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  1. He’s gonna go on an Altuve like homer binge in the playoffs.
  2. I remember being so excited that one game where QC almost threw for 300 yards. Holy shit were those bad offenses.
  3. Too many no hitters are bad for the kids.
  4. Like anyone could even know which story it will be. The building might not even have 10 floors.
  5. Have reservations for Compere Lapin in November. Also going back to Bratz Yall for some day drinking and we have a free meal the other night at Acme because of a conference.
  6. Click forgot to pay the electric bill.
  7. Yeah, but I think a lot of the field is still in the shade at various times because of the walls.
  8. It's still healthy since it's new. I don't think the grass gets enough unfiltered sunlight during the season.
  9. Max also got softs when he had to pit after he flat spotted his tires when he ran off the track and locked them up. At that point the track was dry enough that the extra grip was helpful.
  10. He also invented the question mark and occasionally accuses chestnuts of being lazy.
  11. kevwun

    Hudson Card

    Arch can actually be the real backup as long as he doesn't appear in more than 4 or 5 games. I don't remember which it is.
  12. Thanks, their website is down right now looks like.
  13. Any idea when tickets will go on sale? I have a buddy who wants to watch them bad.
  14. In 100 years the Russians will remember it as the War of Ukrainian Aggression.
  15. Stanek throws too many balls to be a closer. He would have a shit ton of nailbiters
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