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  1. He was killing himself in Florida! (Who was the RB he was there "recruiting"?)
  2. I mean, we know Sainz talked about how particular the McLaren is vs other cars on the grid/other cards he drove before. We know that at least some of the issues are with the car.
  3. this is a really good video. same guy posts some nice analysis week in and week out!
  4. which head coach though? the one at Marlin, where he no longer plays or the one at Teague, where he currently plays but won't play his senior season? not that it matters, that guy probably doesn't know he transferred anyway.
  5. wait, does that moron think the players are the ones doing their own edits?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  6. Agbo was the forgotten man for a number of reasons though beyond him JUST playing OL played in Washington State didn't commit until NSD1 only like 1 visit to Texas trended elsewhere before TExas yes, he plays OL but he was also the 4th highest rated OL in the class behind Campbell (10), Banks (33) and Umeozulu (91) For example, LTG was also pretty forgotten in the class, for many of the same reasons I would guess - played out of state, committed late (1/8 before NSD2), limited visits to Texas, committed to Colorado, etc Huston committed 7/2/21. early in the cycle and committed before the entire rest of the OL commits.
  7. makes the most sense for him unless he is willing to go to the backmarkers vs a (strongish) midfield team.
  8. isn't that text from Fuck Chip Brown? it sure would be easy for someone on the leadership council to come out and say they hadn't seen him and blast FCB in the process.
  9. it is way too early to have any input on that now. who knows, maybe he finishes his mccombs degree and decides to go grad transfer elsewhere for a graduate degree?
  10. ...sort of all 3 of those QBs have the same grade but are ranked this way. as far as i know, no one at ESPN has gone into how they differentiated between the 3 guys.
  11. they are, kinda? i think it's some kind of referral link deal vs actual NIL deal? either way they are great seeds and the only ones i buy anymore
  12. I could understand if they were like Williams or Alfa and wanted to lock in a decent dude for a while. Or even if they were Haas and they believed in Ocon a ton. Just seems super strange and not like a good strategic decision
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