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  1. so an update every 30 min for each of the 50+ zips in the Austin area? he is in tech (sort of) - he should be aware that's too much to ask of a power company.
  2. naw just invite him over here to be part of the conversation!
  3. in 17 hours it went from a "non winter storm event" to:
  4. when you have the CEO doing fully unannounced tests in live, you have officially gone off the rails. from reddit: on the other hand maybe it's just a distraction to the fact TSLA took a $140m loss in Bitcoin in 2022
  5. for a guy in tech he should understand that is a huge ask for an area with 50+ zip codes he also tweeted this out 17 hours ago lol
  6. thank yall, that data is awesome!
  7. HA! i just made this comparison to my wife! even though there is a 0.0001% chance they pick it up today, i wanted it out because they may this afternoon and today is trash day. tried to take it to the street without gloves, hands got super cold holding the ice, looked around, found trowel, chipped off one handle no issue, then the series of unfortunate events happened after that. also almost slipped like 3x trying to get it the 15' to the curb which made it even funnier. god i wish there was a camera on that side of the house so i could share the video here.
  8. Athletic: Texas roster construction: How Steve Sarkisian made the Longhorns his own and text:
  9. Athletic: Texas roster construction: How Steve Sarkisian made the Longhorns his own and
  10. ice everywhere west of Austin. in a fairly comical series of events, went to chip some ice off my trash can with a gardening trowel, slipped on ice, comically waved around my arm and knocked out part of a pane of glass in my garage door. on the other side, the trash can is out, i taped up the garage window and will wear appropriate shoes next time i go out.
  11. No. On equal tires Hamilton holds the lead. wait. are you seriously saying that in this scenario, tires and tires alone were worth +2.6 seconds in 1 lap? come on man.
  12. are they ever going to open back up for indoor dining?
  13. bottom 10 != FEI's bottom 10 A&M was not good last year but still finished in the top 50 based on their defense and an adjustment for opponents. meanwhile UMass ranked #131 and #121 on offense and defense in FEI. New Mexico was 130/105. ULM was 83/119. Colorado State was 128/86. Colorado was 126/120. Texas State was 125/70
  14. so a combo of old tires + mega lap + lewis backing off a bit on the last stretch then? thx
  15. Yeah that might be his angle, but would his family really believe that and not ask more questions? I mean, we've unfortunately all know people who've been hacked, suffered ID theft, etc. It's a PITA no doubt, but has anyone been so negatively impacted that their best solution was to legally change their name & start over? i think it's easy to say something like you talked to a lawyer and they recommended it. but the real thing is that he probably hasn't legally changed his name just changed what he goes by.
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