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  1. Just like how Hot Wheels’ big money donors are going to reign him in. Any day now, right?
  2. aggy will find some way to pull out a win. Their fans will be even more annoying than usual.
  3. It was a great day when the NCAA stripped Pedo State of JoePedo's wins and made Eddie Robinson once again the all-time winningest corch in NCAA history. I had the fortune to meet Coach Rob several times while growing up in north Louisiana and he was a true gentleman and class act. I respected the hell out of that man. Then two weeks later (not really, but felt that way), the NCAA does a complete 180 and gives those W's back to Pedo State. I honestly think my downward trajectory in CFB interest began with that move.
  4. PE firms invest in money-losing companies all the time. It's kind of their thing.
  5. Since everything private equity touches dies, I look forward to this.
  6. 40 years of trickle down being the main economic policy of the GQP and we have one super small example of it maybe kind of working. Yay?
  7. John Roberts will call it free speech. Nothing to see here. Any way, the only people dumb enough to fall for it were voting for dotard already.
  8. If I had that job, my first order of business would be to promote our place to host all sorority charity car washes for any university within a 200 mile radius.
  9. If dotard was convicted under the espionage act then he wouldn’t be running around the country free to spout his bullshit. That would be a huge and welcome change.
  10. I watched 30 seconds of white people standing around in a shitty yard and gave up. What happened?
  11. Convicted and asked to pay (asked, because no one will make him actually pay) a $1,000 fine.
  12. I’m referring to the timeframe before she started showing her bias and incompetence. There were plenty that said it was fine because the DOJ couldn’t be seen as judge shopping by asking to get the case moved to another court.
  13. Gator will be here any minute now to tell us we're wrong and overreacting. The system is working as designed... blah blah blah.
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