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  1. I know this was rhetorical, but I was curious. According to 247, the 50th best player in Texas was #271 in the country. Manning #1 Williams #48 Baxter #22 Mitchell #204 Moore #101 Akana #125 So, all of them.
  2. Almost did. I got as far as a phone interview, but got rejected because I had recently been to Mexico.
  3. I remember those. I was close to taking the bait. Get it? But, I met a guy that had gone up there the previous year. He told me you prep fish below deck for 16 hours a day, and that it was absolutely miserable. He also lost half a finger. I imagine monotony, lack of sleep, boredom, and the motion of the boat would make fingers somewhat susceptible to accidental slicings.
  4. Ok. Someone help me out. And, for the record, I feel regarded for having to ask. Can someone please explain the whole "letter thing" that initiated this series? All I got was that a new inmate upset the apple cart by sending a letter from prison. I recall Bunny ending up with the letter, but never understood what that whole subplot was about.
  5. Right. But the problem is in forecasting in absolutes. For whatever reason, Delkus may tie his forecasting to one model; however, there were plenty of models showing that this could get bad. Instead, he completely misses the forecast, then tries to congratulate himself at a later time.
  6. Same happened up here (DFW). One of our main guys - Pete Delkus - posted a graphic Sunday that showed nothing but rain w/ temps only getting close to freezing Tue. morning. I think he had highs in the upper 40's with lows in the upper 30's for the entire week. Then, 2 days ago, the fuckstick posted a tweet that lauded his weather skills stating, "Everything we predicted this weekend has gone exactly as planned". I'm sorry. I know forecasting can be difficult. But how GD difficult can it be to state that some models show this; HOWEVER, SOME SHOW THIS BAD THING COULD HAPPEN?
  7. Knoxtnhorn

    USMNT 2023

    I've always wondered how much culture plays into these decisions. Obviously if you love your country and never considered playing for another despite the option, the decision seems easy. Or, if you're from a smaller, less televised country, perhaps you could raise your profile by choosing, say, England over <insert smaller country>. For those in Europe that are making their way up the corporate soccer ladder, perhaps the US is a great choice for international play. European football is a grind. The media is a grind. Choose the US and you get a mini-vacation a couple of times a year + you'll get a more fawning fan base/media.
  8. Guys. Petrino is upbeat and is off to as good of a start as you can have in.
  9. LOL. I just knocked out Season 1. Thanks ice. Two things about Dianne West. 1. She was helping Kyle's marriage in exactly the same was as she did for Martha Plimpton in Parenthood. 2. The trend of shows that I like, that have one female character I can't stand, continues - Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Yellowstone, etc..
  10. I don't know. I feel as if the Cowboys are very black v white. /no racist. Though, you are proof otherwise.
  11. I read the op, but no the 4 pages of responses. Here's what I'd say. If the fence truly means something to you, tell the guy or homeowner and work it out. If the fence is a side-thought, then take the $ and call it a day. This is not directed at the OP, but I feel that a lot of issues these days are due to folks overreacting or creating causes out of nothing. I'd just accept the fence + $ or let it go.
  12. Well, there's a reason that the Cowboys always have the highest tv ratings. It's not just due to the fanbase.
  13. Ugh. I'm sure it was terrible considering how often the game has been referenced. That's nightmare fuel for me. I have very vivid dreams. Always have. I frequently have dreams where Texas either gets screwed by the refs in a big game or does something stupid like fumbling a snap to kill the clock. I have no idea why I never have dreams where Texas is the beneficiary of aforementioned plays. To add, the Okie St game was typical of one of my nightmares. Not so much the bumping of the ref (which was bs), but the play in which they called defensive holding on our interior DL-man. I'm still pissed about that one.
  14. I've seen the Teaff game referenced many times on here and other sites. I wish there was video of the game as it was before my time.
  15. Speak for yourself there, Chet. /teacher In all honesty, it's nice to be off, but I'd rather be with my class.
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