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  1. As always, very NSFW, Roman has his thoughts on mobilization. If I was ever in Georgia, I’d have a beer or three with him.
  2. Saw the Coulda Been Worse commercial during the OU/K-State game on the Fox broadcast channel in Austin. No idea if it’s statewide, but it’s a great ad.
  3. Fucking Russian morons. They are losing territory in the east, so they waste valuable drones attacking the mayor’s officers in fucking Odessa.
  4. Saw the Coulda Been Worse abortion ad a few minutes ago on Fox 7 in Austin, during the OU/K-State game. I assume they are running the ad statewide, because running it in Austin would be a bit of a waste.
  5. Too fucking late Liz. A massive chunk of your party still embraces him and wants him to run.
  6. This guy writes for the BBC and has been covering. 9 days that this has went on is pretty wild. And you’d think they’d really try and control Tehran.
  7. I posted the full video yesterday, but it’s making the rounds on Twitter. I fully expect him to either flee the country or be mobilized, because while he’s tried to avoid crossing the line into what could get him in trouble, there’s probably nothing positive in the eyes of the authorities, in terms of what he’s been saying, Plus,he said he’d flee if he was mobilized, and you know some FSB type is saying “challenge accepted!”
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