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  1. It’s tempting to help ramp people up on social media when they flip out over shit like this https://www.norad.mil/Newsroom/Press-Releases/Article/3849184/norad-detects-tracks-and-intercepts-russian-and-prc-aircraft-operating-in-the-a/ NORAD detected, tracked, and intercepted two Russian TU-95 and two PRC H-6 military aircraft operating in the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on July 24, 2024. NORAD fighter jets from the United States and Canada conducted the intercept. The Russian and PRC aircraft remained in international airspace and did not enter American or Canadian sovereign airspace. This Russian and PRC activity in the Alaska ADIZ is not seen as a threat, and NORAD will continue to monitor competitor activity near North America and meet presence with presence. An ADIZ begins where sovereign airspace ends and is a defined stretch of international airspace that requires the ready identification of all aircraft in the interest of national security. NORAD is a unique bi-national command between the United States and Canada. NORAD employs a layered defense network of satellites, ground-based and airborne radars and fighter aircraft in seamless interoperability to detect and track aircraft and inform appropriate actions. NORAD remains ready to employ a number of response options in defense of North America. ————- This happened thousands of times during the Cold War, and during the Cold War, the largest number of interceptions were of the TU-95s.
  2. So I’ve recently had some minor health issues, and some of my relatives came out of the woodwork to offer advice, thoughts and prayers, etc. One of my cousins called me up Monday, she’s pushing 60 and from Arkansas, and MAGA, and told me about her husband’s experience with the same thing, her advice, etc. I steered the conversation away from that because I’ve heard enough this week. Talked about family, some genealogy stuff, etc., and then she steered it toward politics because I’m in liberal Austin, and she laughingly asked if I’d vote for Harris. I said I liked Harris and would vote for her, because Harris believes the world is round and that we walked on the moon and that boats with batteries don’t electrocute people when they sink. I got silence and then a “ okay” and then a little more silence and then she mentioned that if we came to the Arkansas game, to give them a heads up and we could stay with them. So tonight I got some texts from her daughter asking what I meant about the moon stuff and world being round, and she mentioned that her mom had brought it up to several relatives and was asking if Trump thought the world was flat or that we didn’t walk on the moon or about the boats thing. I told her it was a joke, and she (the daughter) found it amusing. You all should be throwing this stuff out there at your MAGA relatives. You might get some of them to start openly claiming the earth is flat or that we didn’t walk on the moon because that’s what Harris believes,
  3. I’ve noticed this a bit with some Ukraine-related accounts. Wish they’d move to Threads, and hopefully with the embedding stuff coming, they will
  4. My 11 year-old absolutely loved the first episode, and we will watch the next tomorrow. I thought it was good and fun. It’s not the original Time Bandits, but I love that they are doing deeper dives into the periods they are in.
  5. Saw first episode with 11 year-old son, and he loved it and wants to watch the next one (already out). It’s a little like a What We Do in the Shadows movie reunion at times. It’s definitely aimed at kids, but I liked it. If you love the original movie, it’s not that. But competently made.
  6. Start with Masters of the Air.
  7. Did he? If he walks away with tens of billions in compensation from a company whose sales appear to have some problems, I’d say he got out of it just fine. Of course, Tesla stock dropped 12%, around $30 today. That seems not good.
  8. How does South Africa produce both Charlize Theron and Elon Musk? And I gotta say, at least Twitter is open about allowing certain groups to use slurs. They aren’t hiding the favoritism or prejudice anymore.
  9. Like all infantrymen, when shit happens to somebody else and he’s not responsible, he’s going to celebrate.
  10. And Putin spent a lot of airtime telling Russians that Ukrainians are Russians by another mother.
  11. Better to be silent than to call his attention to you; he will send you doom, not fortune!
  12. Did he make that decision before or after Tesla's stock started tanking - it's pushing -8% and -$19 in after hours trading. Or did a bunch of people around him freak out at the prospect of a Trump administration cancelling the $7,500 EV incentive, when Tesla can't even sell a shitload of cars it's already made? We will only know if he's serious if Trump/MAGA goes after him on this.
  13. Shame that Apple didn't buy Paramount instead of Skydance buying them. That seems like that would have been a decent fit and Apple probably could have come up with the money looking under their couch cushions.
  14. For those of us on the Apple One plan (iCloud backups/storage, TV+, Music, Arcade) it's around $5-$10 a month or cheaper. I normally was paying around $11 a month for iCloud, and $11 for Music (wife's preference), so switching to the plan (bumping up to the family plan) was only $5 more, which got us Apple TV and arcade.
  15. Wasn’t this run by somebody on Surly https://isthelakefullyet.com/#volume How often is it updated?
  16. Tesla is down over 7% in after-hours trading. Down around $18. Is that bad? His taxi is delayed, his robots are delayed.
  17. The energy generation, I'm assuming that's the Supercharger network that other companies are also using. Maybe the smartest thing Tesla has done - allowing other car companies to plugin. As they sell more EVs, Tesla will generate more revenue through the network. More money to be made in the long run selling the shovels than digging for gold or something.
  18. Two things - that Russian had basically nothing on him - no body armor, helmet, etc. Had he been flushed out of a bunker or something? Second, he might have put the barrel under his armpit and fired, faking shooting himself - he knows he's being watched, and you can see the round hit the ground behind him, and there was no hole/blood stain on his back, and he didn't panic. Still, in his mind, if he faked it, the fact that he came up with a scenario where he might have to take his death has got to wear on him mentally - that's how bad they are doing and how pervasive drones are.
  19. Yeah, meanwhile Obama is looking buff and is the best looking one out of the bunch. But yeah, Elon is weird as fuck to be the CEO of a car company that's struggling to sell cars, and he's spending his time on this stuff. Meanwhile, if you surveyed 100 Americans, they couldn't tell you who the CEO of Ford or Toyota is.
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