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  1. The media’s idea of focus groups is to pick people who voted Trump in 16/20 but lie and say they didn’t vote or voted third-party.
  2. Lol not smart, not articulate. Not presidential. Probably the easiest and most common tropes against black women running for office.
  3. They’ll just get paired up with us for a super. Even if they have to drop them a few seed lines like they did aggy
  4. If he comes back, it’ll be some combination of slut/laughs too much/soft on crime/not black/open borders/stabbed Joe in the back
  5. Joe Biden doesn’t owe anyone that decision except himself. We all know
  6. Actually think he got tripped up twice. Sounded like he was going to say those who oppose you or whatever are friends, but then he said fellow Americans instead
  7. Thanks for your contribution, troll
  8. Was a good speech. Laid it out on the table. Only got tripped up once but like, damn he’s old. Older than he was before he got Covid
  9. Figured he’d have that bandage on his head until November. Maybe they sprayed it orange
  10. Well I hope Manny Diaz isn’t leading national defense. But damn Sark could do work with the missiles
  11. No but you can’t just let your top of the ticket be left off considering Sherrod Brown is on the ballot and House races
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