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  1. Ok. I wondered if I was the only one. I know shitall about X's and O's as I only achieved the level of "intramurals brother". That being said, I don't see KState as having some inventive, can't stop this, offense.
  2. Heck yeah. Fav contest of the year. In for 2 entries.
  3. I think the best part of the aggy argument is that we don't deserve to be there BUT we're somehow favored against UW. I believe I saw odds that had TX as the overall fav behind UM - in betting circles.
  4. I think my favorite aggy oxymoron is the "Big Brother/Little Brother" thing. We're little brother with no power, yet we apparently control all the refs, the Big 3 networks, ESPN and Disney, the playoff committee, all the sports talking heads, the state legislature, and the SEC president. Our lack of power and presence has also destroyed two conferences, and we're on the way to destroying the SEC.
  5. It's so good right now, you don't even have to read the threads. Just pore through the topic titles. Entertainment for hours.
  6. I can beat all y'all. I was excited when Texas finally (in my lifetime) made a big bowl (Sugar) had a fake player get exposed (McKelvey) and got it's offense drilled (by V Tech). I was all, "It was still the Sugar Bowl".
  7. Almost forgot. After two hours of explaining a simple concept to the jury pool, the last defense attorney asked if anyone had any questions. A 40-ish year-old woman raised her hand and asked what methamphetamine was.
  8. C'mon y'all. Takeo Spikes likes the hire. How can you not marvel at the 3D chess aggy is playing?
  9. Didn't get selected; however, it was a pain in the ass process. Check in at 8. Outside the courtroom by 9. Told that we'd either be selected or let go by 11. Nothing. At noon, we finally go in. Two hours of attorney questioning/statements. Told to recess for 20 mins to get the jury selected. Hour and a half later, and I'm not picked. Walked out after 3. Geez. The case, btw, was some Mexican dude who had been busted dealing 8 (grams?) of meth. He had just pled guilty, so the trial would have been for the punishment - 5-99 years. One dumb chick asked the judge what meth was. Perhaps she was playing 3-D chess and figured a question like that would preclude her from serving. Anyway, it was only supposed to a be a 2-day thing, so I'm kind of disappointed in not getting picked. One last thing. It's rare to be in a room of your random peers and find out how absolutely, GD stupid much the population is. The question that took 2 hours to answer took several different explanations from the judge, as well as both sets of attorneys. Would you be wiling to consider the entire spectrum of punishment? I.E. min of 5; max of 99. Obviously, 99 years is extreme - even for most anti-drug sorts; however, most couldn't distinguish between considering and doing. The defense attorneys were wrapping themselves in knots because they were going lose a huge segment of those that would probably be favorable to their cause. The judge actually had to change the wording of the question, so the defense didn't lose over 50% of those present.
  10. Right? For a team I generally rooted for, they became quite c*%$y after a tad bit of success.
  11. Yes. I got my bj out of the way earlier today.
  12. I haven't had anything worthy enough to post for a second. Got one tonight. 6th grader is struggling with his homework. Wife was helping him. I look at problem #1, and it's wrong. Son had doubled everything. I told him this was wrong which pissed off my wife. I couldn't get it through her head that 12 is half of 24 and, thus, you'd use half the amount of each. After arguing with me for 5 minutes, she walks away and says, "Fine. Listen to your father. I scored higher that him on the ACT in math." I took the SAT and scored 1390. I have no idea how I did in math, but I know what a half is. Her last comment was, "If you're so smart, see if you can get his mattress cover on his mattress. Of course, I couldn't let it go. I took care of the mattress in 3 minutes, then went downstairs to let her know it was as easy as figuring out the math.
  13. 4th and 31. Rush 2. Somehow give up a TD in single coverage. Well done.
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