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  1. it's weird because as far as i can tell they aren't using like Creekstone or Heartbrand or anyone like they...they are just using "angus beef prime briskets" based on the link and some searches
  2. bunch of quotes here https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2023/09/what-x-ceo-linda-yaccarino-claimed-at-the-code-conference.html
  3. it's a twitter account that has 1155 followers as of this instant and whose most recent Xeet is
  4. my guy it is fucking wild, even for you, to say that a player who is currently class of 2025 is going to be a top 10 pick in a draft that is 5+ years away.
  5. well, this means he is going to quit football in about 2 weeks, go start a cult in South America, take over some country and we will be watching a netflix doc on him in 15 years.
  6. couple more updates final prediction tracker has everyone choosing Texas by no less than 4 points (next lowest is 8.5). avg is 18.43, median is 18.89. 86.9% chance to win and 53.34% chance to cover. top 3 in tracker SU so far this year: Keeper: Texas by 17.3 Pi-Rate: Texas by 18.9 Dunkel: Texas by 25.12 2nd best against spread is Loudsound: Texas by 4 3rd best is Massey: Texas by 17 only 3 of the 47 systems tracked have it as <10 points, 15 of 47 have it as >20 points
  7. 328 for the jacket https://us.octobersveryown.com/products/fw23-ncaa-texas-longhorns-fleece-varsity-jacket-grey-texas-orange
  8. NoName


    it's too hard to figure out for me on console and i'm lazy. i want to add shit to my ship but it's not clear what is and isn't happening...added auto turrets to my ship and they don't fire? wut?
  9. @linux posted these upthread yesterday, has pass block and run block
  10. to be fair, he has significantly more of a chance to score TDs as a CB in the Jimbo offense than he does as a true freshman WR
  11. Elon really is the gift that keeps on giving side note this gets my vote for the absolute worst beard in the entire united states at this very moment: another side note but you aren't supposed to have that much room between the bottom of the hat and the top of your ears either. oh yeah, wool hat when it's like 92?
  12. if Aki was going up against women that rate would probably be a lot higher. it's a lot harder for him to assault a DL evidently.
  13. i don't necessarily disagree with anything you say (huge dropoff at QB, The Bennie Wylie Experience, uneven recruiting between O and D, The Alex Grinch Experience, talent being restocked, Caleb Williams) the current team SHOULD make big strides year over year. maybe Venables is going to turn it around, i just don't believe at all that hes the guy at all. that's me and that's ok.
  14. OU last year was #27 overall in FEI, #26 in OFEI, #46 in DFEI and got positive adjustments due to #31 SOS. they lost to literally every single good team they played last year (0-6 vs top 40 FEI teams, 3-6 vs top 60 teams, 3-1 vs 60+ teams) - they were the only team in FEI's top 50 who had 0 v40 wins (for comparison Oklahoma State went 4-5 vs top 40, A&M went 2-6, Baylor went 2-3, TTU went 3-3) 2022 isn't 1999 (Stoops), or 2007 (Saban) and don't use that tOSU season where Fickell had a 1 year contract to serve as interim for only that year due to Tressell and the recruiting stuff as an example. we have been in the same spot where you are. when you have subpar coaches who are also subpar recruiters who are also fucking up management of their room? that's bad. (see Drew Mehringer, Charlie Williams, Derrick Wareheim, Herb Hand, Corby Meekins, Jay Valai, Andre Coleman, Jay Boulware, Shawn Watson) when you have OL issues? that's bad (see Texas under Wickline and Wareheim and Herb Hand) when you have QBs who are made of glass? that's bad (see David Ash) when you are looking at your record in 1 score games and saying "regression says has to get better!"? that's bad (see Tom Herman) but sure. maybe he's Nick Saban. Maybe he's Bob Stoops. Maybe he is Luke Fickell.
  15. you have a you have a significantly better AD. you have a much more aligned AD. you don't have that part of the shitshow that was part of the worst decade in Texas football history. yeah, you guys are quite unlikely to have a 10 year shitshow of a stretch. but if you think it can't happen to you you are out of your mind. yeah, the portal exists but 2 subpar coaching hires (or 1 bad and one ok hire even) can fuck you. if you are going to sit here and say that Venables was the #1 choice for Joe C and the Athletic Dept then IDK what to say at that point. first time ever head coaches struggle. how quickly they move on from their shitty hires is a good barometer if they are going to be good and makes changes or not. he hasn't handled the staff well and there are some absolute shitshows on it (and good hires to be fair) - but keeping Murray after last year was a joke. Keeping Valai is a joke. those dudes are not good coaches, recruiters or developers. full stop. hiring one guy out of your circle or the OU circle screams comfort hires (and the one guy was Jay Valai.) maybe Venables will show that he's the guy. but very, very, very rarely do coaches have THAT bad of a dumpster fire of a first year and turn it around.
  16. so to be clear you think that if he calls it a dirty hit that will de-escelate the situation, locally or nationally? you think that's going to stop death threats? lol coach A: He described the hit as a “bang-bang type of play” but didn’t feel it was malicious or deserved punishment from the school or the Mountain West Conference. “When you throw a deep ball and you’ve got a guy playing middle safety, he’s got to react on the boundary and he’s going full speed,” he said. “The officials looked at it, we looked at it. It’s not certainly not something that we teach or coach, it just — it happens in football sometimes. And so (there) seems to have been a lot of attention about that play. But it’s a play that happens.” coach B: “He made a tremendous hit on the sideline. You could call it dirty, you could call it he was just playing the game of football. But whatever it was, it does not constitute that he should be receiving death threats." player: "He did what he was supposed to do. It’s football. Something bad is going to happen on the field sooner or later."
  17. what do you need him to say here? no, really. what do you expect him to say? here is a snippet of what all 3 (Norvell, Sanders, Hunter) have said: here is Norvell's full quote btw: no, seriously. what are your expectations for what he should say here? do you think him calling out CU fans directly will de-escalate the situation at all? do you think he should mention it every week and bring it back up? maybe he should go out of his way to bring it up every time he talks to the media - i'm sure that will get things to quiet down. come the fuck on dude.
  18. idk how anyone can say anything definitive after the dumpster fire that was 2022 and the schedule you guys have had so far this year. "recruiting is better than it was under Riley" 17: #8 18: 9 19: 6 20: 13 21: 10 22: 8 23 YTD: currently 5...Florida has almost the same avg with 4 fewer recruits. USC has a better avg with 2 fewer recruits. ND has a better avg with 3 fewer recruits. A&M has a better avg with just 15 recruits. there is also almost no hope of beating tOSU at this point as they have 5 fewer recruits, more point and an average that's almost points higher than OU. Assuming you guys finish at 5 is a huge stretch at this point. Long way to go to NSD1 and 2. he's literally the other end and has been his whole career. he's a guy who drives the car but doesn't build it. Baylor was all Briles. UCF was Gus Malzahn. Ole Miss was Lane Kiffin. this is the first time as a coach where he has ever had to build the car. yeah. you can't say you are having a good rebuild then say stuff like this. it simply doesn't work that way, not in the B12 and absolutely not in the SEC, as you pointed out. ask me how i know... again: no clue how the rebuild is actually going. Year 1 was was the worst OU season since John Blake was on campus. You guys have the #80 SOS this year per FPI, whats left on the schedule is in the 40s (Texas is at 26 ROS for comparison) so who knows what exactly you can tell after this year. i will say this: if Venables doesn't win 10 games this year you should tarmac him in Provo after the BYU game.
  19. it is. i can't imagine how he only got 5 sec for that - he went on to finish 5th and get the fastest lap and Carlos got a DNF after 1 lap. he finished 36 points ahead of Carlos, and went from being 5 points ahead of Carlos in the WDC before the race to 16 after the race
  20. the most gordon thing ever. fucked around with the frame rate so it looked like he was dropping frames and not connecting, had a black and white filter over his camera, facetime'd Bob, talked to him, ended the twitch and answered some questions along the way. i will probably connect again next time he does it.
  21. the absolute prime example of this is George/Carlos at T1 at COTA last year i think he got 5 seconds.
  22. if they are calling you in to read an xray they really are quite fucked, aren't they? lol
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