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  1. He knows his audience, it won’t be a black or brown person. Noem sending more SD National Guard troops to the border is another sign she knows that she’s potentially on the ticket.
  2. Gym Jordan. Which is probably why the Republicans would not let him testify publicly and were scared of him testifying publicly.
  3. The reputable source is the video of Donald saying they are on his shortlist. And knowing Dotard, he probably told her beforehand what his shortlist was, because he loves to name drop.
  4. Very telling interview with a Russian collaborator and a faux governor of Zaporizhzhia Oblast Yevgeny Balitsky about what was happening to Ukrainians who opposed Russian occupation at the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Not only does Balitsky openly admit to forced deportations (which are war crimes) but he also hints at executions of the pro-Ukrainian residents of Melitopol. It’d be interesting to know how his new masters feel about Balitsky allowing people he knew to ‘escape’. FYI: When Balitsky talks about not being a Tolstoy follower he's referring to the Tolstoyan movement that is comprised of Christian pacifists.
  5. Full text of the letter that the late Murz promised to publish before killing himself. The letter was authored by a serviceman of the 1487 Regiment of the RF armed formations which took part in the Avdiivka battle. It lists the lack of weapons and transport provided, losses of 70% of the regiment, complete lack of medical examinations and treatment, and transfer to the "Veterans" PMC which is connected to Putin himself. This PMC consists of criminals who do not show up on the frontline but claim the "successes" of the regiment. The main complaint from Murz was that this 1487 Regiment was not even mentioned in Putin's telegram listing units that took part in the occupation of Avdiivka.
  6. “Jewing me down” doesn’t look like Melania he’s on his iPad like a child And so on..
  7. What’d they say about Aggy’s national championship?
  8. So the “FBI informant” was being handled by Russian intelligence, and the Ukrainian stuff turned out to be fake and Rudy wanted it covered up. Now we know why Gym Jordan didn’t want Hunter testifying publicly.
  9. I’ve been somewhat bedridden recently and digging into a lot of the names and actions, and continue to become more and more impressed with the accuracy and the depth as the show moves along. Having looked up most of the cast and who they play, I’ve been able to match up the actions in the trailers/introduction to the actual events in real life. I feel like they’ve done an overall better job than BoB on accuracy and how many people are shown, but then again they literally had huge, detailed debriefings after every mission and multiple books were written by the participants before that was a thing (a lot of BoB books came out after the series). Still love BoB, but Maters is near and dear to my heart because of relatives. A few notes, Lt Barnhill, whose B-17 crashed in I think the second episode while training - his is the B-17 you see crash over Kenny’s shoulder and the two British kids are shocked. He was out of Kingsville, Texas, and only there in England for just 6 weeks, and his wife/mom were told that he was killed on a mission over Germany (his dad was a Texas Ranger who was killed in the line of duty years earlier). The actual crash report matched the show: Biddick may have steered the airplane away from a village, depending on which report you read, but there was also a massive oxygen fire on the flight deck, so accounts vary, but it all happened fast. Dickie’s actual death was apparently too Hollywoodish - he was witnessed by another crew climbing out onto the wing, reaching in or putting on his parachute while standing on the burning wing Finally, this one is going to be the Albert Blithe of the BOB series, where they fucked up his death (Blithe lived to fight in Korea and was a very respected soldier)
  10. If you watch it again, it’s not quite like a fighter. I’ve spent way too much time on the 100th Facebook group, and a few other sites (including the 100th’s main site), but apparently Rosenthal’s son and another crew member or two confirmed that Rosenthal flew the shit out of the plane on that return. I think it was his son who said the maneuvers were more violent than shown in the show - because they were solo at that point, Rosenthal was doing everything he could to keep as many guns on the Germans as possible and so he couldn’t fly it in a straight line until they ran the Germans off (or they ran low on fuel). The turns/spiral he did managed to keep an additional gunner or two covering the approaches of the fighters - the gunners were screaming out positions and Rosie was trying to turn the plane to keep them from a straight-on tail and frontal attack. Rosie was a badass through and through. On a side note, there is a 102 year-old airmen still alive who is the last remaining person who was in the tower when Rosie and his crew landed. https://www.facebook.com/100thBGFoundation/posts/pfbid02GAtQDAaquvApMUri5WQonpempjdtmo9UKwbXBYtc68UHJ4Qct9GvyrMsejyJmyCWl
  11. This is the Holidome experience I remember across multiple Holidomes in multiple states. We maybe going through that area this summer and if it’s there, we are stopping.
  12. Vivek - too brown, no real name recognition DeSantis - too short and dared to run against him Byron - see Vivek, no real name recognition Tim Scott - see Vivek Tulsi - see Vivek plus I don’t think he’s really interacted with her publicly, plus she brings nothing politically Kristi - It was always her
  13. Carl Palmer, John Wetton, Steve Howe, and Geoff Downes were in their 30s when they started Asia, so no youth there.
  14. Paxton and Abbott are doing everything they can to make this state as shitty as they can. I don’t care that they are dancing like puppets, it’d be nice to have somebody who has some guts and isn’t scared of their own shadow.
  15. Abbott and all these fucking Republican dipshits in Texas are just scared little cowards. Frightened of their own fucking shadows. They try to project this image of Texas being this amazing state that is tough and resilient, but the words coming out of their mouths are those of little chickenshit cowards. Fucking pathetic what the GOP is scared of and how weak they look these days.
  16. We should have all been grifting off of these dumb fuck Republicans. And the ones pitching in to GFM - Trump will never even know their names. A BMD who decides to foolishly part with this money is going to write a check out to Trump and actually get something out of it, whether a face-to-face meeting, or some kind of arrangement. MAGA idiots chipping in their $10 or $20 or $100 that they will need at the end of the month? Completely anonymous to him.
  17. @Schulz2.0 I'm wondering if the part about "a sign of authorities’ increasing concern about social and political instability” is related to the youth problems above. I don't know what 21% of the youth being unemployed means in China, but I'm assuming that it's in the upper tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions in a nation of 1.4 billion people. That would be a lot of social upheaval for Beijing if things went south.
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