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  1. I'm on a classic truck/jeep policy, so that might be the difference. I'm just glad to have better coverage.
  2. I've had my 69' C10 for 20 years now. Great truck, but nothing fancy. I've always only carried liability insurance on it because of all of the restrictions associated with guaranteed value full coverage. I just learned that Hagerty has policies that don't have mileage limiters and don't require vehicles to be kept in the garage. Still can't be a daily driver, but that just means you might have to show proof of owning another vehicle. I just got a new Hagerty policy that has collision and comp for about $100 more per year than my previous liability policy. Not sure if anyone else is in a similar situation, but I thought I'd pass along the info.
  3. Snagged this chunky redear on the Sam Gabriel the other night. Picture doesn't do it justice - probably weighs a pound or more. That is my large net. Grabbed the silliest looking fly from my box, the Mop Gurgler, and managed to catch five sunfish and two bass in about 20 minutes. Sometimes it's great just wetting a line.
  4. He apparently had a long life.
  5. Funniest part is all the aggys trying to prove that its a replica. Um . . . a replica of one of the dumbest things ever.
  6. Jerry Callo


    It's like you're listening to Don't Stop Believing and then everything goes black.
  7. Had a very similar situation with my oldest. She's still at UT, but was offered an internship with one of the big companies selling financial products. Internship was for 9 months. She really wanted to start doing real work and this was the only internship she was offered. I knew that it was simply bring the names and numbers of 300 of your closest friends and we'll train you to make the sales pitches. Her personality is not that outgoing and I knew it would be a bad job for her. I contacted a friend in that industry, told her about the situation, asked if they could become linked in buddies, and if she would talk to my daughter about the industry. In the end, she decided not to take the internship offer and I'm glad it was based upon her learning about the position from someone in the industry as opposed to me trying to tell her it wasn't a great idea.
  8. Jerry Callo

    Austin FC

    I don't know how many times I yelled at a ref for playing advantage when the ball went to Rigoni.
  9. Steven Seagal singing reggae with a fake Jamaican accent - "Me want the punani . . ."
  10. And make sure to pull up Otis Redding's The Dock of the Bay.
  11. Re: GA floor - I don't like people standing all around me, so I usually opt for a spot along the music engineer's fence. No problems watching shows at ACL Live from that spot.
  12. Thanks for the heads-up. Just got two.
  13. I swear y'all are just making up names at this point. There can't be 75 actors in the running for best actor under 40.
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