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  1. Seriously? They're going with the theory that the FBI tossed the place because they didn't approve of the lock he put on the door? Something tells me it takes a little more than debating the pros and cons between a Master Lock and a Stanley to get the FBI to carry out the highest profile search in its history.
  2. "Raise the roof gospel" you say? Fuck out of here until you experience a real live praise break.
  3. Based on the al Qaeda videos from back in the day it seems all they need is a set of monkey bars. As such I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for any unusual gatherings of Oakley wearing goateed fat asses trying to traverse the bars at the local elementary school playground.
  4. Yeah, good luck with that. The Supreme Court said he had to turn his shit over two years ago and fuck all happened.
  5. This is always a sound strategery. I'm a fan of it at work.
  6. Should definitely do this... https://youtu.be/oiHnVZZjxoY?t=89
  7. And you don't do this over just 15 random boxes. Those boxes must have had some juicy info in them and / or the feds found out said juicy info got passed on to someone it shouldn't have been passed on to.
  8. The Jan 6 committee waited until June to try to get text messages from the Secret Service, the FBI waits over a year to search for these boxes. It's a miracle we ever convict anyone.
  9. Why didn't the Federal B-I shoot his fat ass when they had the chance?
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