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  1. I don’t know about the ones in town, but the one by my family’s farm has a backup generator. Several years ago, they had a bad ice storm and went without power for a few weeks, and some dude had to haul fuel up to the tower every day or two. I’m guessing the ones in cities don’t have a big fuel tanks, assuming they have generators.
  2. Have you tried legally getting one into the country these days? Visas for Turkish coffee grinders ain’t easy to come by.
  3. 26% of Austin Energy customers without power. 520 active outages 140,000 homes and businesses without power (that’s not 140,000 people without power, it’s 140,000 addresses).
  4. This is why he gets interviewed by Forbes
  5. Austin Energy: 134,687 Oncor: 23,709 Bluebonnet: 8,264 Pedernales: 7,341
  6. Not all of those sounds are tree limbs cracking. Some of us like to fire off a…..celebratory round to let our neighbors know that we appreciate them buying us a power generator. Crossfitters.
  7. Austin Energy’s IT guys right bow
  8. Yep already at 122,000 Austin Energy with another 46,000 from outlying areas.
  9. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this many transformers blowing or arcing or whatever. Officially at 66,700. At least the rain slowed down. That may help slow down ice accumulation on the trees and lines. Just need it to warm up a few degrees. edit counting the other power companies in the area they are up to about 86,000.
  10. This is already outdated they are up to 61,000 Edit Just heard something big blow up towards Hyde Park/Central Market.
  11. If the power outages keep climbing, expect schools to be closed tomorrow. edit there’s another 17,000 out with Oncor, Pedernales, Bluebonnet. And all of those are just the reported outages. Plenty of people are still asleep.
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