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  1. Really depends upon what you are doing with the leftovers. I like to slice and seal in ~1 pound packages. That way I can pull out just what I need for any given meal. Most leftovers will be used for meals during the week. If I need more than a couple pounds, then I'll happily smoke another brisket.
  2. Both will be at the 4th of July Picnic next weekend. The wife (no pics) and I will be in attendance.
  3. Jerry Callo

    Austin FC

    Hopefully, Ponch works out at River Plate. Based upon these stats he's getting playing time as a center midfielder off the bench. As for Dominguez, if they won't play him, I hope they unload him during the summer transfer window.
  4. From the lost book of Thibaut - And Jesus said unto his disciples - Laissez les bons temps rouler.
  5. Went on a barbecue run this morning - wanted to try something new to me in Austin. Decided to try J. Leonardi's Barbecue on 11th. Drive past Franklin and see a nice respectable line. Missed J. Leonardi's on the first pass, then noticed no line, no waiting at Micklethwait's. Stop at Micklethwait's and pick-up a 3 meat plate with moist brisket, pulled lamb, barbacoa, jalapeno cheese grits, and gouda smoked mac & cheese. Drove back to J. Leonard's to find out they are closed until further notice. Damn, I wanted to try something new. Decided to head to Moreno's BBQ on Mechacha. Sliced brisket taco, sliced pork belly taco with slaw, loaded baked potato with chopped brisket, banana pudding, shortbread chocolate cookies, and an Arnold Palmer. No pictures because I got everything to-go. Micklethwait's has never disappointed me. Everything was spot on. Very pleased with Moreno's as well. Brisket taco with serrano salsa was awesome as was the pork belly taco. Taco's are a perfect vehicle to sample different meats without purchasing by the pound. Akaushi Wagyu brisket was $32/pound and the Duroc pork belly was $25/pound. Quarter pound of each on the tacos were the same price, $8 and $6.50 respectively, and you get homemade tortillas. Haven't tried the desserts yet. Need to save some room for a brisket taco from Valentina's tonight at the Austin FC game. ETA: Shortbread chocolate chip cookies are incredible.
  6. Saw Andrea Bocelli on Wednesday at the new Moody Center in Austin. Wasn't able to make it down to the mosh pit, but it was a pretty good show otherwise. He sang the several songs I recognized including one from Loony Tunes and one from the Bad News Bears. You have to be pretty refined to appreciate this type of concert.
  7. Here's a picture I took in Kentucky a few days ago.
  8. If I remember correctly, @dcbc is the resident expert on Tyler. For barbecue, give Stanley's Famous Pit Barbecue a try. TM Top 50 in 2017 and 2021. I haven't been there since 2017, but, since it is still on the list - and almost half of the list is new - it's worth a trip.
  9. Just got back from the barbecue wasteland that is Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas. In the state about two and a half hours before I stopped for real barbecue. Helberg Barbecue is great .
  10. Did a tour at Buffalo Trace on Wednesday and the wife toured Maker's Mark on Friday. BT allocation bottle (1 bottle per person every 90 days) was EH Taylor Small Batch. BT was one bottle per person per day.
  11. Paragould, Arkansas. Hamburger Station - home of the Humburger and a stolen Hamburglar. I give it 5 stars.
  12. I'm sticking to fried chicken from here on out.
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