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  1. Yep..... dirty hit on Colt years ago and proceeded to calling him Cart forever after that. Fuck them and their cult fanbase.
  2. While I'm happy to see a former Longhorn have success elsewhere if things don't work out here ( and NOT taking up for Pierce), but I'm not so sure y'all watched his sophomore and junior years here at UT. He had a great season as a freshman but last year he had trouble even getting a bunt down. Batted around .200 for the year. Sometimes a change of scenery is needed. Glad it worked out for him.
  3. Not sure why he wasn't bunted over... Now thrown out.....dumb
  4. Watched that the other night. Pretty well done and insightful. While he came out ahead at the end of the year, what a grind.
  5. Even worse is half or more of starters this year will be gone next year. And with the in limbo going on right now, we aren't getting anyone from the portal either.
  6. OK...that's piqued my interest.
  7. She's been invited and already has a qualifying time (5K) to go to the Olympic trials.... 16 yrs old. https://news4sanantonio.com/sports/high-school/boerne-champions-elizabeth-leachman-earns-invitation-for-usa-track-field-olympic-trials-texas-hill-country-high-school-sophomore-state-records
  8. Myself and the guys around me all laugh when we discuss the ticket prices etc....., the tickets are the cheap part! It's the beer, booze and hot dogs throughout the season that makes it an expensive hobby. EDIT: your avatar is appropriate for sitting in our section.
  9. Depends on what section.... Main stands under the roof all have a foundation contribution added on.... R2/L2 and out only pay for actual seat costs. 1 or 2 sections of GA at $99. Last yr or more, there were supposedly no tickets available that were not bought by season ticket holders
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