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  1. The brothers always have great reactions to RATM. There's a highlight video of black people reacting to 'Down Rodeo' and every time they have to pause the clip, eyes get as big as dinner plates and say something along the lines of "What the fuck did he just say?" when Zack hits the opening lines.
  2. ESG will always mean Everyday Street Gangsta
  3. Government needs to nationalize every insurance company. Wonder why Mr Both Sides gives them a free pass?
  4. Next time, say the last part first. What a beating.
  5. That's hard to believe we lead the country since Georgia hasn't had a single punt returned against them this year. Not returned for a TD, we're talking no one has actually caught the ball and run forward with it on a punt.
  6. Similar to a couple of years ago when RATM was about to start their tour and they were getting played on the radio quite a bit. People were getting uppity with the usual "I love their music, but they need to leave the politics out of it." One of the Sirius XM hosts said, "Hey dumbasses, what machine do you think they're raging against? The washing machine?"
  7. I'm terrified that a hospital visit due to uncontrollable laughter isn't covered by my insurance.
  8. I'm surprised the goobers didn't make a run at the autist douchebag at Missouri. He seems to be the perfect fit for their weird asses.
  9. Lot more people from Jersey at Duke than aggy.
  10. LSU’s offense is pretty good though
  11. UGA always gives up a TD on the first possession.
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