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  1. All kids know about peanut allergies now. It is a common thing.
  2. Big swingers who swing and miss a lot do not age well once they start to lose bat speed.
  3. That's the worst Prop list they've come up with so far.
  4. kevwun

    2024 NFL DRAFT

    This would definitely be be a good year to trade down. Every qb has something that should make you really nervous about drafting them.
  5. kevwun

    2024 NFL DRAFT

    I don't know, the chances of Williams getting someone fired are really, really high.
  6. I'd be more tempted to hit him 9th than move him up. The fewer times he comes up with runners on, the better.
  7. Yeah with 5-7 subject to change based on how they're hitting after a couple of months. Also if someone is outhitting Bregman who would be a better fit 2nd, that's also fine. It doesn't really matter if it pisses him off.
  8. They're too busy grifting. No time for legal work.
  9. That story smells funny. I would wager it was either a suicide or someone killed her.
  10. It's not a prank if it results in someone needing an epi pen.
  11. I like the flavor of the roast beef, but that was probably the messiest sandwich I've ever eaten in my life. Finally gave up and ate it with a knife and fork.
  12. What was the exchange rate? When we were there it was 7:1 but that was before covid.
  13. It sounds like it wasn’t sexual, but related to how the employee was treated. Could be real or could be an employee who couldn’t handle a stressful job.
  14. Traffic was a nightmare with the track construction for months and anyone who works in a casino outside of the dealers who made a killing that weekend probably hated how hard it made getting to work.
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