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  1. Athletic: Mandel’s Mailbag: Is Texas 9-3 or 3-9? Will Michigan be 11-0 entering The Game? Full Text
  2. NoName

    Whatcha reading?

    how was the mcraven book?
  3. yeah, basically everyone here was hoping Dicker would stay and solidify both the punting and kicking positions. instead he got shit advice, gave up NIL $$ and just got cut by the Rams in the first round of cuts.
  4. as a reminder, Burke finished as the #130 player in the country with on3
  5. he has an account here @gordogg24p
  6. only if you are ready to start making bank
  7. this guy? https://old.reddit.com/r/LonghornNation/comments/wplbk5/8162022_tuesdays_sports_talk_thread/ikjr6od/ if Card is the starter?
  8. NoName


    ahhh ok. thanks! will watch it next
  9. NoName


    just stared the one on grizzly mountain (just got on netflix?) and man, thought the guy who tapped out in e01 that thought he was having a heart attack was super well set up shelter wise. looks like this is season 8? what are the other seasons worth watching, sounds like the arctic (season 7?) is terrible from scanning this thread?
  10. the point was more than his stats were pretty heavily held up by one play. 40% of his yards on 6% of his attempts is absolutely an outlier.
  11. Card basically is what he is. If he is the starter either he made a HUGE jump, which we haven't seen in practice reports at all, or Ewers was crap, which we also haven't seen in practice reports. Card has not developed into a high ceiling guy. That does not bode well for the team or the offense. If you have a low ceiling guy, you end up in games like last year with Casey Thompson. That doesn't bode well for anyone. Ewers has a high ceiling. Ewers allows you to open the playbook up on deeper passes. Ewers allows you to do a ton of things you can't with a guy whose bread and butter is short to intermediate passing game. That kind of guy isn't exactly what Sark was brought in to do on offense or what Sark has shown he likes doing.
  12. you see something good in those box scores? because there sure isn't much good to see. Card had a 52 yard TD pass vs WVU. take that out, and he was 9/15 for 71 yards. 4.7 YPA. https://www.espn.com/college-football/game/_/gameId/401287947
  13. yup. this is basically what they had last year with how terrible Thompson was on the deep ball that's literally my point. if he can't beat out Card, Texas is megafucked. (he is going to beat out Card)
  14. Card killed ULaLa. his game by game lines since then are anything but impressive. literally every chance to play outside of ULaLa, he has done quite poorly. 8/15 for 61 yards, 0 TDs vs Ark 14/23 for 101 yards, 1 TD vs ISU 10/16 for 123 yards, 1 TD vs WVU i get liking the guy. i get liking his theoretical tool set. but when you are outplayed by Casey Thompson, you aren't the guy. if he beats out Ewers, Texas is megafucked.
  15. we literally do know though. one guy didn't play CFB or NFL football, the other two did. it's like me saying we will never know who was a better collegiate football player, me or Vince Young. we'll never know.
  16. it has like twelve total tweets this calendar year, including a 4 tweet thread. let's not act like they are running it into the ground with a bunch of shit tweets.
  17. better pay + better work/life balance + staying in Austin is a nice combo.
  18. THAT is the best reply you could come up with?
  19. Y'all need to try Teo Gelato https://teogelato.com/flavors Austin-based and they have it at HEB (when it's open) and Central Market. their coffee cookies & cream and texican vanilla are fantastic but the peanut butter chocolate swirl is my favorite ice cream on the market. i wish i lived in a place where i could get their seasonal flavors
  20. is there a recipe out there for it? homesick texan has her take on it: https://www.homesicktexan.com/carrot-souffle-texas-style/ but not sure if it's close - don't make it down houston way very often
  21. sizing guide if that helps. their return/exchange process is *super* easy
  22. he has a very, very bad RAS with a "very poor" speed grade
  23. the last time they played @ VaTech was in 2003. if this guy had season tickets for Va Tech from 1996 to 2020 and he still remembers the A&M fans as the "most friendly" almost 20 years later, he is a liar.
  24. that was a very, very good offense. next offense that had a higher OFEI score was 2017 OU, then 2018 OU and Alabama. basically the #1 or #2 OFEI offense between 2007 and 2017. within 2012, they were the #1 in OFEI by a huge margin over #2 (gap between #1 and #2 was about the same as the gap between #2 and #10
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