever.
  3. Burrell(future at Will) and Hill(future at Mike) don't share the same projected position anyway, right? Hill may play more freshman year, in place of O (Will LB), but he is actually the long term replacement for Ford (Mike LB). We need bodies anyway. O and Ford had to play way too many plays this season. Even with Hill, there is plenty of PT to go around at LB next season.
  4. two other Kentucky WRs have already announced intention to portal Chris Lewis and Magwood Chris Lewis, Pleasant Grove , Wide Receiver (247sports.com) Chauncey Magwood, Lee County, Wide Receiver (247sports.com)
  5. 6 quarters of football with this ref crew and they have called zero penalties against the Longhorns opponent?
  6. Guys get a little NFL chatter after they have a good season. They either work harder or feel entitled and coast. Pretty easy to see where Billingsley is in his career.
  7. If I am SD St, that Butler kid can row a boat back to the mainland. Damn, kid blew it like he had money on Arkansas.
  8. San Diego St in full self-destruct mode.
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