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  1. He'd fit right in with the Aussie SAS. Though they drank from a prosthetic leg from a Taliban they dispatched on one of their clearing missions. Nicknamed it "Das Boot" and kept it in their bar where they decompressed between outings outside the wire. 😁
  2. Gonna get to see her this weekend before they put her back in the water. Can't wait.
  3. Agree. And we do. It's just already occupied by the Texas bullpen. That damn ball almost sent to me to Dell Seton ER. I normally stay for the whole game but with the blowout, I decided to leave a bit early to play cards. I'm on the sidewalk behind left, almost even with the door to the Yeti Yard, and I hear "Ball, Ball, Ball"! Just have time to get my head up to see a blur hit the sidewalk about 5' behind me and bounce out towards the tennis courts. Some frat guys yelled at the kid that got it to throw it back, which he did (dumb). Glad he threw it fairly far and didn't hit the left fielder with it. Half inning later I saw one the equipment guys come down the stairs with a ball in his hand and went into the dugout. He came out about 30 seconds later with the ball still in his hand and went into the clubhouse. Same thing I saw them do with Schuessler's last year (first hit and HR also) , they are making sure to try and get the baseballs that were these guys first college hit.
  4. We went in 2022 and I'm pretty sure there was over 25K that night (Saturday). It was a record at the time for the Shriner's Classic and they needed to open up some upper deck (club?) seating. We won, but tigger fans around us were unbearable.
  5. Going to have to get down there this month.... (free admission to the Ralston Family Collections Center on Monday-Tuesdays 1-5pm) otherwise $14 to get in with a reservation on other days or times.
  6. My bad. No disrespect to the board, just forgot that it wasn't common knowledge to all as to who they flew with.
  7. Yep. First flew in '43 covering the Sicily invasion (from N Africa clearing sea lanes) and then providing bomber escort in mid '44 for the 12th and 15th Air Force (not the 8th which was based out of England).
  8. Yep... Said a piece of metal went into or through his lower leg. Lost a lot of muscle with surgery and weren't sure he would walk again, let alone pitch.
  9. Freight elevator at Gregory Gym broke and fell two floors...he was in it.
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