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  1. These Fokkers ( or were they Messerschmitts?), flew over the house until sundown to help slow it down. Even got a big bird 737 to join the party. IMG_4304.m4v IMG_4315 2.m4v
  2. And no Ann Margret either.....
  3. Buddy of mine and I were at his last start/game at the Kingdome in '93. Day game on a Wednesday (happened to be the wife's Bday) and our seats were just down the line by the Rangers/visitor's bullpen ( it was on the field between the foul line and the first row of seats). Like all the guys say in the movie trailer,.... "ssssssssssss POP!" That's what you heard from 25' ft away and just a few rows up. Had to be scary in the box against him. After facing just a few batters in the first, and feeling a pop against Dave Magadan (leading NCAA hitter in '83 on Bama's runner up team to the HORNS), that was the last batter he ever faced. Kingdome crowd (40k +) did Nolan right and gave him a standing O as he left the field.
  4. I thought the phrase was...."Whether your destination is heaven or hell, you have to change planes in Atlanta." ??
  5. Better spies for the Allies (or those Axis spies caught by the allies and then turned), plus the paranoia and the absolute authority from the idiot corporal that ran the German forces. I didn't know it but just saw that Amazon might still have the story "Garbo The Spy" available. to buy but for some reason, not watch thru Prime. Documentary of Juan Pujol Garcia, a Spaniard better known as codename Garbo. Throughout the years many have questioned Hitler's decisions or definitely the delaying of the Panzer divisions from getting onto or near the beaches in Normandy on D Day and the following days. You can thank the double agent Juan... I've seen many documentaries or read about Hitler sleeping in or the his staff not wanting to waken him on June 6th, it's because he trusted "Garbo" so much. MI5 had given him enough true intelligence in the years prior that Hitler had the upmost confidence in him and, he had sent an intel message to Hitler that the landings in Normandy were a feint, with the "real' landings to come at Pas de Calais as they had been thinking, and thus be ready for America's best field General, Patton and his fake 1st Army. He was so highly thought of by the British and (not realizing he was a double agent) the Germans, that he is probably one of the only, if not him alone, to be a recipient of the Member of his Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and also the Iron Cross from the Germans.
  6. Nothing wrong with getting another Dirtbag here...
  7. Alright!! Gotta think his idol and mentor Tulo had a hand in this. Hoping for the best for him.
  8. OK, Kim just leaving....(not in prison, dead, or Lalo's girlfriend) wasn't on the Bingo card.
  9. Vitello talking about what a great guy he is.....didn't show that in games I saw him play. Would love to be at the game the first time someone plunks him in the minors.
  10. He's a regular at the Lodge in RR.
  11. Johnny Mize with the NY Giants should be another. missed that HG already named him.
  12. Cobb had 46 INSIDE THE PARK HRs....117 total.
  13. Guys are posting too fast. Derrek Lee and Jermaine Dye, Nelson Cruz.
  14. Got maybe a 1/2" or more (my rain gauge is broken) over the last hr in Henly....Chance for more if this storm coming up 281 in the Blanco area, if it moves just a bit east. Oh, and the temp is a very pleasant 76 right now.
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