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  1. The only reason to take that much classified shit is so he could sell it or trade it to other countries. I don't care if it's ever proven, he was 100% doing it.
  2. Stroll is the real #2 driver. He may get paid like a #1, but their other driver is always going to be faster. If Alonso moves on or retires in the next couple years, that seat is going to be very tempting if the car is still fast.
  3. I could make a meal of the flat bread and various dipping things at Saba. That bread is so freaking good.
  4. The lefty specialist is a thing of the past unless they get rid of the minimum batters faced rule which ain't happening.
  5. Now we know that katfid runs the COTA social media accounts.
  6. He probably would have passed Checo without doing that. He's slow off the start pretty often.
  7. It's gonna be real weird seeing his giant ass at 2nd base.
  8. Whoever plays 2nd has to bat leadoff. It's science.
  9. Here’s the recipe I used. It’s from ThermoWorks, but I did some tweaking. INGREDIENTS · 1 slab pork belly, about 8–10 pounds · 1 gallon water · 3/4 cup kosher salt · 1/2 cup sugar · 2 tsp pink salt (sodium nitrite, Prague powder #1) · 5 cloves garlic, crushed · 2 Tbsp pickling spice For the seasoning: · 1/3 C whole coriander seed · 4.5 Tbsp black pepper · 2 Tbsp all-purpose beef BBQ rub INSTRUCTIONS Make the brine · Crush the pickling spice roughly and put it in a pot with the garlic, sugar, salt, and curing salt. · Add 2 quarts water to the pot and bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar and salts. · Pour the concentrated brine into a vessel large enough to hold the pork belly. · Add 4 lbs ice to the brine and stir. · Submerge the pork in the brine and weigh it down if needed. Put it in the fridge to cure for 6 days. Season and smoke the pastrami · Preheat your smoker to 250°F (121°C), · Toast the coriander in a hot dry skillet until very fragrant and a little toasty, with whisps of smoke just starting to form. · Cool the corriander somewhat and grind in a spice grinder until medium-coarse. Combine with the BBQ rub. · Retrieve the pork belly from the fridge and rinse it well, removing any whole spices from its surface. Pat the surface of the pork belly dry. Slather in yellow mustard then season liberally with the spice mixture. We used all of it—don’t skimp! Place the pork belly in the smoker, inserting a probe into its thickest section and cook to 165°F (71°C). Smoke the pork until the high alarm sounds, about 3 hours then wrap in foil. Cook to 195°F (91°C) then let rest for 30 minutes before slicing.
  10. I did it for 6 days. You could probably get by with 5, but I wouldn’t go less than that. A brisket takes 7 days. The extra fat on the pork belly takes a long time to penetrate even though it’s a lot thinner.
  11. He's back best case mid May and worst case by the end of it. It's gonna be ok.
  12. Texas will get no flack if they hire Donovan, a coach who has won two NCAA titles and is still in his 50's. That is a no brainer hire.
  13. His thumb is a lot better than his hand where they might have had to put a plate in.
  14. His hand was swollen right away, maybe they are waiting on another xray after it goes down.
  15. I think this is better than brisket pastrami. Used a smoke tube and it made a big difference. The wife made homemade marble rye for Reuben’s.
  16. Back of the hand and straight in to the locker room isn't good.
  17. Max was faster than everyone except Checo when he was on hards in fp3. They might start him on them to skip a stop.
  18. Max just ran the fastest lap on hards. Everyone else is on soft or medium. Bernie said there's about .7 difference between hard and soft this weekend.
  19. Watching FP3 and the announcers said Ferrari has no idea what is causing their engine and ecu problems right now. They turned down the engines for the first 2 practices.
  20. If you predicted the sun was going to rise tomorrow, I would get nervous we were never going to see it again.
  21. As long as the beer is still cold, we'll be ok.
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