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  1. Good call on "theming". That's what was missing.
  2. When I moved my family back to DFW in 2017, we got Six Flags season passes. Of course, it's never going to be as good as what one has idealized in one's head, but something was missing. It seemed very stale. I will say the forays in to Hurricane Harbor were as described. I think I stood in line for an hour to get down the large slide in the middle of the park.
  3. Trying not to read anything above this as I'm only halfway through, but this series is awesome. And, I'm not even a graphic novel fan.
  4. 1) My two brothers and I got kicked out of Wet n Wild once after we figured out a way to stop after the first turn, then wrestle the rest of the way down. We called it the Green Slide. 2) That's where I got my permit as well. I'd take the DART from Garland High to a Long John Silvers, eat a tray of crumbles (I was poor and, I think, they were 25 cents at the time), then walk over to Sears. IIRC, they showed, essentially, a Faces of Death video of car wrecks towards the end of the session. 3) I was just about to add something about the Science Place. I think I went there as a scout as well. (Gonna be funny if we find out we know each other.) My two favorite parts were the potential/kinetic energy bike exhibit and a "virtual reality" exhibit. Well, at least what virtual reality was at the time. It was a room designed for those taking long space voyages to simulate Earth sounds and noises.
  5. My middle brother - with the photographic memory - affirmed that the ride was called the Roaring Rapids. It's the very last pic (on the right) in @mdmost post.
  6. This one creeped me out quite a bit when it happened. As @Brisketexan mentioned, the worst deaths can just be things that occur by really random bits of bad luck. Russians are throwing a pool party. Someone throws dry ice into the pool. Oxygen is immediately sucked out and several asphyxiate. Ugh. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-51680049
  7. So I worked with a girl at the Blockbuster on Riverside while at UT. She was an art major. We became extremely good friends. At one point, I moved in with her. She had a condo, drove an Audi, and had a mint condition Jaguar in her garage. Apparently, her family was not very well off until they struck it rich per an oil business supply company. After about 3 months of spending almost 24/7 with her, we jumped into the sack. Things were pretty good for all of 2 weeks until we realized we weren't really compatible. We continued to room together. Awesome deal for me as she only wanted me to pay the electric bill. A few weeks later, she was watching the Sally Jesse Raphael show when she decided she had a crush on a guest. (Ironically, it was an episode about stalkers.) She called the show, they flew her to Chicago, and she met the guy on a show titled, "Viewers with Crushes on Former Guests" or somesuch. They hit it off. He lived in Florida. After she returned, she spent something like 10 hours a day talking to him on the phone. When the $1,000+ phone bill arrived, she decided she'd hit me up for rent and other bills. I was out within the day. Funny side note. I moved in with another hottie. We all three worked together and they hated each other. The latter ended up getting a condo right next door to the former. Kind of awkward for a couple of months before I moved on.
  8. Gee. I hope Hall makes enough in NIL to be able to foot the $600.
  9. If you type "Wet n Wild parking lot" in Google Earth or maps, it should show you where it used to be.
  10. I swear this place had the best inner tube ride of all time. Lower left of the pic. You'd start pretty high up, then end up in a succession of large pools on the way down. Life guards would have to push you on to the next part of the slide. The last part was a super wide, concrete ramp that had to have produced multiple concussions each day.
  11. Damn. We prob crossed paths at some point. Same issues at White Water; same Sears driver's ed spot. I recall those cars. Also shoutout to @Beau Vine. I believe Sandy Lake had an RV park either in or next to it. My brothers and I stayed with my grandparents there one summer and got to go to Sandy Lake multiple days.
  12. My mom worked at National Child Care off Campbell Rd in the eary 80's. So, I spent my summers there. She bought a book called something like 101 Cheap Things to Do in Dallas. We spent a couple of summers driving 2 vans all over DFW in an effort to entertain the kids. I was 6 or so. One place we went was the Fire Museum. It was located near the Wax Museum, but further off I30. I believe there was a Safari park nearby. The museum contained exhibits related to fire safety, fire men, etc. All I remember was something about Smoky the Bear and a place where one could climb up a replica fire tower. (The kind rangers use to observe the surrounding wilderness and spot fires.)
  13. Since this thread has been somewhat revived, I'll add the following. Disclaimer: Apologies for any repeats. I'm not going back through this thread. Love Field used to have an ice skating rink. I have the faintest of memories of skating there. I was probably about 4. Kip's Big Boy in Richardson. I grew up about half a mile away. (My back yard actually faced Central.) Too bad we were poors and only ate there once. Pipe Organ's Pizza at Coit and Beltline. Casa Bonita in Arlington(?). I think there's still one open in Denver. The original Cave ride at Six Flags w/ the creepy elves. KZEW graffiti on side of the bridge going north on Central past 635. KVIL fantasy contest. I can't recall the actual name, but everyone in DFW got a mailer which had something like 10 rows X 5 prizes. If your code was called you got to pick from the row for which your number matched. The prizes were extremely extravagant, so I doubt anyone ever won. My brothers and I were convinced we'd win each year, so we'd argue over what we'd pick as the prize. Again, more localized to Richardson, but there was a large snowman they'd set up in the parking lot of Beltline and Central each Xmas season. I think it was a Santa picture place. The Fire Museum - located ironically - near the Wax Museum in Arlington.
  14. I still have nightmares from a thread OTOS that described the bronze bull. I had never heard of it until seeing the thread. Shit. I'm about to have to go to sleep.
  15. I slept with a chick that was on the Sally Jesse Raphael show circa 1994. /csb
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