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  1. He did see him going by the footage, but I don't think any drivers would move over in that situation to let someone pass them when they are trying a move that there isn't room for on the track. I would imagine he didn't even consider Magnussen would try it.
  2. Magnussen deserves a race ban over that nonsense.
  3. Roasts generally are much more uniform in shape than briskets are which means they will be easier to cook on a pellet grill. I'm gonna have to try this I think.
  4. Actually after thinking about it, the new order system episode in season 1 will probably guarantee they never start season 2.
  5. If she couldn't handle that, she may divorce you after season 2.
  6. I wonder how much bigger he's going to get. His frame looks like he might end up as a big safety.
  7. I have no doubt she's stupid, but every "oops" she has is in Trump's favor.
  8. I think she's very shy in real life. I have a friend who has met her a few times, the last being at a conference a week or two ago. She said she turned down being a contestant on Top Chef a few times before she did it because she was super nervous about being on tv.
  9. He's the Dave Chapelle black white supremacist skit come to life.
  10. Clarence would sell himself in to slavery out of spite I think.
  11. That's impossible unless he was doing parking tickets. You can't pull that many people over in 4 hours on street or highway.
  12. So AI is an old who gets all it's facts from facebook and email forwards?
  13. and then Liz yelled at Charlie during the fire making for giving Kenzie advice.
  14. The charismatic Italian dude who only cooked pasta or Jamie the scallop queen. Manny makes a variation of the same thing it seems like in every challenge.
  15. It's a Norwegian thing. A lot of them settled in Wisconsin back in the day. There's a reason Norwegian cuisine is not popular.
  16. There's a chance that Vowles turns them around if he's not poached before it happens.
  17. and stop telling the other kids that work will set them free.
  18. Bran the heirless whose death will cause a whole new round of civil war. So there was no point to any of it.
  19. If Bran ending up on the iron throne is how he still intends to end it, he shouldn't bother because it's stupid.
  20. When I got the Shirer book for Christmas last year my wife freaked out when I put it on the bookshelf. They may want to consider changing that cover. The swastika stands out even more on my copy because it's red and black.
  21. But it's really funny listening to someone order one with a Wisconsin accent.
  22. A reporter who witnessed it thinks the cop tripped over a curb.
  23. Yeah, you will find a lot of Wisconsin people who think they are disgusting. My in-laws have been to them and said everything tastes faintly of kerosene.
  24. Longstreet's have a long history of supporting lost causes.
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