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  1. The double color uniform games have such a nice look. Michigan in blue and Ohio State in red
  2. Js1

    Rodney Terry

    Yep. You have coaches like Vic who command the huddle during timeouts. You also have coaches like Elliot who usually have an assistant handle the huddle during a timeout. Both are elite coaches.
  3. CBB fans can be pretty brutal but this is really crossing a line
  4. If UH wins today, my guess for the ranking tomorrow are: UH Purdue (lost on the road to a ranked team) Alabama Arizona Tennessee (lost to unranked UF and looked generally bad all week but did beat a ranked Auburn) Texas (jumps UCLA because we won against 2 top 11 teams, but Tenn beat us a week ago, so it’s too recent to jump them) UCLA Kansas (went 1-1 and lost on the road to a ranked team) Virginia (lost to an unranked team) Baylor (went 1-1 and lost on the road to a ranked team)
  5. Dude was a dead man walking with what was going to be on roster. If not fired after 2021, 2022 was very likely. I don’t think CDC was able to envision Shaka coaching in Moody with his trajectory. Better we found him that spot to give a new coach a year to build a foundation for opening Moody a year later
  6. Well he left to avoid being fired. It was a classic "leave by choice or we will force you out" type of deal.
  7. Well, they've lost 4 of 5 Big 12 games, so I guess we should just keep that going for them to make it 5 of 6.
  8. We absolutely owe them that. Remaining SOS of the top 6 teams in the Big 12 1 TCU 3 Baylor 6 KU 7 ISU 11 Texas 12 KSU Texas having the second "easiest" schedule of the 6, and a 2 game lead on KSU, makes us the current favorite. BPI gives Texas an 84% to win the conference at 13-5. 2nd best offense, 4th best defense in the league. Big 12 looks like an 8 bid league, as WV's NET is top 20 and 7-11 might be enough with how strong the league is.
  9. This is CBS (Jerry Palm), not Lunardi. Palm still has KU as a 1 after yesterday, and we jumped into the 1 seed line with our win and knocked Arizona to a 2.
  10. We should go 2-0 next week with home games versus Tech and TCU. Which would put us at 11-2 in conference. Home contest versus WV should be a win, so 12-2. The Big 12 title is going to come down to Texas’ 3 road games versus OU, KSU and ISU and its home contest versus Baylor. If we take 2 of those 4, 14-4 should win the Big 12. And 2-2 is very doable since ISU and OU don’t play defense and KSU doesn’t have the size inside to handle a healthy trio of Jones, Faye and Gaston. OU and Baylor each have 3 losses already. OU still has at Baylor, home versus Texas, at KSU and at OSU. Baylor still has OU, at OSU, at Texas, at KSU and ISU. ISU has 4 losses and still has Texas, at WV, at Baylor, at OSU and at Kansas. Baylor and Texas have the easiest schedule of the 4 contenders left. OU has the hardest. Texas remaining schedule by NET: 62.2 OU: 43.7 Baylor: 65.4 ISU: 58.1
  11. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-scores-winners-and-losers-tennessee-gets-controversial-win-six-top-15-teams-go-down/ Kansas is still a 1?? They’ve lost 4 of their last 6
  12. That too. They’re allowing 54.6 ppg. We are up near 67
  13. Idk. Tenn has us beat on NC SOS (8 vs 30) but our overall SOS is stronger due to playing in the big 12 +11.8 scoring margin for us. +17.7 for Tenn
  14. 8th in NET KU is 10th, ISU 12, Baylor 13, TCU 17, WV 20, KSU 22, OSU 35 A win Monday would give us at least 1 win versus every top 25 Big 12 NET team
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