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  1. Ha! No ....my OCD/analness does not allow me to do that. Plus, it bugs me too when regarded newbs do that. Harder to judge chip stacks. We were both there last Friday though and I did land up talking with Bob a bit when he was still in the tourney. Didn't make it this Friday as we were still dealing with power issues at our house and it would have been poor form on my part to leave the missus and the doggies at home by themselves without power as it had been a few days.... "See ya honey! going to play cards" !! Did make it last night though, with another good session for +1700 ( though I did move out of seat nine, cant see that well from there. And of course a couple of hrs later quad 4's were hit from there. That paid 1400). I like playing Fridays (seems to be the best night at TCH) though it has always bugged me that they give women half off on that day. I think that is bullshit and have talked with the management ( I had gotten to know all the original TCH owners and dealers pretty good and know many now) about how they actually are probably losing money doing that. Why don't they do something for the regulars? Loyalty? Seniors or the like? Half off for them doesn't bring in many more women (count them on a Friday) they are playing for 6 an hr and they don't come in on any other night. There are a couple there that usually only play that night, and when it comes around to the bomb pots where it is player's choice they ALWAYS pick double board hold em bomb pots. WTF? Just a waste of freaking time as it is always a chop and you have to wait for the dealer top chop up the stacks. I haven't EVER seen a scoop on double board hold em. Those two NITs bug me so much, that if I am seated at their table , I immediately ask for a table change.... Enough of that, Rant Over. I guess to figure out who you are, next time I'm there on a Friday, I'll just have to piece together some scenes from Gladiator and say out loud to the room as I am checking in, "I am Maximus Desmus Meridius, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!! ...DIRTONIA!! As always, Good Luck! Run Good. 🤠
  2. I know it was posted on the first page but that was just a quick meme. If you follow the baseball board, you may have read my story about myself and my Dad always playing catch whenever we got together. After reading this topic today, I realized it is the first time I've watched this scene since his passing in December of '21. He was 86. Not sorry for posting the extended scene for the full effect.
  3. ALL of the stories from the players, Tommy, and his grandson were great but this one ^ above, was definitely in the top 3. Hook 'Em Coach.
  4. So glad I went, though it felt like losing another Dad. I Thought it was fitting afterwards that they served peanut butter and honey sandwiches, along with Lay’s potato chips and ice tea from a mason jar. Gus’ lunch staple for many, many years. RIP Coach Gus [emoji869]
  5. Nice ^. After taking a beating (no matter how I played) pretty much for the last 3/4 of 2022 at the Lodge, I've gone back to TCH a few times this year (with small positive results). Went there on Monday cuz I had a feeling their bad beat was getting close to hitting. Sat down at 7p and by 10 I was up 1200. Thought about leaving but the table was definitely active and I also kept at least splitting bomb pots. Young kid ( good, LAG that I've played with before awhile back) sat down to my left at around 1030p and kept eyeing my stack and baiting me to get into a pot with him. He was raising around 20 or more each hand (either straddle or bet) and I figured to just be patient with him. For the most part though, I went card dead with him there. He finally moved to the other end of the table ( not sure why, as he was getting hands and dragging pots) but it worked out for me. Half hr later we get it in against each other in a pretty juicy bomb pot where I take around half of his 1100 stack. He then proceeds to go on tilt and starts dumping chips and money to about everyone at the table. He throws his last 150 in blind preflop, and I wake up with Kings. Half the table behind me so I raise to $300 to isolate but the small blind goes All In for $525, OOPS. Easy call for the 225 as there is $975 in, but as I do, he announces he has the best hand,...AA and wants to do two boards. I was all for that but the kid wants only one board so dealer is not willing to run it twice even though there would be a side pot between myself and the small blind. Last card shown on the flop is a King, turn and river are both 7s for a boat (just for overkill). Left around 40 minutes later (2am) up $2700. Oh and I got an extra hundred for being clocked in around 1am as the bad beat was hit down at TCH in the valley. Good start (for now) for 2023.
  6. Received a text about an hr ago from the school regarding Gus’ service this Thursday…link for RSVP is at the bottom of pic. [emoji869]
  7. Some here just need (want) things to be be like CSI. All the forensics found, wrapped up, and completed within the hour.
  8. I thought you were leaving?? ( I kidd....I kidd ) Your responses have been on point and more than informative. Just gotta remember your audience. It's why we cant have nice things.
  9. It's a violent sport where the first priority is going to be stabilizing the C-spine. I wasn't watching the game live but switched to it once I heard about it. I was able to find some videos (before being taken down) of him collapsing and the response from the sidelines. The first trainer/medical person reaching him immediately got behind his head and was stabilizing his head while leaning over him and trying to talk/establish a response from him. Before the video cut off, which was about another 30 seconds, there never was a pulse check. That is not a dig on the trainers/ med staff. Just an observation. Pretty sure commotio cordis was the last thing they thought what was going on. If that is what it truly turns out to have been.
  10. You betcha. They say optimal is actually now 2.4 inches but nobody is going to have a tape measure with them. Just go with 2 ( and some crunching of cartilage) and you'll be good.
  11. Just look at the responses for CPR over the last two pages (rate, how fast, depth of compressions, etc) and you can see the confusion. The American Heart Association, would still like to have you do compressions and ventilations, but for the average lay person, they haven't taken a class, haven't in many years, don't remember the ratio, are worried about making a mistake, doing something wrong, so they land up doing NOTHING. Even hospital and pre-hospital providers sometimes struggle with their recerts if they aren't doing CPR every day. (And , if they are not in the ER or a busy downtown Fire/EMS service, they aren't doing CPR every day). Compressions, hard and fast, are better than nothing else so that's where the AHA has gone. Bystander CPR, compressions only, until Fire / EMS or Police (yes, they are many times there before FD/EMS) arrival will keep oxygenated blood circulating until CPR can be done by professionals. And they are going to do ventilations via an airway adjunct and BVM until an advance airway is then put in place. If you're the only one there, can remember 30/2 (adult), hard and fast, then do that. Otherwise, continuous, hard compressions at a minimum of 2 inches for an adult and 100-120x a minute until help arrives. And for those wondering about the Bee Gees and Staying Alive, that has been around for at least 20 yrs. and it actually helps when doing compressions....The show The Office, did a great episode on it years ago and it seems fitting for the Shag/Surly.
  12. If he did suffer commotio cordis, it is even rarer for his age group and body build. In the US, there are usually less than 30 cases per year and the majority fall into the 8-18 age group. Even rarer for 20 yr olds and above. The most likely sports where it happens are baseball (usually pitchers on a come backer) hockey, and lacrosse. Projectiles (baseballs, pucks) flying around 40 mph (from studies) seem to be the main culprit AND it needs to happen at the split second just before or on repolarization of the T wave. With the younger age groups, it happens more often due to the not yet developed chest muscles and lack of proper sports protection across the sternum or left chest wall. Football's shoulder pads help to lessen this. Like tonight, key treatment is effective CPR and early defibrillation (though nine minutes of CPR is getting up there for brain anoxia). Hopefully the CPR was good. Survival rates have come up within the past few years with more AEDs on sporting fields, but it is still only around 50-58% with the early interventions. Not that long ago , it was in the 30 percentiles. I wish him a good outcome, but there is more than just getting pulses and a BP back for a proper end result. For those mentioning retaking a CPR course,......( @ztejas, @SHOOTER12 ) if you are doing that, you should also look into a Stop The Bleed course. It's not long, probably more likely to use (maybe even on yourself), & the course covers direct pressure, wound packing, and most importantly nowadays, the proper use and placement of a tourniquet. Luckily for Jeremy Renner, he had a neighbor (supposedly a Doc) that placed a tourniquet on his leg before EMS/Fire gets there, otherwise he most likely bleeds out before they are able to transport him.
  13. Sad to hear this. My dad and mom were friends with him going to back to his days Coaching at South San and taking them to 6 State titles before coming to UT. ( If you didn't already know, he hung up the phone when Coach Royal contacted him about the job. He thought it was a prank phone call). Such an innovator of small ball (Gus Ball) and was instrumental in the design of Disch Falk after the team stopped playing at Clark Field. He wanted large dimensions and the field to play to the strength of Texas pitching. He was humble yet stern and demanded excellence from the players both on and off the field. A true Texas Longhorn legend has left us. RIP Coach Gus. Say hi to my Dad for me. 🤘
  14. How off topic do we have to go to get some of them there drink coupons...???
  15. Last deep ball caught !! (cuz it wasn’t to no adjustment/ board hands Worthy) Go into the portal dude.
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