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  1. If it was nefarious, they would have to assume that the US military would shoot it down, and glean all kinds of information from the wreckage, and they would have no reason to be outraged over them deliberately sending a military surveillance/whatever balloon over the continental US. They are publicly acting very pissed off about it, and probably assume that the US will figure out what it it was about. It could have easily a legitimate civilian purpose and something went wrong and it went off course, but because the Chinese leadership is what it is, they would never admit to a fuckup, and now the US military gets to see what the hoopla was about.
  2. At the same time, they had a million and a half winter uniforms for the regular army go missing (well, they were never manufactured outside of some words on a piece of paper), before they were pulling in the convicts, and If they had those forces that they could use elsewhere, that were actually supplied, with all kinds of equipment and vehicles, they would have rolled over Bakhmut months ago. Unless Bakhmut is really about diminishing Wagner and removing it as a thread - I would not put that above Putin - if Wagner takes Bakhmut, he can push them aside and let the Russian army control it, and if Wagner fails, Putin sidelines Wagner even more. And he's got 10s of thousands of dead convicts in the process, that were a drain on the Russian government. Not to go on a tangent, but you need 3-5 soldiers on offense for every 1 soldier on defense, and Russia does not have those kinds of numbers. I'd argue that you need more than 3-5 soldiers on offense, because things like drones have allowed Ukraine to have eyes all over the real-time battlefield (plus Western satellites), and things like the Javelins have allowed them to have anti-tank teams all over the place. And HIMARS and other highly-mobile artillery means there's some artillery that can respond fairly rapidly to any potential breakouts. Plus, lower-ranking Russians are not known for taking the initiative if things go poorly, and I don't see how they could have trained that into anybody that's been mobilized over the last 3-4 months. This whole thing is nuts. I'm still amazed that they backed off Kyiv and gave up Kharkiv and Kherson. It's like they've been working out how much blood and how much defeat the Russian people will tolerate.
  3. Yep, first Saturday every month, and you can always do the hammering and just let her paint. For something free to do (you can pay to buy the kits if you can't be around for it), it's pretty damned awesome. https://www.homedepot.com/c/kids The apron those kids are wearing, they get those, and if you look at that little girl's, there's a pin - every project they do, they get a pin for that project to put on their apron, and they get little pins recognizing when they've done their 10th, 25th, etc. projects. Some kids have done 50+. March is a little pinball game April is birdhouse with a pool May is flower pot
  4. I would love to tell people that I live in Body of Christ, Texas.
  5. Yeah, I'm shocked he is still alive. There's plenty of lower-level officials who could have/would have offed him before now, and his whereabouts are not a big secret. It's fucking weird, because it's not like on Russian state TV where the talking heads will lament some major failing of the Russian military, and then turn around and blame the oligarchs or the West or corruption or whatever. Girkin straight up blames the leadership.
  6. Oh, the military saw it and the one last year, and the three over the previous 2-3 years (I want to say 2017-2020). Our military was tracking it before it hit US airspace, and it was easy to track given the size of the payload. We have ground-based radars that track smaller items in space than that payload.
  7. He has a lot of cool videos getting into the history of aerial warfare, naval air, etc.
  8. He can hang out with Lothar of the Hill People.
  9. They weren’t interfering/jamming our comms, otherwise we would have said something. Plus, there’s plenty of amateur radio geeks out there that were in the path that would have noticed such attempts. And that’s not getting into the fact that we knew where it was at all times, which means we could just shut down our comms as they pass through the area. If the Chinese were after our comms, tying into what @Balconeswas saying, the Chinese could have slipped somebody into the US (students, tech workers, etc.) into our large Chinese-American population, and amongst any number of Chinese-owned businesses in the US, and with a little bit of gear and the right job/home/vacation, could collect far more a balloon, and we would not know. 1234. We have been extremely aggressive about flying and collecting intelligence over the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, and in Eastern Europe, against Russia, who casually talks about throwing nukes our way, and whose soldiers and sailors have been killed by that intelligence we collected, but all of the sudden a Chinese balloon over our own territory was a problem our military couldn’t solve or handle? GTFO with that nonsense.
  10. It’s not a bot if it spends $8-$11 a month to get a blue checkmark!
  11. If your kids’ school doesn’t have power, they will be in touch with you. I don’t think they’ll be bussing them elsewhere, so if your school is out, your kids are home. Don’t hold me to that. Only 7 schools are without power in Austin, and they sent out messages this afternoon saying they are trying to get those open, and it’s a priority of sorts for AE. But regardless, they will be open on Monday everywhere else.
  12. If you’re going to do it, GET OFF SURLY AND DO IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Get the body cut up, and in small bags, and get it dumped in apartment/condo dumpsters in areas that lost power, because those dumpsters are full of a shit-ton of rotting food from full fridges and nobody will notice the smell of a human body. If you want to get fancy/are paranoid, take a bunch of those bags of rotting food and stick them into your bags of body parts. Get the bags of parts deeper into the mix of dumpster bags, because raccoons and possums are going crazy at night and may inadvertently get some of your bags open,
  13. If you’re looking for something to do with the kids, until noon, Home Depot has their first Saturday of the month free craft for kids. Assuming your home depot has power. Kids get a free apron and they do let you take the craft home if you don’t wanna do it at Home Depot. Lots of nailing and painting so get them ready for house repairs.
  14. If you’re looking for something to do with the kids, until noon, Home Depot has their first Saturday of the month free craft for kids. Assuming your home depot has power. Kids get a free apron and they do let you take the craft home if you don’t wanna do it at Home Depot. Lots of nailing and painting so get them ready for house repairs.
  15. 16 AISD schools still without power, all bus terminals without power (which means no fueling). The district’s central warehouse finally had power restored today, and it holds thousands of pounds of food for distribution. The think power will be back for almost all facilities today/Saturday, and schools open on Monday.
  16. It was a bit of a wash - he ended up playing Minecraft with his buddies, and then when they started losing power and he was interested, we subsequently lost power for a few days, which would have been prime playing time for him. Somebody was trying to tell me to not let my kid get hooked on WOW. When everything was back up and actually consistently running today to the point where I'd plug the desktop in and let him play, the first thing he wanted to do was Minecraft to see what his friends had built and whose servers were still up. Yeah, that didn't age well.
  17. Yeah, while I prefer PC, if it's decent on the Switch, that's what we have hooked up to our living room TV and it's what the kids play the most on.
  18. I had relatives outside of Tulsa who were without power for well over a week, and they all have generators now. We finally got consistent power back this afternoon. Thankfully our problem seemed fairly easy to fix, as in one or two transformers and no pole replacements. Lost most of the fridge, as everybody that we knew that still had power and were close by had their fridges full from everybody else without power, since in some cases was literally one street had power, the next didn't, etc. Saved everything from the freezer as we found somebody that could take it all in. Going to buy a few more small power banks for phones/USB-charged lights, etc., as we had some Internet access and our kids night lights worked for what we needed. They seem to be getting power back on faster and faster - down to under 84,000 right now. The crew working our outage said the pole replacements were a major issue, which I get, especially given the weather was shitty up until last night, and I'd assume the ground is iffy due to all of the rain. And I know which trees caused our outages, and they are being dealt with. Edit: also, some of the larger transformers were an issue, but they didn't say whether it was a supply or an installation issue, and we weren't going to bug them.
  19. Do you know how inefficient of a delivery system that would be? As in it wouldn't fucking work at all? I've told my Qanon relatives who think contrails are actually "chemtrails" meant to control the population, that if they are so fucking worried about mind altering/controlling drugs in contrails, they should do their own research and go spend a few years and become an airplane pilot or mechanic, or go take a bunch of college-level courses on fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and meteorology, and they'd find out that contrails are just fucking contrails and nothing else. But all of the sudden, none of them want to do their own research. Maybe you should go take a few of those classes though. And then I told them that if the government wanted to introduce some kind of chemicals/drugs into the civilian population, they wouldn't do something as stupid and inefficient as dispersing chemicals thousands of feet up that would evaporate/be so diluted as to not work. Instead, they'd get a bunch of 18 wheeler tankers with chlorine signs, or water signs (better yet, "water, non-potable, do not drink) and just fucking drive them into the nation's water treatment facilities and dump the chemicals in that way, so they'd actually get most of the people. That made said Qanon nuts a little antsy. If you think the Chinese are plotting a bio/chemical attack, it'd be easier and more effective for them to buy up some chemical companies and do what I mentioned above - introduce the stuff directly into the water supplies. That's what Tom Clancy would do, because it makes fucking sense versus a fucking balloon. Because China wants to go to war with us using a biological or chemical attack, knowing that we have a shitload of sealed missile silos and submarines full of nukes.
  20. Facebook will dedicate a team of engineers and spend months/years and tens of millions of dollars refining some new concept to raise revenue, and they'll put it through focus/testing groups of thousands and then tens of thousands of users before it ever gets close to a production server. Elon puts it through the focus group of @BradinOmaha1981 and @DngrVax19036420 for a few hours, then tells some group engineers that's still around to make it work or they get fired and the clock starts ticking on the visas of some of them.
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