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  1. I understand much more Portuguese that I thought.
  2. You know you're old when its someone you'd like to see again, but the 10:15 start is out of the question.
  3. I-10 bridge in Baton Rouge can be problematic at times if you happen to be travelling that direction.
  4. Fixed. I hope you're happy with yourself.
  5. I use Diamond kosher salt and baking powder at a ratio of 1/2 cup to 2 tablespoons.
  6. The HEB Sweet Karoline Blackberries are incredible. They don't carry them all year, but when they are in season I get a couple packages a week.
  7. I prefer the version with chorizo, but they are both good.
  8. Very cool. I'll commit to watch the first half if Mike is starting. Always happy to root against Houston.
  9. That Bob Einstein clip is hilarious - especially because neither Seinfeld nor David knew the joke beforehand.
  10. Sink tip, although full sink would probably work better. For whites I like to fish minnow imitations as deep as possible. I don't like weighted flies because they bounce up and down on the strip which minnows don't. The BC streamers don't have much weight and my white bass clousers are tied with bead chain eyes as opposed to dumbbells.
  11. Back in high school, a friend and I filmed all of the rollercoasters at Six Flags and Astro World with a big ass video camera. Now they won't let you ride with so much as a phone or a hat.
  12. I'm currently re-watching True Detective season 1. This single take tracking shot was incredible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnRTITzYnXs For some reason YouTube will not allow this video to embed.
  13. I still have a box of coax and telephone lines.
  14. Here is a terrible picture of a cool experience. Was fishing this morning on the north end of Lake Georgetown and I was out fished by a damn bird. Heard some commotion behind me in the shallower water and there was a raptor, osprey I suspect, grabbing a white bass out of the river. I watched him fly to a dead tree a little ways away. Got a close as I could from the opposite side and took this picture. If you look close and squint a little, you can see the fish he is holding. You can make out one of the fish's eyes. By the time I walked around to the other side, he was gone.
  15. Ok. Let's move everything to Surly Bikes on tapa.
  16. Jerry Callo

    Austin FC

    Apple TV+ with MLS package
  17. Jerry Callo

    Austin FC

    Headed down in a bit. ¡LISTOS!
  18. A buddy and I went to Shaffer Bend this morning. Beautiful day, only saw a couple other people, and the fish were biting. I ended up with 7 whites, 1 Guadalupe, 1 largemouth, 1 sunfish, and a channel cat. All but one on an olive and white BC Streamer. All but one of the whites were really large.
  19. Wednesday nights for fly tying at Living Waters. Beginners to advanced.
  20. I can't find surly on tapa at all. Wasn't there another mobile app that @immamac was wanting us to use? I remember trying something but the user interface wasn't great.
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