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  1. Mr. Gatti's buffet in high school = as many pieces as could fit on the plate. Now - usually two, sometimes three (but always wished I would have stopped at two). I prefer two leftover slices for breakfast - straight out of the fridge.
  2. I can't imagine how someone would find that video.
  3. Very Machiavellian of you.
  4. Watching on TV and as soon as they got on stage I told my wife "they're going to boo that motherfucker." She looked at me like WTF. The Texas fans did not disappoint!
  5. Jerry Callo

    Austin FC

    Thanks for the heads-up. Just bought some for the family.
  6. Jerry Callo

    Austin FC

    He's cheap, he's a decent player, and the club's priorities are elsewhere right now. He'll be just as effective on the bench next year as he was this year and he can play some minutes if needed.
  7. Court of Appeals rules against Jussie Smollett
  8. On one end of the area was a 7-11 on the other a Taco Bell. All you had to do was drive by to find out where the party was happening.
  9. I re-watched the series this month (after watching Rebels). It will be hard to watch future Star Wars movies/series if they can't keep the Andor standard.
  10. We left the girls home for one night when the oldest was almost 15 and the youngest was almost 14. They weren't dipshits, though.
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