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  1. Honesty I think this is more about Turkey’s gripes with the US than it is about Sweden or Finland. If the US announced tomorrow it would drop support of the Kurds and ship F-16s, Turkey would probably vote in Sweden and Finland. And this is all comes back to Russia in Ukraine - Russia has to pull troops out of Syria to fight in Ukraine, leaves a bit of a vacuum for Turkey, but Turkey needs us to get out as well.
  2. And like a Peter North load, it cleared the full length of a pool table.
  3. Well you see, open borders means hiding in 18 wheelers, packed like sardines.
  4. Russian ambassador tangled with the Ukraine Memes for NATO Teens Twitter account last week, got piled on.
  5. And China isn’t exactly helping them out with ammo and vehicles like Russia had asked for earlier. It would take Russia quite a while to reach the point where they can manufacture the sub components they need for their high tech stuff..
  6. I bet we allow the F-16s. Turkey is also starting additional operations in Syria very soon.
  7. Many of these were fired at non-military targets. Russian soldiers should be pissed that missiles are being used against civilian targets instead of helping them with Ukrainian troops. But it’s Russian soldiers, many of whom weren’t smart enough to get out of military service, or just love this shit. Dollar amount is interesting, but the real problem is not money - there’s no way they can manufacture a lot of these weapons with all of the sanctions and bans. You don’t ask Belarus to supply ammo if your manufacturing is up to speed.
  8. In addition to hitting the mall full of civilians with fucking air strikes, they fired MLRS at civilians getting water.
  9. This coming on the heels of China’s Xi demoting the pro-Russian Chinese official and acting like he wants to repair relations with the West.
  10. Yep, started in on S1E1 as well.
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