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  1. Fernando was fucking pissed (right) after the race btw
  2. At least he has the "they didn't fuel it enough" excuse
  3. Yeah he just needs to walk at this point. They pay him out and he flips to like the fucking Williams for the rest of this year. He can't recover. If he drives well in the RB then they will blame it on the car and him being ok but if he goes and drives the doors off the Williams he shows he can actually do it and maybe gets a seat next year?
  4. Here was the WR room when Worthy was a freshman: Worthy, Whittington, Marcus Washington, Josh Moore, the Dixon guy from Carthage? And Kai Money. Way more talented room now. Way better qb play now.
  5. Fungus or localized dry spots maybe?
  6. Omg the zoom out! Lolololol
  7. Awesome https://maps.app.goo.gl/5eSHH12oekGtztMw8?g_st=com.google.maps.preview.copy
  8. What, the actual fuck, happend here? Answer: light malfunction at the worst time in the worst way.
  9. Which garcias are we talking about? I need to hit it up ASAP
  10. Well slimeball typically means he has a bunch of skeletons in his closet, is a bad human and has done shitty things. Which as far as anyone knows he hasn't? Instead you think he's because he annoying he's a slimeball. If you think middling talent = slimeball then Idk what to tell you. Being your opinion is fine, but doesn't mean he's a slimeball - so whatever. Also GFY right back.
  11. I really should pay to join over there just to start a c1ose to jumping handle
  12. Saw on Twitter Charlie Davis said he was offered the job, told an offer was coming then they ghosted him and rehired GGG - which is why he is so fired up and pissed.
  13. So you ain't got shit, literally, and your complaint is with Magic Elves? Hate on him for being annoying. Hate on him for many things, but don't make shit totally and completely up. Again as far as I know there is no SA history, no history of stealing tips, no finsncial irregularities, no nada. All the stuff that would label him an actual sleezeball.
  14. NoName

    USMNT 2024

    I think all the MLS talk is shit. If he comes to Miami of all teams it shows how beyond shit MLS is from an equity standpoint w.r.t salary cap
  15. It's so funny to me. Not sure any company since I became aware of any of this kind of stuff has ever blown so many deadlines. Big ones? Yes. Small ones? Yes. Internal ones? Yes. External ones? Yes.
  16. Calling people slimeballs and someone who can't cook when your entire reason for not liking them is "just because" is a really shitty way to live life. The fact that's all you got is utterly disappointing.
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