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  1. Thanks y'all; I do residential solar so I get paid when the system is built (3 to 5 months) after the sale is made. I can barely afford one private jet.
  2. Main Question: Anyone know an Austin or Phoenix based employment law professional for advice and or low fee consultation? Summary: I just left a sales position at a dodgy company. I have about $25k of commissions in my sold pipeline which, naturally, the company is refusing to pay. Pretty low rent, I know, but I could use that money to start my next business. Need to get a demand letter and assessment of whether or not this is worth my time and energy and money to pursue - prefer to try a legal route as opposed to firebombing their office. Any friendly advice or sarcastic comments would help. cheers.
  3. from 1st and Barton Springs....TEXAS!
  4. We need 5 parties. Even numbers are bad for consensus.
  5. We have an airplane full of cyber experts and lawyers! Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
  6. Going to be in Portland for August. have a few roadies planned but would like recos or coconspiratists.
  7. some would stay, it would be interesting to see it play out.
  8. Now I have fallen through my own rabbit hole as I like this approach. My concept was Homeless Island where we would have all the drugs/booze, medical care, etc and you could choose to just live there and od or clean up and move back to wherever. We would film it as a reality tv show and use that money to fund it. Catalina Island would be a fun choice.
  9. I am beginning to think we live completely different lives. Spent a few days at wonder lake back in 03. Wonderous. Thanks for the tales.
  10. don't need to hear anything else from that person but I do have some questions for red top white shorts girl.
  11. surly superPAC is not the worst idea I have heard. granted, I have heard some bad ideas.
  12. I try to read that texags nonsense. After about 3 posts, I get a headache.
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