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  1. He's out of the WDC man. Down 67 points and we aren't at the break. Hes down almost as much as George is to Lando. Come on. So if he gets the plus 7 then he's down 60 points? Which would still have to be one of if not the largest single season comebacks in f1 history.
  2. Fernando was fucking pissed (right) after the race btw
  3. At least he has the "they didn't fuel it enough" excuse
  4. Yeah he just needs to walk at this point. They pay him out and he flips to like the fucking Williams for the rest of this year. He can't recover. If he drives well in the RB then they will blame it on the car and him being ok but if he goes and drives the doors off the Williams he shows he can actually do it and maybe gets a seat next year?
  5. Here was the WR room when Worthy was a freshman: Worthy, Whittington, Marcus Washington, Josh Moore, the Dixon guy from Carthage? And Kai Money. Way more talented room now. Way better qb play now.
  6. Fungus or localized dry spots maybe?
  7. Omg the zoom out! Lolololol
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