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  1. Pretty obvious when they made Fletcher and Allred’s district way safe Dem. Didn’t even bother trying
  2. Didn’t he do that same shit everywhere? Tear up AAA and then face plant in the majors? Unless you think his career .199 average in the majors is sexy
  3. They could. Season 2 ending was a jump to 1995. But season 3 started in 1992 and ended in 1995 and time jumped to 2003. So season 4 could start in 1995 and time jump or start in 2000 or so and flashback. Season 1 ended in 75 and jumped to 83 at the end. Season 2 started and ended in 83.
  4. R+14. From R+5 TX-25 went from R+8 to R+19
  5. The state party sucks Beto is the only turnout ground game they have.
  6. Scrimmage won’t air on LHN due to other “obligations.” Okay whatever, CDC
  7. Hillary goes to jail, Trump is chosen as Speaker and they impeach and convict Biden. Harris doesn't get to be POTUS because the GOP doesn't care about things like presidential line of succession norms. CHECKMATE LIBS
  8. Never finished it. It was odd.
  9. It's the job of the party to recruit and field candidates in every race. Even a token candidate. If the GOP can run someone against SJL consistently in a D+27 district, TXDP can find someone to run in an R+8 and R+6 district.
  10. Are you trying to draw in Ana ? That's how you put up the bothsides signal.
  11. Democrats weren't going to win them anyhow. But TXDems not even fielding candidates - they're so fucking worthless. Nuke that whole org and start over.
  12. Did you get the boxes because you don't have a smart TV? Isn't it cheaper, if you have at least one HDMI port, to get a cheap Firestick and use that?
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