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  1. One minor correction. We're not paying for her trip. We just included her in the dinner tab last night because it was easier than trying to separate checks. My wife is very argument-averse unless it's absolutely necessary. A few years ago, her mom moved in with us temporarily until she could get back on her feet. After realizing that my MIL wasn't even trying to get a job after a couple of months, my wife kicked her own mom out of the house. So, it's there, but only as a last resort.
  2. Quick FYI. The DAS Pass is absolutely worth the hassle to get it - if you have a kid with special needs. My wife did have to get up early and do the interview; however, it's saved us in both time and money. She said it's saved us $60 a day in not having to pay for something else (Genie?) AND we've been able to just about walk right on to most rides. As soon as you check in at one ride, you can book the next. We were in line for less than 10 mins for both Rise of the Resistance and the Millennium Falcon ride.
  3. I think it had something to do with the olds calling to ask questions about their prescrips. I'm not entirely sure. She called in so often with her fake illnesses, they finally offered to let her work from home. That was still too difficult, so she got "diagnosed" with a "throat condition" which forbid her from being able to talk on a headset. Yes, I'm completely serious. In addition to scamming the system and screwing those that might actually need it, it pissed me off because she would come over on football Saturdays and yap the entire day. Quick update. She was pissed this morning because her Fitbit wouldn't work. I asked my wife what in the holy hell she would ever need a Fitbit for which actually caused some laughter.
  4. I just feel like it's not my job and would only make things worse. If, for example, one of my brothers pissed off my wife, I'd be the buffer to handle it. My brothers are cool and work their respectivel asses off, so any minor grievences are easier to handle. With my SIL, everything is magnified due to her few redeeming qualities.
  5. It's odd to me how sibllngs, raised by the same people, in the same house, with the same rules can be so different. @Jameslaw121 and I are somewhat similar, but our middle brother may as well be an alien, we're so different. My wife is 5'8", 120 lbs, and would cut off an arm if someone needed it. Her sis is over 350 lbs, whiny and lazy. They're only a couple of years apart.
  6. I'm so glad my wife is sports knowledgeable. I HATE having to explain sports stuff to people other than my kids.
  7. Like @Reagan1k, I'm not sure where else to put this, and I need to vent. I've written extensively about how unbelievably useless and lazy my SIL is. Working from home as a pharmacist was too much for her. After realizing that walking from her bedroom to her office to answer prescription calls was "just too much", she found a doctor willing to diagnose her with some sort of throat problem that "prevents" her from talking. Anyone that's every been around her knows this is bullshit. So, she has been on some disability/ADA thing where she doesn't have to work, but still gets paid. This has been going on for 3 years now. She's sits on her ass and eats all day. She's got to be pushing 350 at this point. And, she complains about everything. Since she lives only a mile away AND refuses to do anything social (i.e. no friends), my wife feels obligated to bring her along to anything we do. We're staying at a Disney resort with friends at the moment. SIL shows up last night just in time for dinner. She bitched at my autistic son multiple times, complained about her drink, complained about her food, then blamed my wife when she didn't like her food (did I mention the 350 lbs?). Oh, and we paid for her meal. Get back to the room, and it just so happens she ends up in the bed next to our's, snoring all night. We have been planning this trip for 3 years. My wife and I have worked extra jobs (tutoring, training, etc...) so that we could enjoy the hell out of this trip. And now??? It's kind of funny because my wife and I are currently playing the game where she's avoiding eye contact with me because she knows I'm about to blow up. Anyway, thanks for listening and sorry for the lack of humor.
  8. Also, we're staying in Animal Kingdom Lodge for free all week, so I can't be too much of a bitch about lines/crowds.
  9. Between the genie, resort perks, and the DAS Pass, it's not going to be too bad. I'm a teacher, so I'm in a good place mindset-wise.
  10. I'm guessing the rotation would screw the "fairness" of one large tip at the end. Just do what my wife did this week in New Orleans. Tip every employee you see. I saw her tip the desk guy and asked her what she was doing. She said she didn't know who to tip, so she tipped everyone. /Surly pic joke incoming.
  11. First line, 45 mins in, and the ride breaks down. Going to be a long week.
  12. @futureman I'm not sure if this is the same one I saw before or not, but it'll do. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1589014/Shocking-moment-Chinese-daredevil-fall-death.html
  13. Except for that one of the most terrifying vids I've ever seen was something like that. Dude was on a tall building. Jumped to a ledge, then realized he didn't have the strength to pull himself up. He hung there for a bit before falling. Eesh.
  14. Same for me. We're in New Orleans, on our way to Disney. I've had multiple folks make pro TX or "congrats" comments.
  15. I'm in New Orleans right now. Bout to go into The Acme Oyster House.
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